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January 24, 2022
Everything you could want from your Host Agency! Personal 1 on 1 Mentorship. For me, the most valuable tool, service, or feature - however you look at it... is UNITY! Between the Uniglobe Family and all the seasoned veteran agents as well as new agents, everyone is there for each other to help build your business especially if you have never had any former training or experience within the Travel World. Never feels like you're competing with each other but rather learning and building relationships that are built to last and guarantee both personal & Business growth. I am here to stay...
March 23, 2016
Old Review

After completing Travel Agent Certification, I was presented with an array of Host Agency's to consider partnering with. I researched carefully, knowing that this agency would be key to my success. I interviewed with several agencies but there was always "something" that just didn't feel right. I was told by my Travel Agency Certification organization that Uniglobe was wonderful, but didn't always take new agents like myself - they were selective in who they partnered with. I liked that and wasn't daunted by the challenge. I reached out to Betsy and inquired - she was very kind and wrote me back that she'd like to visit. I happened to be in Irvine CA for other reasons and made an impromptu stop at the Uniglobe offices to "check them out". What a wonderful surprise. Not only did many of the staff stop what they were doing to meet with me, they spent a great deal of time carefully answering my questions and ensuring I undertood their role and the support they offered. When I started my mentoring with them, they were phenomenal and patient, teaching me so much about the partners, suppliers and systems, as well as providing me marketing direction and support. I cannot say enough about Uniglobe. My agency has taken off - I am building clients daily and I have every confidence in what I do and the agency that supports me. I would not even consider any other agency after working with Uniglobe. They are top notch and I'm proud to be associated with them.

March 18, 2016
Old Review

I started my business with Uniglobe as my host 3 years ago. Taking part in their MentorU Program was a true blessing. My two mentors taught me so much about running my business, the travel industry and utilizing all that Uniglobe has to offer me. At the end of the first 6 months, I was up and running and I haven't slowed down yet!

Being a east coast business working with a west coast host is great. The time difference works to my benefit, Uniglobe support is open from 9:00am-8:00pm eastern. Our relationships with our preferred suppliers are strong and supportive. The included membership is a huge benefit. Plus, it's a fun group to be around! Wish I got to see them more often.

Give Uniglobe a call, you'll be amazed!

March 18, 2016
Old Review

UNIGLOBE is the best!!! I have been a travel agent for over 18 years and have been with Uniglobe for over 15 years. I have never regretted the decision to switch to Uniglobe.
Uniglobe is always there for me. You can depend on them to help you no matter how big or small the problem may be.
Uniglobe offers high commission rate tiers and the preferred supplier relationships are a great asset.
I believe that I have become a better travel agent, much more professional and much more knowledgeable because of my association with Uniglobe.
Uniglobe is committed to our success and treats everyone like family. Working together is a win-win situation.
You can't go wrong choosing Uniglobe as your host agency!

March 18, 2016
Old Review

Uniglobe Travel has been our host agency since 2007. After our former brick and mortar host agency closed, we researched all available host agencies and decided to join Uniglobe Travel after an exhaustive search. Our decision was based on the support from Uniglobe, the 100% commission offered, the exemplary Uniglobe reputation in the travel industry, and the excellent relationships/commission structure with major travel suppliers.
This was the best business decision we ever made. We appreciate our friendships with Uniglobe support staff and with our fellow Uniglobe agents. Everyone at Uniglobe works so hard to support all of us and we appreciate their professionalism and dedication. We have made lifelong friendships with the support staff, supplier representatives, and fellow agents. We recommend Uniglobe Travel with enthusiasm.

March 18, 2016
Old Review

I've been in the travel industry since 1975 and an agency owner since 1987.
I've seen many changes/challenges in this business and change is never easy.
Re-organizing your business a few times through the years is always a challenge to stay on top and always be the best at providing service and knowledge to your customer.

I was reading an article in Travel Weekly 2006 (10 years ago)and thought what a great concept.
I called Besty Geiser before completing the article with more questions.
By the end of our phone conversation I became a part of the Uniglobe Team.
It's a win/win for everyone.

A few of the benefits provided:
Accounting - Awesome
Support - Strong
Staff - Sensational
Marketing - Magnificent
Communications - Concise
Commissions - Cash
Policies - Professional
Forum - Fantastic
Licensing - Logical
Preferred Suppliers - Perfect

These are only a few of the positive reasons you should join the Uniglobe Team.

I've discussed the Uniglobe concept with many agency owners and advise the sooner they make the move the better.
A lot of owners feel giving up their ARC number is giving up their business freedom of how to operate.
This is only the beginning to flourishing your business.
New resources, commission over rides, preferred suppliers, informative up to date networking meetings with providers, educational seminars and the list goes on.

The business forum is a great concept you can communicate with so many agents. You see different view points, suggestions, and helpful ideas to make your job easier.

If they had a 10 star rating I would be the first to give them this.

As for cons I really can't think of any.

With this statement I only hope to be with the Uniglobe Team another 10 years!


March 13, 2016
Old Review

I , with my 2 fellow at home agents that form SLV Travel, have been with Uniglobe for several years. Uniglobe , with its alignment w, has been successful for us. Uniglobe has been helpful and supportive. Documents arrive in a timely fashion . I also appreciate their timely response to any questions or concerns.

March 8, 2016
Old Review

I think Uniglobe is the very best Host Agency! Their Support is always available by email or phone for their Travel Agents. They are friendly, helpful, generous with their time and do an Outstanding job!

Not working out of an office can sometimes be very challenging without other Travel Agents to talk something over. Uniglobe has always been there for me as well as the other 2 Agents who use them. We can always talk to them directly to get their opinion or recommendations.

Documentation arrives promptly to my email which I can then forward to clients. They also have a great website with Tools I can use and tons of information. I have been with them for years now and comparing them to other Host agencies I have used, I find they provide me the best Commission plans, and the very best Support! I will never leave them!

March 2, 2016
Old Review

I have been in the travel industry for 29 years and with Uniglobe Travel Center for 17 years. They are the best! They make doing my job easy and are there for me when I have an issue I can't figure out. Commissions are paid promptly. The staff at UTC is family and they really strive to help us succeed. The planning and effort that is put into our yearly conference is amazing, all to help us succeed and make more money. I would highly recommend Uniglobe for your host agency!

March 2, 2016
Old Review

I have just joined UTC as my host agency. I can't say enough about everyone that I have had contact with, they have been fantastic! I decided to go with UTC after looking at several host agencies and I'm glad I did. Commission rates tiers are very competitive and beat several others. Mentors are extremely knowledgeable and more then helpful getting everything going.

February 29, 2016
Old Review


I've been an agent for 18 years and worked both corporate and leisure at about half a dozen travel agencies. Never have I been treated with such incredible kindness, professionalism and expertise.
That isn't even the beginning of their awesomeness. I have become such a better agent as a result of their prestige in the travel industry. I don't get stuck on hold for life calling vendors on the regular line. I get to call special numbers that are answered quickly, and when I ask them to jump they respond how high? I just love how much this host agency makes me shine with my clients.
Anyone considering a host agency need not look any further. You have found the best there is to offer. Uniglobe is all you will ever need. Well established, ethical, professional, reliable, engaged in your success. They have mastered getting agents to share resources and I don't think there is anything they haven't covered in travel. I will never leave them. EVER!

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