Hey Everyone! It’s Steph.

Now, I love to help you guys out but here’s the thing, Rigel and I need to eat. Someone’s got to pay for our food. Relax, the good news is, it isn’t you. 🙂

It’s advertisers and affiliate links.

As you’re perusing the site and soaking up all the wonderful information, those rose colored glasses can still stay rosy, just add a tinge of green. Gasp! I may be getting paid/compensated through channels such as advertisers and affiliate links.

That said, I never want you to feel like I’m trying to be sneaky about how I earn my money so I clearly mark the sponsored stories and will make notes if there are affiliate links on a page. The two things I’m not compensated for? Pronouncing my love for Rigel or Ryan Gosling. I don’t need to be paid for that. 🙂

Ryan Gosling