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I have lived and worked on 3 different continents and travel has always been near and dear to my heart. While I work part-time from home, having an option to supplement my income working for Dream Vacations (with the goal of going full time) was an opportunity too good to be true. It is a warm, supportive and highly motivated company. From my first conversation with Terri in Recruitment to my eventual ‘home’ with my franchise owner Fawn Brickman at Driftless Travel, it was a seamless and effortless journey. The required onboard training gives you the basic tools needed to get up and running and you can build on this with a library of resources for additional training and development and support from a knowledgeable franchise owner. I would not hesitate in making the leap with Dream Vacations if a career in travel is right for you!
on Dream Vacations Advisor
I chose MMV because my daughter is also a travel agent with them. And she did her homework before choosing an agency to join! Their 6 month training academy helps new agents become successful in the industry. The mentoring agents are happy to assist and everyone I've met on line or in person has been welcoming, helpful and delightful. Commission checks are fair and prompt. I would highly recommend them.
on Magical Moments Vacations
Before joining Brownell, I was in the travel industry but in the niche sphere of the safari world. I was looking to expand and grow as a travel industry professional and decided to start my own company with the help of Brownell Travel. Brownell offers a one of a kind, year long mentor program. The mentor program covers absolutely everything a travel advisor needs to know to launch their business as a strong, successful business from the start. Once you finish the mentor program, you still receive an incredible amount of support from the Brownell team. Brownell offers unparalleled partnerships, marketing services, business reviews, administrative and sales support and more. I am so grateful for the tight knit community of extremely knowledgeable, gracious and supportive Brownell employees and travel advisors. I can't imagine launching and maintaining my business without Brownell.
on Brownell

Host Agency Reviews is an independent website connecting travel agents to industry resources. We connect advisors to host agencies, franchises, consortia, and industry events, while providing stellar resources through our blog and podcast. Founded by Steph Lee, HAR is the largest B2B travel industry directory on the web. Oh, and we like to have fun. Lots of fun.

Hi, I’m Steph! I own the site. :)

I’m passionately curious, always up for something new! I love to travel, read/write, and meet new people. I have a Collie mix named Rigel and an Aussie called Fennec that keep me company!

I grew up in the travel industry, my parents’ travel agency was in the basement. Later on, I built and worked at a host agency for years. Sometimes I get so excited about things, I think I leave a trail of rainbows in my footprints! :)