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May 20, 2022

Being a home-based advisor is great, bringing the flexibility to work on your own terms. However, with that comes the pressure of

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managing travelers’ unexpected surprises, such as last-minute changes in travel plans and trip cancellations.

When this happens, it’s important that agents have the support of booking platforms to get matters resolved easily and seamlessly.

Travel booking platforms like Expedia TAAP have made it super easy for travel advisors to fulfil client bookings – and when they need support, there are multiple channels which provide access to customer service experts.

Here are four ways Expedia TAAP empowers travel advisors to seek advice from its expert team.

Live Agent Chat


This is a brand-new feature available to agents in the USA and Canada, where you can chat with a customer service agent online for support. Saving you time and allowing you to continue to work on others things while your case is being resolved.

Expedia TAAP’s Live Agent Chat is available from 6 am – 6 pm PST,

7 days a week in English.

Telephone Support

Travel advisors can also speak directly to Expedia TAAP’s customer service on a wide range of inquiries.

For support with signups, logins, commissions and other access related inquiries, the Account Management team is available at 1 866 925 7718

For support with trips/itineraries like making changes to bookings, cancellations and refunds, call 1 866 925 7718

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Virtual Agent

Expedia TAAP’s AI-powered Virtual Agent allows you to effortlessly manage bookings by self-servicing right from the Trips or Itinerary pages

Advisors use the intuitive tool by opening a chat window and following the prompts to specify what they need help with. The Virtual Agent uses machine learning so it will continuously get smarter and broaden its chat support capabilities to include more topics and customer cases.

TAAP Academy

If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person, Expedia TAAP also provides the TAAP Academy. This site contains over 40 how-to videos and FAQS, giving you the power to learn how to make the most out of the platform.

Multi-channel customer support is no longer a nice-to-have addition in your product portfolio. It is a must-have for any booking platform focused on helping travel advisors deliverworld-class service to their clients.

By providing a variety of options – self-serve Virtual Agent, Live Chat , Telephone Support, and the Academy, Expedia TAAP continues to empower travel advisors to seek support when it matters the most, on a channel of their preference.

Joining Expedia TAAP is FREE and take just a few minutes – click here to register and set up your account – you can start booking and earn commissions as soon as your account is up and running.

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