How to Protect Your Travel Agency from Credit Card Fraud
Travel agency credit card fraud costs millions every year. Learn the red flags to detect fraud and the resources to use if it does happen.
MTravel Enhances Agent Training with "Jump Start Series"
Montrose Travel recently enhanced their agent training program with their 'Jump Start Series', for new and experienced travel agents.
How Do You Sell a Place You Haven’t Been to Before?
It's not easy to sell a destination you haven't been to before. Find out how travel42 can help and get a free trial + travel42 promo code!
When Airlines First Went Online: The Top 15 Airline Websites Circa 1999
Animated .gifs, clip art, blinking menus... these early airline websites are relics! Our favorite? Southwest explaining why they don't use e-mail. Enjoy!
Nexion Offers Agents "One-of-a-Kind Campaigns"
Nexion has partners with selective vendors to offer their agent network exclusive deals they can advertise via direct mail pieces.
TQ Ticket: A New Newsletter from Travel Quest
A monthly newsletter for *prospective* independent agents (yes, that's right, no need to be a TQ agent) on the latest TQ happenings and the host market.
What I Wish I'd Known: 7 Veteran Agents Look Back, Give Advice [Infographic]
Think travel sells itself? Nope. Seven experienced agents share what they wished they'd known before they became travel agents.
CoNexion 2014 Expands Trainings, Networking
CoNexion 2014 will be held September 17-20 in Orlando for Nexion agents. This year features expanded educational and networking opportunities.
A Tale of Two Agents: From Home-Based to Storefront
Be inspired. Hear the stories of two agents: how they got into travel, started their agencies from home, and did so well they moved into storefronts!
Nexion Launches New Tagline, “Be NEX” Marketing Campaign
Nexion host agency has revamped their logo and announced a new major marketing campaign, Be NEX. Find out more about the changes...
Travel Industry April Fool's Day Jokes of 2014
Airlines may not be known for their senses of humor the other 364 days of the year, but they can certainly shine on April Fool's Day!
7 Habits of Highly Effective Travel Consultants
Discover the 7 things Kelly Bergin, VP of Biz Development at OASIS, sees successful agents doing on a regular basis.