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Prior to moving over to Rejuvia, I was with a travel planning company that was geared more for Disney Vacations over any other type of vacation. After covid in 2020 and canceling all of my bookings, I moved to Rejuvia and have had the best time ever. I have booked double the amount of vacation packages in 2021 than I did from 2018-2020. I know travel has improved, but working with a team leader as Cam has been amazing! She is always there to answer all of my questions, if she doesn't know the answer, she will find out and get back to me soon. She doesn't mind when I reach out. She has made time for me over and over. This has been a learning curve for me, as I am still learning something new every day. Cam, Connie and Elaine have proven over and over how much they care about what I do and how I do things. Having a team leader who believes in me and gives encouraging words of affirmation over and over means more than ever. Cam has listened to me whine about bookings, she has listened to me vent and every time with any type of situation she always gives me the best advice. I am thankful to be with Rejuvia and want to continue working with them forever.
I joined The Travel Agent Next Door five years ago, as a brand new agent. Since then, the company has provided everything I've needed to grow a successful travel business: Amazing support, learning opportunities, connection with suppliers, clear communication, and so much more. And they never stop developing programs to make doing business even easier. I'm so grateful that I made the decision to start my travel career with The Travel Agent Next Door.
on The Travel Agent Next Door
October will be 14 years that I have been with KHM. I have watched the company evolve to include a fantastic team and family. I can't imagine being a travel consultant in today's world without the inclusions KHM has to offer such as ongoing training, CRM, agent portal, facebook groups, agent TeamUps, live events, agent mentoring, and so much more. The connections KHM has with our top suppliers is phenomenal.
on KHM Travel Group

Host Agency Reviews is an independent website connecting travel agents to industry resources. We connect advisors to host agencies, franchises, consortia, and industry events, while providing stellar resources through our blog and podcast. Founded by Steph Lee, HAR is the largest B2B travel industry directory on the web. Oh, and we like to have fun. Lots of fun.

Hi, I’m Steph! I own the site. :)

I’m passionately curious, always up for something new! I love to travel, read/write, and meet new people. I have a Collie mix named Rigel and an Aussie called Fennec that keep me company!

I grew up in the travel industry, my parents’ travel agency was in the basement. Later on, I built and worked at a host agency for years. Sometimes I get so excited about things, I think I leave a trail of rainbows in my footprints! :)