Nexion Celebrates a 10-Year Partnership with Host Agency Reviews

May 25, 2022

If you’re reading this, I want you to be aware of a very momentous occasion: Host Agency Reviews is 10-years-old! I want to take a moment to recognize and celebrate them, because Host Agency Reviews plays a crucial role in the life of independent travel advisors.

Entrepreneurship is scary, and one of the best things an independent travel advisor can do is to join a host agency. Being hosted means that you have access to things like technology tools, marketing programs and co-op funds, education and training, and of course larger sales volume than you would have on your own. Our industry is blessed with many wonderful host agencies, and I can find something good to say about all my competitors.

They all offer different things though and choosing the host that is right for you is a very personal endeavor. And that is where Host Agency Reviews comes in. For a decade now, they have been the independent, unbiased, leading source for advisors looking for the perfect fit with a host agency that can help them grow.

With Host Agency Reviews you can research submissions from other advisors, and learn more about the options you have and the pros and cons that come with each. Being a travel advisor today is very different than it was when I started over 30 years ago, and it is so important for your agency to have support. But being independent doesn’t have to equal being on your own. You can be an entrepreneur and still have an organization behind you that is dedicated to helping you succeed. And the site you are on right now educates you on the right questions to ask to find your perfect match.

Whenever a new advisor joins Nexion Travel Group, we always ask how they found us, and quite a few say something like, “I was looking around on…” These advisors are almost invariably valuable members to us—they obviously know how to do their research and take their careers seriously. They want to build their business and have done the research to match to the host that will work best.

Happy first decade to Host Agency Reviews and here’s to many more! If you are a new travel advisor, or considering a new host, take some time to dive into Host Agency Reviews to see what your fellow travel professionals are saying—there’s no better way to get information, and no better place to get it than right here.