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April 10, 2017
We were brand spankin' new to the industry, and did a ton of research before deciding to sign on to Uniglobe, so, in a nutshell, here's why we made the right decision: We had a passion for travel, and we had a vision for what we wanted our business to look like, and we didn't want to be "cookie-cutter" travel agents. We researched host agencies on this site and on other sites, and narrowed it down to a few agencies that seemed to be a good match for agents who are new to the industry. There were a few things that made Uniglobe the obvious choice: 1) The MentorU Program--they pair you up with two mentors who can provide one-on-one guidance as you learn the business. You learn (a) how to book travel (cruises, resort vacations, tours), but you also learn (b) how to market yourself and build your business. Since they understand that every business is different, they were totally supportive of us, even though we weren't looking for a "plug and play" business model. They'll support you as you develop your own business, and they provide helpful guidance along the way. 2) Uniglobe has terrific relationships with preferred providers, Their relationships are top drawer and it's never a stretch to find exactly what you need within their preferred network. And, on top of that, they've recently switched their consortium from leaders to Ensemble Travel Network. That's definitely a move for the better. Just in the first couple of weeks, we've already got new tools to support us, and a broader range of suppliers available to us. 3) Uniglobe is a family. I heard this when I signed up, and frankly, I thought it sounded kinda corny. But honestly, after being at my first conference with other Uniglobe-affiliated agents, it's absolutely true. I feel completely supported and connected to other agents who genuinely care about the success of my business, and, well, honestly, my personal well-being. It's crazy, but it's true. In just one long weekend, I made really terrific connections to the travel providers that I'd been booking for my clients, but also, was connected with some of the kindest, most supportive independent agents you could ever hope to meet. Not to mention that the staff at Uniglobe is hands-down the best. I've been with Uniglobe for a short time, and admittedly, as someone new to the industry, I don't have another host agency to compare it to. But I really do believe that my research paid off--we found the best host agency for us, and after meeting their providers, staff and other agents face-to-face, I'm pretty sure that they're probably the best host agency, period.
January 24, 2022
Verified Review

Everything you could want from your Host Agency! Personal 1 on 1 Mentorship. For me, the most valuable tool, service, or feature - however you look at it... is UNITY! Between the Uniglobe Family and all the seasoned veteran agents as well as new agents, everyone is there for each other to help build your business especially if you have never had any former training or experience within the Travel World. Never feels like you're competing with each other but rather learning and building relationships that are built to last and guarantee both personal & Business growth. I am here to stay...

June 24, 2021

I love my Uniglobe Family. I did a lot of research here on this site and talking to representatives of host agencies. UTC stood out in reviews, conversations and the program they offer. I could not be more pleased with my decision to select them as my host agency. The MentorU program is outstanding. Uniglobe really was the difference to my early success in this business. And now that they are with Virtuoso, my business is taking a new track toward luxury travel which is terrific. This is the direction I'd always wanted to take my business and without Uniglobe I couldn't have done this as quickly. I highly recommend getting to know the UTC Family!

June 22, 2021

We call ourselves family at Uniglobe and it’s not an exaggeration. When we started our travel agency 4+ years ago, we researched a bunch of host agencies and decided Uniglobe was the best fit for us, mainly because of their Mentor U program which is like a bootcamp for new travel advisors. We felt like we knew about travel, and we knew the basics of running a business, but we did not know anything about the travel business. Wow, did we make the right choice! Not only did Uniglobe help give us a great foundation in this industry, it gave us incredible connections to suppliers and peers that are honestly priceless.

Plus, Uniglobe’s passion for supporting agents is evident every day in how they advocate and are here for us in so many ways. This was especially clear when the pandemic hit last year. Not only did they keep us up-to-date about everything going on in terms of our suppliers, they constantly shared information related to changing restrictions, available business support resources, and legislative concerns. And even though we weren’t able to meet up in person like we have in years past, they enthusiastically created ways for us to stay connected via virtual trade shows and weekly Zoom get-togethers!

June 17, 2021

Like most travel advisors here, I did a lot of research and spoke with several host agencies before deciding on a host agency.

Uniglobe stood out for me for two reasons: 1. They were very responsive and accommodating even to a ‘new agent’ like me.
2. Before becoming a travel advisor, I was working for an NTO and handled a marketing partnership project with Uniglobe’s corporate office. They were great to work with and delivered great results.
When I got in, I knew I made the right choice.
1.I went through the Mentor U program, and our mentors were amazing!
2.Seasoned agents are very welcoming and go out of their way to help and share tips - both with newbies and those who have been in the industry for decades.
3.There’s a sense of community and support among members. Cliche as it may sound, it really feels like a family and with what we had to go through during the pandemic, this really showed.
4.Great relationship with preferred suppliers and strong affiliation with ASTA and Virtuoso.

