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Luxevo Vacations is more than just an Incredible company it's a family! I searched for almost an year and came across Burt Kramer. He and is wife Patricia are so welcoming, knowledgeable, supportive, and sincere! You don't find that many places anymore. It doesn't stop there. Being very new and green to the travel industry, I was so scared and doubtful that I could even enter and build a career in this awesome industry. It is so huge! Then enters Luxevo and all the support staff, training, FAM trips, family of fellow Travel Specialists that share their knowledge with you, and full out marketing content supplied for you. WOW! I was blessed to attend a 3 Day Intensive Training and my mind was blown! Not only do you get an abundance of support remotely, this training is hands on and just makes things click! The best part is the confirmation I had of the people who run this company. It is a real family and real people who are like family fighting for your success . What you see from Burt & Patricia on video is what you get. Nicole, Luisa, Dustin, Lane, Derek, and Gabriella also working so hard for us at the home office (and even more I may have missed) are the best! Genuine Amazing people. One of the best decisions I could have made for myself and my family was to become part of the Luxevo Vacations family! Excited for my career in travel with them as my Host Agency!! I believe anyone who is looking for a host agency and especially if you are new to the industry, can't go wrong with Luxevo Vacations!
on Luxevo Vacations
When I first decided to become a home-based travel agent, I didn't know what sort of things to look for in an agency. After almost a year with a small agency that turned out not to be a good fit (very controlling owner who only liked things done HIS way, played favorites, took the FAM opportunities for himself), I found Jen and Magical Moments Vacations. WOW. It was night and day. What is stellar here? *The level of support for all things administrative (being a travel planner requires so much back office support, and this office is run well) *The extensive and helpful training program for the new, even just new-to-this-agency, agents *The care that Jen has for her agents; even though we are spread out across the country, we feel like a ginormous family *Jen's overall attitude and generosity: not nickel and diming for every little thing, giving all agents fair shots at incoming leads, giving all agents fair shots at training opportunities *The care that her executive team has shown for getting people up and going, for helping us keep going, and giving us the support and inspiration to grow -- it shows that Jen has given thought to putting the right people in place to support the rest of her agents *Leveraging technology that is already out there to put the info we need at our fingertips, support us with the experience of knowledgeable fellow agents, pay us in a timely fashion -- this is not some old school travel agency done with handwritten personal checks and papers sent in the mail! MMV is in the modern era! I got so lucky to find Magical Moments Vacations. They do a good volume, so earn top tier commissions from suppliers. Commission split with agents is excellent and fair. Yes, if I joined a larger host agency, I might take home a slightly bigger split, but I'd be a faceless number, I would not receive the personalized support I get here, and I could not do as good a job because I'd be flying on my own for the most part. Being part of MMV is so worth it and a total blessing.
on Magical Moments Vacations
I've been traveling for 30+ years and have always enjoyed planning vacations for myself, family and friends years. After exhaustive research I decided to become a travel agent with Outside Agents and, after only 2 weeks with them, I've already established my travel business and booked my first cruise guests. Outside Agents has been super supportive, providing me with training opportunities, great technology and tools, and guidance to get me up-and-running quickly! I am working part-time currently but hope to grow my business into a full-time career. Thanks to everyone at Outside Agent for everything you do for me!
on Outside Agents

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