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April 10, 2017
We were brand spankin' new to the industry, and did a ton of research before deciding to sign on to Uniglobe, so, in a nutshell, here's why we made the right decision: We had a passion for travel, and we had a vision for what we wanted our business to look like, and we didn't want to be "cookie-cutter" travel agents. We researched host agencies on this site and on other sites, and narrowed it down to a few agencies that seemed to be a good match for agents who are new to the industry. There were a few things that made Uniglobe the obvious choice: 1) The MentorU Program--they pair you up with two mentors who can provide one-on-one guidance as you learn the business. You learn (a) how to book travel (cruises, resort vacations, tours), but you also learn (b) how to market yourself and build your business. Since they understand that every business is different, they were totally supportive of us, even though we weren't looking for a "plug and play" business model. They'll support you as you develop your own business, and they provide helpful guidance along the way. 2) Uniglobe has terrific relationships with preferred providers, Their relationships are top drawer and it's never a stretch to find exactly what you need within their preferred network. And, on top of that, they've recently switched their consortium from leaders to Ensemble Travel Network. That's definitely a move for the better. Just in the first couple of weeks, we've already got new tools to support us, and a broader range of suppliers available to us. 3) Uniglobe is a family. I heard this when I signed up, and frankly, I thought it sounded kinda corny. But honestly, after being at my first conference with other Uniglobe-affiliated agents, it's absolutely true. I feel completely supported and connected to other agents who genuinely care about the success of my business, and, well, honestly, my personal well-being. It's crazy, but it's true. In just one long weekend, I made really terrific connections to the travel providers that I'd been booking for my clients, but also, was connected with some of the kindest, most supportive independent agents you could ever hope to meet. Not to mention that the staff at Uniglobe is hands-down the best. I've been with Uniglobe for a short time, and admittedly, as someone new to the industry, I don't have another host agency to compare it to. But I really do believe that my research paid off--we found the best host agency for us, and after meeting their providers, staff and other agents face-to-face, I'm pretty sure that they're probably the best host agency, period.
February 12, 2014

After only one year I was cut loose from my previous hosted travel company with no warning and only 1 week to find another.

Uniglobe has been wonderfull! I feel I wasted a year with the other company. Uniglobe has given me more training. Things as a new agent I never knew were out there . I get more confident every day. Carol and Rose are doing an outstanding job!
If you feel alone and want to be successful I highly recommend Uniglobe!

December 19, 2013

Uniglobe travel is a magnificent host agency. They are multilingual which is important in today's travel industry. Uniglobe is extremely supportive to their members. Educational opportunities are always available from marketing plans to product education. The members of Uniglobe are a true family always helping one another with travel questions. You will not go wrong if you join Uniglobe.

December 17, 2013

I've been a home-based agent since 1990. For the first 15 years, I had a local host agency. I moved to Uniglobe because they offered 100% commission, membership in, great commission rates with suppliers I used, and they would allow two agents to have GDS hookup for the same monthly fee.

Any questions I have(generally I submit them via email) are answered right away either by phone or via email, commissions are paid on time, and I get any help I need with GDS issues. I can see the status of my commissions (what has been paid, what is currently being paid, and what bookings are still open) at any time through their online agent center. In addition to being really efficient, they are genuinely nice people who are always pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend them.

December 17, 2013

I am currently finishing up my 18th. year with my agency and owe a great deal of my success to Uniglobe Travel. Actually without them and some of their key personnel I would not still be in business. Never once have I asked for help that we did not get in a very prompt and professional manner. The other Uniglobe agency owners are great to work with and to meet with when we can make it to the annual conference. Hands on help, professional attitude and a full knowledge of the current markets, innovations and incentives are a daily way of life. These people are totally dedicated and professional. Their industry knowledge is unparalleled and is constantly updated. They receive my very deepest appreciation highest regards and for all they have done for me, my fellow agency owners and the travel industry. Uniglobe spells "success". You're the best!

December 17, 2013

February 14, 2005; my official first day with Uniglobe Travel
Center. It seems appropriate that it was Valentine's Day because I love what they have done for my business. If you are looking for a host agency that is a real partner, that supports your business and personal growth and that is vested in your success, look no further. Join and "Be Amazing!"

August 1, 2013

Uniglobe is just that, a Uniglobe of Service that is always striving to the next level of the Globe to keep its family of Agents always on Top in the Industry. Having been in the industry for a little over 39yrs and the need to make a change with our Family owned storefront location. We researched several options and kept coming back to Uniglobe. Giving up our storefront was not a favorable move, we kept looking for a hole in their operation and was a thorn in their side during our transition. They continued to come through. We have now been with Uniglobe for 15yrs and we couldn't have made a better move for our needs. You'll be glad that you did too!

May 20, 2013

Uniglobe Travel USA has been my host agency for over 13 yrs.
I was an agent for a local travel agency for over 20 years and am now a InHouse Franchisee with Uniglobe and am so glad I made this choice.
Uniglobe is the best host agency out there. We have the best and most knowledgeable support staff in the industry as well as a host of amazing preferred suppliers that do training webinars on an ongoing basis.
We have an annual conference with a variety of topics, trainings, motivational speakers, etc.
We are like a big family. We really care about each other and want to see each other succeed.

Joining Uniglobe Travel was the best thing I've ever done.
If you are wanting to make a move and make more money, join the Uniglobe Team. You will be so glad you did.

May 17, 2013

I am a former ground operator, manager of a brick & mortar, and have now been hosted as a home based agency for over 14 years. I linked up with Uniglobe when they acquired Magellan360, my former host. Life and my business got better from the very first day. Uniglobe has my back (and my back office) in ways I did not even know I would ever need. This is where I will stay, as long as Uniglobe will have me!

The mutual respect between Uniglobe and their preferred suppliers makes my job easier and my business smoother everyday. I shifted from Apollo to Amadeus about 18 months ago. Uniglobe's relationship with Amadeus has made this transition perfect.

The support staff is outstanding and always delivers. They listen. They care. And they know their business. We all are professional colleagues, but we are also truly friends. Regardless of sales volume, every affiliate is treated with the same high level of service and respect.

The back office, supplier and operations information I need is available to me 24/7 based upon the best agent web portal I have ever seen. Uniglobe is the best.

May 17, 2013

I can't say enough great things about Uniglobe Travel Center. Professional, great to work with, 100% dedication to the travel professional.....I can go on for ever. Best desicion I ever did in my professional career.

January 11, 2013

I used Uniglobe after the whole fiasco with Joystar. They are amazing to work with, and while they no longer fit my needs, I highly recommend them. They have various plans to fit what you want and always paid on time. Great systems in place for those newbies out there too.

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