Kickstart Your Post-Pandemic Success with Independent by Flight Centre

October 1, 2021

Ready or not, the online search data shows that Canadians are planning travel again. Have you asked yourself whether your business is set up for success in a post-pandemic world? Independent by Flight Centre can help you find the answer.

The below data is from Destination Insights with Google

Canadian Online Travel

Does Your Business Have The 4 Keys to Success?

Key #1: Professional Learning

Travel has gone through quite a transformation since 2019. What used to be a simple booking experience is now complicated by factors like sorting through flexible cancellation policies, choosing the right travel insurance coverage, and navigating a swirling sea of nasal swabs, vaccine records, and entry requirements.

Travellers need more guidance and reassurance from their travel agents than ever before, and it’s up to you to stay on top of a mountain of information. So, how will you keep up?

When you join Independent by Flight Centre, you’re joining a worldwide network of travel professionals (our “Travel Brain”) whose collective know-how makes travel easy again. What’s more, we promise tailored education and professional support to all Independent consultants from day one, including a centralized COVID-19 hub with up-to-the-minute information you can depend on.

professional learning

Key #2: Customer Trust

“If I need help while I’m travelling, will I have someone to call?” “If I have to cancel my trip, what will happen to my money?” “How will I know that restrictions won’t prevent me from enjoying my vacation?” Your customers are looking for someone they can trust with their travel plans. How will you ensure that they know you are that someone?

Empower your business with the instant credibility that comes with a strong and familiar brand. Whether you’ve been building relationships with your customers for years or are just beginning your travel agent career, Independent by Flight Centre’s good reputation helps you to draw in new customers and keep the ones you have.

Key #3: Maximize Your Earnings

Sometimes the only thing you need to tweak to see significant improvements in your business is your commission agreement. You work hard; make sure your commissions are working even harder for you!

Independent by Flight Centre offers competitive commission rates with no contracts, no penalties for booking non-preferred suppliers, and no delays in commission payments. We know that every travel business is unique, which is why we offer more than one fee plan so you can choose the structure that best suits your budget and support needs.


Key #4: Expand Your Partnerships

The world is re-opening, but it’s happening one city, one hotel, and one tour at a time. Is your network of preferred suppliers diverse enough to meet your customers’ demands in the coming year or two? As government policies continue to change and suppliers adjust their offerings, make sure that you’re not limiting your business or your customers with a shallow pool of partners.

An overlooked key to success in a (somewhat) post-pandemic world is having a wide range of preferred partnerships that includes supplier incentives and competitive commission rates. Independent by Flight Centre is backed by the global buying power of Flight Centre Travel Group. Our Independent consultants benefit from top-tier supplier agreements all across the globe.

If you are ready to see your travel career take off, give us a call at 1-844-213-2731 or email to join us.