Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Successful Luxury Travel Advisor?

June 18, 2022


Departure Lounge welcomes both those new to being a luxury travel advisor, as well as seasoned veteran advisors. As the owner of the agency, I personally interview each prospective new team member carefully, because I look at my advisors as my bosses – I work for them.

When you’re interviewing a prospective new boss, you want to make sure the candidate is really nice and will fit in well with your other bosses. That may sound silly, but it’s how I see things, and it helps me stay focused on serving Departure Lounge’s team of advisors and preserving a very special culture that we have created as a team.

As the gate keeper for incoming new advisors, I get asked frequently “what does it take to be a successful luxury travel advisor”? Here’s a brief video that details the four main qualities we know are needed to be a successful advisor and grow your business quickly.

I also get asked by both new advisors and veterans “what should I be looking for in a luxury host agency”? There are many different types of very good host agencies out there, but the video below identifies the top five things we think you should be seeking in a top luxury host agency in order to maximize your happiness and income.

Departure Lounge has had a remarkable 2021 and 2022 in growth and sales revenue. Come find out why.

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By Keith Waldon, Owner of Departure Lounge (Virtuoso-member luxury host agency serving U.S. and European advisors)