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If you are looking for a host agency, you must remember that you are now a small business owner. I have had my frustrations with learning the industry but I am not afraid to ask. And keep asking. And keep doing and learning. I went through the 1 * reviews here and see they are quite old. I'll briefly explain my experience. Joined in June 2019 and spent the first 2 months completing the online training. 1 issue I had with that is that it is all mocked up - not live. So you had to click and do but when I did go live I was like, Oh My! I should take the training again. Which I did. And then I started learning all the cruise lines and completing their training programs. Joined CLIA and used their resources. I also just completed a 2 day regional training and was blessed enough to have them come to my TOWN for it. It was PHENOMENAL. I was elbow to elbow with successful Cruises Inc advisers and learned from about 15 different vendors in person. I was also able to have 1-1 with my BDM and my PR and Groups Rep from corporate. I don't know if you're going to get that type of support from other host agencies. Is it tough to get new customers? Heck yes. But is this company supportive of me? Heck yes they are. I do have the end goal of growing and purchasing a franchise. One thing to remember - you are your own business. They are not required to force you to take the training or to give you customers. You can do this and the other advisers are THE best.
on Cruises Inc.
One of the reasons I chose to partner with OASIS/Palm Coast Travel as host agency was because of their relationship with Signature Travel Network. That was 6 1/2 years ago, and I've never regretted it for a day. All of the technology (particularly my website) and support that was promised has been delivered beautifully. In addition, every year at the annual Signature conference, they announce more enhancements as they continue to delight and amaze all of their members with new & improved technology to make our lives easier. Signature has also been innovative in their programs, such as the Hotels Program, where hotels around the world are carefully vetted to meet standards and then provide extra amenities and service to our mutual clients. Another notable accomplishment is their Car & Driver Program for those luxury cruise clients who want to receive that VIP treatment at no extra cost to them. I am always confident that Signature is particular about who their preferred partners are, and are quick to react if one is not performing as promised. And, lastly, Signature Travel Network is run by the most professional, personable, and amazing group of people, who create a family-type atmosphere where positivity remains supreme. STN is a winner!
on Signature Travel Network
I started in the travel industry a little over 3 years ago, with no prior experience or knowledge I began my search for a host agency. It was an overwhelming process with so many options available, after hours of research and thought I selected Outside Agents - and what a great choice! Within hours of signing up I was off and running - excellent communication, support and training. Not only was I able to find everything needed for my training online, they also offer a wonderful “mentor” program allowing you access to someone who takes the time to listen to you and offer advise on industry questions and helps you grow your business they way you want to grow. By taking advantage of the onsite training programs offered I also quickly learned that OA personally invests in their agents, offering one on one time and training and being only a phone call away when needed. Over the years I have on many occasions picked up the phone with questions or to ask for assistance - always getting directly to who is needed for help. OA is a large host agency - but that being said how many organizations of this size have the Owners offering their personal cell phone number to agents and always available to help? I truly feel they are invested in my success. I am a full time agent and have experienced great growth and success with the help of OA over the past years. I chose this career because after being in the corporate world for years I wanted to finally find a career I was passionate about. That being said, I have learned working in the travel industry is definitely not “easy” - it takes alot of time, training, dedication and self motivation to succeed and having OA as a partner makes it a much more enjoyable ride.
on Outside Agents

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