Corporate Travel

Riverdale Travel

Full-time Corporate Agent Coon Rapids, MN

Senior Travel Consultant


In this role you are the primary point of contact and provide active travel consultation for our business customers, including providing travel details and up-selling related products.

You are responsible for accurately and efficiently handling incoming requests via multiple channels (i.e., phone, email, etc.).

This position performs at an expert/senior level and demonstrates an extensive understanding and applicability of all areas in the travel industry, works independently on requests, and assists team members and management as requested.

At Riverdale Travel, we pride ourselves on our high level of customer service. 

Essential duties & responsibilities include:

  1. Expert use of GDS – Sabre & Worldspan
  2. Excellent knowledge and application of travel supplier rules/airline contracts
  3. Extensive understanding of the travel industry
  4. Minimum of 5+ years’ experience in the travel management industry
  5. Research and confirm travel reservations for the customer
  6. Respond to requests accurately and completely
  7. Work in an environment that requires complete confidentiality
  8. Computer skills and comfort with navigating web-based and airline-specific software applications, email, instant messaging, and internet searches
  9. Successfully pass a pre-employment background check


  1. Accurately and efficiently interacting with a diverse group of customers and colleagues to fulfill incoming requests via multiple channels (voice and email)
  2. Strong understanding of airline contracts and travel policy and can appropriately guide and consistently provide information to the customer
  3. Maintains, actively communicates, and seeks expansion of current knowledge of the travel systems utilized
  4. Provides the customer with the required industry information, such as low fares, exchange costs and penalties
  5. Effective strong consultative selling skills and the ability to listen to the customers’ needs; in turn, offering confident recommendations, resulting in high customer satisfaction with the service they receive
  6. Ability to effectively prioritize and manage multiple tasks in high-pressure situations while developing a rapport with the customer
  7. Excellent critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills
  8. Strong verbal and written communication skills 


  1. Finds opportunities to review operational processes and the relationship with customer and provides suggestions for improvement
  2. Volunteers for additional tasks
  3. Actively supports other team members within and across teams

Problem Solving:

  1. Anticipates and assists on potential challenges that may arise for the customer
  2. The ability to solve problems on the spot using various tools and expert communication skills
  3. The ability to design, execute and document solutions outside of the normal processes
  4. The ability to make independent decisions under stressful situations
  5. Must be able to work with other departments to resolve issues even during off hours
  6. The ability to work with 3rd party vendors and negotiate solutions on behalf of the traveler

Benefits Offered:

  1. Health Insurance
  2. Health savings account
  3. Dental insurance
  4. Paid time off
  5. Simple IRA plan

Please submit your resume to