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Let me start by saying there are no perfect companies. The pluses: Overall KHM does a very good job as a host. Payments are made timely, support staff is helpful and responsive and there are plenty of training opportunities. Other agents are willing to help too. Commission levels are usually significantly higher, even after splitting with the host, than you can get on your own, unless you do a lot of volume. It is a great place for a new agent to start as there are many training opportunities, both in house and FAMs. Their Boot Camps and Destination Success trainings are high quality. It is a great place for a new agent to start. The minuses: If you leave the host, you forfeit all commissions on pending travel. They sometimes make changes mid-year and if you decide to leave you will forfeit future bookings. For a few suppliers, commission is lower than if you book it without their credentials (assumes you have your own).
Jamie Scheff on KHM Travel Group
I have been with Travel Professionals International for almost 12 years and cannot say enough good things about the company. The support from the staff in every department is amazing. They are helpful and try so hard to make things easy for you. This is especially great if you are new to a home based agency and have come from a brick and mortar background. There are webinars and virtual meetings, regional meetings and conference once a year. Inside sales is very accessible and knowledgeable and you do get the answer you require! They also follow up just to make sure all is well. Quality Control may send a note regarding a file to be invoiced that you may have missed something and let you know what it is so it can be added or corrected and issued. The hours at TPI are easy to work with. The Regional Sales Directors and Marketing Dept are there to aid in whatever way can to help you grow your business. The program in place for looking at sales during the month and expected commissions really is an asset. Thanks Accounting dept! With TPI you are working on building your own business and have wonderful back office assistance so you are not really alone in the venture.
Debbie Vandermaas on Travel Professionals International
I have signed up for their affiliate program a few days ago. Last night I wanted to start the training, BUT: most of the links they provided did not take me anywhere , but give me an error message. This morning I called the number that they have provided as the help desk number. Constantin answered the phone. He told me that the number was for new agents to sign up, if I want technical support I need to Email them. He was extremely rude; did not listen, kept interrupting me and repeating himself over and over again. I understand if their system does not work with Apple computers but do not accept unpleasant, rude support. I am enclosing the screen shots of the error messages. I asked them for a full refund of $ 199 that I have paid for the membership. I have no desire to be a trainee of an organization where the support people are as unpleasant as Constantin. They are refusing the refund based on a contract I have signed, however they are not acting according to the contract; They do not provide training or support. This organizations feels like a scam. Judit Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 7.47.43 AM.png
judit mandi on BNT Travel Group

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