WTF Woman's Day?  Why the Hate?
What the #$*&, Woman's Day? Why the Hate?
Yowsers. Horrible anti-agent article by Woman's Day. But did you know it might actually have been meant to be PRO-travel agent? Here's why.
Travel Insurance Licensing is a Mess. Here's What You Should Know.
The truth? Travel insurance licensing is a doozy. Here's a 30,000 foot view on what's happening and action steps to protect your travel agency.
Freeman: I'd Recommend A Good Travel Agent
Morgan Freeman to Batman: "I'd Recommend a Good Travel Agent"
Yes, even Batman's gadget whiz Lucius Fox recommends a travel agent for getting back on a plane. If it's good enough for Batman....
Montrose Travel Announces ‘Homecoming 2013’, Their 5th Annual Educational Con...
This special event boasts a ‘campus-to-cruise’ itinerary, starting in Los Angeles, CA at Montrose HQ, then dwon to Ensenada for a 3-night Princess cruise.
Steph and Arya
Sorry About the Late Newsletter... We're an Aunt!
We know, we know. Our newsletter goes out on the full moon. By now you know the full moon has come and gone and no newsletter. Here's why... BABY!
Win a FREE Registration to the GIFTE Think Tank - Nail Your Niche
We've got a special treat just for you - a fantastic giveaway exclusively our wonderful readers! Three free registration to the GIFTE Think Tank in L.A.
Virtuoso affiliation
7 Reasons a Virtuoso Affiliation is a Must-Have for Luxury Advisors
Ever wondered why a Virtuoso affiliation is so important for a luxury travel advisor? Discover 7 reasons why Virtuoso is a must in the world of luxury.
Happy 1st Birthday, Host Agency Reviews!
Today we are celebrating our one year anniversary since the site went live! Over 200,000 site visits and 600 reviews later - it's been one heck of a ride!
Infographic: A Visually Delicious Look at Airline Fees
Extra legroom? That will be $15. One checked bag? $25 please... Take a look at an infographic of airline fees. It's redonks.
Nexion Travel Group logo
Training Opportunities Abound for Nexion Agents in 2013
Nexion has expanded their travel agent trainings this year to include peer panels, destination spotlights, Agent Essentials, Boot Camps, and more.
Nexion Travel Group logo
Nexion Named Royal Caribbean's Home-Based Partner of the Year
Nexion was awarded Royal Caribbean's Home-Based Partner of the Year 2013 award for the significant contributions they have made to Royal's overall success.
VIDEO 3 of 3: Conversations that Sell [Social Media with Sophie Bujold]
Check out our final installment of social media strategies for travel agents with Sophie Bujold!