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As a recent graduate of Brownell's Mentorship Program, reflecting on the past year, it is more clear than ever that deciding to join Brownell was the absolute best decision I could have made for my career and company. The immediate respect and attention I receive from suppliers when I say I am affiliated with Brownell is truly remarkable. Brownell's stellar reputation within the industry, and many preferred partnerships, allows me to engage with suppliers confidently knowing I will be placing my clients in the best hands possible. The care and thought that goes into bringing on new advisors into the Brownell family really does mean an incredible network of advisors who are known for their gratitude, passion and expertise. The support I receive from the hosting team, Brownell leadership and fellow advisors is unlike any previous work environment I have been a part of. Everyone is truly a united front and there to help each other out every step of the way. I absolutely would not have been able to navigate the coronavirus nightmare without the Brownell network's constant support. As a former management consultant with an MBA, I felt confident in starting my own business, however the Mentorship Program was crucial for bringing me up to speed on industry knowledge and providing me with the connections needed to start. Even better, our small class became an incredible support group of like minded solopreneurs building new ventures together that I can heavily rely on. I could have never built my business up as fast as I did without having joined the program, and highly recommend the program to anyone who is seriously looking to start a new successful business in the travel world.
on Brownell
I absolutely LOVE being hosted by the ladies at Gifted Travel Network! I entered the travel industry 18 months ago. I started my travel journey in anticipation of becoming an empty nester. I knew I had to redefine myself and pursue my love of planning AND travel. I needed an "encore" career... I knew I needed marketing and business training. Enrolling in the TravelMBA program was a necessity. The TMBA mentor, "Momma Bear" Lisa Fletcher, is amazing. The program is worth every penny. Now that I've "graduated", I still feel confident I can get the help I need to be successful. There is a wealth of knowledge in the organization! Not only do the ladies with GTN want us to succeed, but my fellow advisors, my colleagues, are helpful and full of advice as well. I cannot imagine being hosted anywhere else. Well done, GTN. 👍👍
on Gifted Travel Network
I have been a travel agent agent for 5 1/2 year. I recently switched to Lotus Travel Network as a host agency. I can not express how happy I am, that I decided to make the switch. The knowledge that comes from the agency leaders is phenomenal. They are easy to talk to and very approachable with any questions and concerns you have. They are very well organized and have some great training a available. The thing I love most about them is that they put the agents first. They want to see us succeed so they will do what they can to make that happen. So happy I made the switch.
on Lotus Travel Network

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Host Agency Reviews is an independent website connecting travel agents to industry resources. We connect advisors to host agencies, franchises, consortia, and industry events, while providing stellar resources through our blog and podcast. Founded by Steph Lee, HAR is the largest B2B travel industry directory on the web. Oh, and we like to have fun. Lots of fun.

Hi, I’m Steph! I own the site. :)

I’m passionately curious, always up for something new! I love to travel, read/write, and meet new people. I have a Collie mix named Rigel and an Aussie called Fennec that keep me company!

I grew up in the travel industry, my parents’ travel agency was in the basement. Later on, I built and worked at a host agency for years. Sometimes I get so excited about things, I think I leave a trail of rainbows in my footprints! :)