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January 5, 2023
I joined Dugan's Travel in July of 2021 with no travel agent experience under my belt. I had discovered the joy of traveling only a few years before, and I was looking for a way to travel more and supplement my upcoming retirement income. I decided to give it a year's trial to see if I liked it and could make any money doing it. Dugan's agency was more than willing to take on a newbie and provided a multitude of training opportunities. If I've had questions on procedures or suppliers or just needed suggestions for great travel ideas for clients, I've always gotten feedback from the leadership team or from other agents in the Dugan's family via the Facebook page. I've never been left hanging on my own. I live in a small Midwestern town so I don't have a vast population to pull from for travel clients, but with the variety of training I've taken advantage of, I have been in the top 25 selling agents in 2022. I so enjoy the work I'm doing, now as a full-time agent since my recent retirement. I'm so thankful I took a chance to reach out to Dugan's Travel to ask how I could become a travel agent with their organization. I would encourage anyone looking for a host agency that truly cares you as an individual to contact them, as well.
February 25, 2015
Old Review

Update 4/26/2016: Dugan’s is awesome. I am still with them and learning a lot from the training they offer at the seminars. I got a website going.

Always something new to learn. I also love that the agents are more like a family even when you make so much friendships at the seminars.

We can ask any agent for advice or help at any time. I love it. Thanks also to all the management for everything they do for us.

I had a friend in the agency and she told me I should join. I had not had previous experience and they had so much training that was offered to me. I still learn all the time and love it. We even have our own Dugan's training seminars at various locations. So as much as the learning I also get to experience the locations of the seminars.

We get to also do ship and hotel inspections to see the properties. Love to see more and can't wait for more training seminars as well as the training online through the agency and suppliers. Love being with the Agency and glad I joined with them. Thanks to the Dugan's management team for the help, training and support.

February 25, 2015
Old Review

I have been with Dugans Travels since 2006. When I first started, I had a friend who joined another host agency. She soon became dissatisfied and left that agency. She joined another agency and soon became disenchanted with that agency as well. During that time, I stayed with Dugans. I'm glad I did. Joining Dugans initially required very little cost. Training is as extensive as you want because they offer WEBINARS, a chatlist of other Dugans agents (with a facebook presence) and Dugans Universities which are held in various locations consisting of small classes with presentations from suppliers. I believe that commission percentages are among the best paid to agents. Dugans has evolved over the years and, I'm sure, will continue to evolve. Dugans now gives all agents a client management system, which other outside agents have to pay for. I plan to be a Dugans agent for a long time!

February 24, 2015
Old Review

I have been with Dugan's Travels for over 4 years and I realized
I made a good choice in choosing them for a host agency. They are always improving procedures and have excellent communications with their agents. If you don't know an answer to a question, they always have someone you can call to find out. They put on very informAtive conventions and boot camps. Once you are an agent they treat you like family and look out for you even with their other duties. I have been very happy with dugans.

August 19, 2013
Old Review

Awesome team! I am patting myself on the back for choosing Jennifer Dugan's team as my host agency and glad they took me under their wings. Keep the wonderful work you are doing guys.

March 19, 2013
Old Review

Very warm and welcoming. Quick with responding to any questions. Training info, easy to use & understand.

March 11, 2013
Old Review

I started out with another host agency which claimed to offer great commissions, a 24 hour helpline, online training, and a family like atmosphere. These were only a few of the highlights they offered. It turned out to be anything but...more of a pyramid scheme. I loved helping clients plan their perfect vacations, but became discouraged with the search process of a host agency - until I found Dugan's!

The thought of someone willing to share what they had learned from trial and error to others who wanted to work from home, at an affordable cost seemed to good to be true.

Because of the low start up cost and monthly fees, I thought it would be worth a try, 3 years later I wouldn't think of going anywhere else.

It is what you want to make it, you must be self-motivated and willing to learn. The wonderful thing about Dugan's is they give you all the tools. My favorite being the forum board on Clientease, where agents share there knowledge and expertise on any supplier, destination or business related topic. As others have mentioned, for a large agent base, it does feel like a small close knit family.

Oh...and I can't forget to mention the wonderful annual conferences! Not only held at a great location, but the planning team fills each moment with exactly what is needed to help make successful agents.
This agency works for its agents, I have always felt like we come first!

March 4, 2013
Old Review

I joined Dugans in September of 2012. I had no experience as a travel agent prior. I am very appreciative of the opportunity given to me to start up my travel agency with Dugans support with very little start up costs. All the agents in the Forum are very helpful and we support each other. I found that a huge plus. I am pleased with the decision I have made with this Host Agency.

November 7, 2012
Old Review

I have been with Dugan's for only a few months, and I am returning to the travel industry after many years. I wanted to work from home, so when I began my search for a host agency, my main goals were to have low start -up costs, great training opportunities, support from host agency, and highest commission possible. Dugan's offers all these things. Anytime that I have a question or concern, it is always answered or addressed quickly. Communication from the agency is daily, and they do a great job of keeping agents updated on current promotions, changes, etc. As with any home business, you will only grow if you put your time and energy into growing your business. Dugan's will give you all the tools to do so. I am very happy with Dugan's and would recommend them as a host agency.

September 7, 2012
Old Review

I've been with Dugan's since January 2008. Everyone else who has posted has covered the specifics of working through Dugan's as an independent contractor under their host agency. I have zero complaints about Dugan's as a whole and Jennifer as an owner. She does a great job with managing the agency and works hard to support all of us. She provides the tools that help us succeed as agents and training is always available for those who need/want it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dugan's Travels for a host agency!

July 16, 2012
Old Review

I have been an agent of Dugans Travels for almost 3 years. I have been very pleased with their services and would and have highly recommended them to people who are interested in pursuing a career or passion for travel planning. They have always been very quick with returning my emails and answering any questions or problems I may have had. I love the fact that they do not Micro-Manage you and allow you to build your business the way that you want. They have recently upgraded all of their systems and processes that make everything work even smoother and quicker and they are always open to suggestions on how to make things better. I have no plans on leaving Dugans Travels and anyone that is considering this host agency won't regret it.

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