June 16, 2021

I have been with Uniglobe for a little over 4 years and it was the single-BEST decision that I made when starting my travel business. The Mentor U program gives brand new (or new to Uniglobe) the tools that are required to have a solid, stable business. The coaches, and really every other person at UTC, guide you through the process to help you find your niche if you don't have one, introduce and recommend supplier trainings, as well as teaching the ins and outs of the back office functionality needed to run an organized agency. Once Mentor U was completed, I felt ready to take on any challenge that came my way - especially knowing that I would always have the support of everyone at Uniglobe.
Throughout the Pandemic, that feeling has only grown and solidified. UTC has kept us connected through webinars, virtual conferences, our facebook group and happy hours. Maintaining these relationships is vital when faced with adversity and seeing everyone's smiling face from time to time (albeit virtually for now) reminds you that you aren't alone and that we are stronger together.

June 15, 2021

Uniglobe has been fantastic, especially during the pandemic. Their support is amazing, holding virtual conferences, supplier zoom meetings, weekly updates and even happy hours for us! I lucked out in finding UTC.

June 14, 2021

As i started the process of becoming a new advisor I began to research host agencies (thank you host agency reviews)and the most important consideration was support and training. After narrowing down my “favorites” I quickly realized that Uniglobe had the perfect combo of support/training, industry affiliations and tech options. I signed on in March and have been extremely happy with the choice I’ve made. The training (MentorU) has been amazing. The instructors, Crystal and Rose are knowledgeable and effective in their instruction. The curriculum is focused and setup to get you selling travel quickly. The great thing about both of these ladies is that if the training needs to pivot based on a specific situation you’re dealing with they roll quickly into getting that issue/SOP sorted out for you. The support staff are amazingly quick when a request is made or an issue pops up. The Facebook group is welcoming and supportive. Finally, last but definitely not least, the vendor relationships are extensive and solid. Honestly, Uniglobe is a no brainer for a new advisor.

June 11, 2020

I have nothing but great things to say about my time with UTC. What an amazing support team!! As a new agent in 2017, I was always able to get the help and training I needed to improve. Each year, my sales have grown and UTC has been right there to support me the entire way. Of course, my business is MY responsibility to nourish, but anytime I've requested a helping hand, I've received it. Their continued training opportunities are top notch, it's up to YOU to take advantage of them. I'm consistently impressed with our preferred suppliers, our camaraderie, and the quality of the agents UTC brings onboard. I'm looking forward to a long, and successful career working with UTC!

January 11, 2020
Old Review

I signed up for a HAR specifically to leave this review. Selecting Uniglobe was the best choice I've made since starting in this industry. I would not have been ABLE to start in this industry without them. Their MentorU program is excellent, with two mentors for one-on-one coaching - one mentor for the travel side of things, and one for the business side of things. It was due to the mentoring in the business side of things that I chose Uniglobe, and I haven't looked back. Too many HAs in this industry are focused ONLY on booking, and provide zero guidance on marketing or business planning, both of which are critical to the success of any new small business. The mentors themselves are veteran industry professionals, and to have some accountability, as well as someone to bounce ideas off of, or to brainstorm with, is invaluable. They don't just explain how to book - your Uniglobe mentors will walk you through the industry, explaining what you need to know, why you need to know it, and how to apply it to YOUR business.

In all transparency, I am a member of more than one HA, which I started with prior to Uniglobe. I joined the other one first because the price looked good. Once I joined the first HA, I realized very quickly that it was very hands-off. The other HA had no coaching program, and while they were always open to answering questions, I was so new to the industry, I didn't even know what questions to ask.

This is an extremely tough industry to learn, and while I'm all for learning by doing, learning by doing without proper guidance in this industry is a great way to expose yourself to legal liabilities and other pitfalls you are woefully unaware of as a newbie. Uniglobe does a fantastic job of setting their ICs up for success, instead of trial by fire.

Yes, Uniglobe requires a little financial investment to join, but they are worth EVERY penny! As I tell my now-clients, you get what you pay for. If you join Uniglobe, in 6 months you will be incredibly grateful you invested in yourself and your new business, because they will put you on the path to success.

February 19, 2019
Old Review

I just joined Uniglobe in September 2018 so I have not had much time to experience its full character as a host agency, but even after only 4 1/2 months I already have a lot of good things to say about my "new home." I have years of vacation rental booking experience and have passed the Travel Institute's Travel Agent Proficiency test, so I was not completely cold when I joined Uniglobe's MentorU. In fact, I resisted joining it at first because of my past experience. Now I find that my 4 months in MentorU has given me so much more practical knowledge and skills in being a travel advisor and running my business. My mentors have given me not only knowledge but also the confidence to step out there and work with clients. They gave me advice and encouragement and could be reached in a very timely manner when I needed them. Beyond the formal mentoring and support Uniglobe also provides tools to learn from other agents and share valuable experiences with each other. We have the online Forum where agents can post questions and other agents generously provide advice and suggestions. We also have Meet and Mentor Group Calls where a Uniglobe staff sponsors a teleconference with a guest speaker on a specific topic and other agents can join and participate in the conversation. In addition, Uniglobe has great Support and Accounting teams who respond very quickly to any questions, requests or issues. Uniglobe has a website that provides links to preferred suppliers complete with contact names and has administrative tools that make it easy for us to track our sales, commissions, etc. I keep hearing that Uniglobe is a family. From what I've seen so far, I already feel this to be true and I haven't even made it to the annual conference. I so look forward to meeting everybody at the one this coming March. I am so happy and proud to be part of the Uniglobe family.

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