Travel Coordinator

Alutiiq, LLC

Full-time Leisure Agent Arlington, VA

Position Overview And Primary Duties And Responsibilities (essential Functions)

The Travel Coordinator (TC) is responsible for all aspects of travel for the Alutiiq IMAP Employees. This includes travel tickets, visas passports and other travel documents. The TC must be able to work in a fast-paced environment, multi-tasking to meet deadlines for the contract.

Role and Responsibilities

  1. Create Traveler Profiles for all program employees
  2. Work with Corporate TMC in order to secure travel arrangements per contract regulations
  3. Assist with interpretation of the Federal Travel Regulations
  4. Obtain, store, and provide archived travel itineraries upon request.
  5. Assist employees in obtaining passports for foreign travel
  6. Assist employees in obtaining visas for foreign travel
  7. Send and receive travel documents for program employees
  8. Coordinate with foreign site locations to provide travel details for small maintenance teams
  9. Advise employees on special or adverse conditions as they relate to individual travel plans
  10. Monitor flight delays at airports globally
  11. Monitor any security/life safety concerns for program personnel traveling abroad

Deliverables may include

  1. New and renewed passports
  2. Visas
  3. Travel tickets
  4. Credit card reconciliation for travel tickets

Required Qualifications And Experience

  1. Highschool diploma or higher education
  2. 1+ years’ experience in travel coordination
  3. High level of proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite
  4. Excellent oral and written communication skills
  5. Strong willingness to learn new technology
  6. Great organizational skills
  7. Ability to self-manage
  8. Secret Clearance

Preferred Skills And Experience

  1. 1+ years’ experience with overseas travel coordination
  2. Travel Agent Certificate