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March 20, 2020
Outside Agents is my second host agency. My first was fine, but Outside Agents feels more like a family - a family that actually likes and takes care of each other. They have a wonderful marketing platform, an easy to use CRM, offer a free website, E&O insurance, and the list goes on. The thing that brought me to HAR to review them today is the email I just received. In light of the Coronavirus' impact on the travel industry, they are giving all bookings for the next 30 days a 2% commission bonus. In a world with employers that are laying off and struggling to survive, Outside Agents is giving its agents a hand up. I could not be more in awe of their business decision to take care of their agents. Some might say it's not much, but this is the first positive effect I have felt from this virus. It's loud and clear that I'm not alone as one of their agents, and I cannot rave about them hard enough. Thank you, Outside Agents!
July 18, 2019
Old Review

I would like to say after being with several Hosts throughout these years I have finally found Outside Agents as the right fit. I had to do the big waves in the seas to find the smooth sailing with Outside Agents. I started around Jan. 2011. They are right on in helping. Their agent site is wonderful with all the right information to help me right on their site. There is agent forums that is also there to help. I got tired of so called companies saying they are there to help their agents build a better company then take my hard earned money and never hear from them again. I heard about Outside Agent through a referral because the other host was cutting back to being just an agency but didn't want the vendors to know she was no longer a host, big fish. It was a referral from one of her own office workers. So you had to "not say anything" when talking to vendors that she was getting out of the host business since she wanted to look big. She wanted the status. The last contact from her was her telling me in an email sent out to all agents to not tell vendors she was going to stop being a host. I had already had all my BC , website, clients, etc and she wanted us to drop it all and do business as her agents with all her stuff where she was in total control with you still paying her fees. That is not the way of a host that is a franchise. The reason for leaving is she didn't even know what was going on in her company and my commission checks were being sent back along with her wanting total control over the agents. I love the way Outside Agents handles their agents and I haven't felt like a nobody. I am trying to get my commission from the other host in to totally be with Outside Agents and leave her ASAP. Outside Agents courses are really helpful and understanding, which is wonderful since you are also working with clients as you are learning the ropes of a new company. The stress is gone with Outside Agents as you work, maintain a website, answer to clients, do courses (all vendors want you to learn about them and I do love to learn it helps in so many ways), maintain a home life. I spend more time with booking travel, learning travel and little home life. Outside Agents is giving me back my home life since they let me know they are there for me to work and learn as I go. The last host's only contact was when she welcomed me aboard but once she took my fee money she disconnected from messages and emails. If you post on the business FB page she may answer only if it is about travel not business with her. She has FB, posting control and will not post it if you are trying to reach her since you can't reach her any other way. What a waste of time with this other host since August 2018 when I wished I had started with Outside Agents all along. Outside Agents not only message me back but stays connected to all of us. I even got their phones number if I ever need to talk but so far they have made the transition as easy as possible for me which I have a lot of respect for them doing this to show they are there for me. I did not see any advertising for Outside Agents it was by referral only that I found them. "I highly recommend Outside Agents". Debbie

July 9, 2019
Old Review

Prior to joining Outside Agents, I was with a small host agency that provided almost no support and no technology. What a complete opposite experience when I joined OA! Their support team is amazing. The people in the office are extremely quick to respond and truly want to help. And, to have access to the owners of the company as well is so unusual. And, don't get me started on how valuable the Forum has been to my business! The technology, training available and support provided by Outside Agents have absolutely helped to double my income, and it continues to increase every year. I'm a member for life!

June 27, 2019
Old Review

When I was looking for a host agency, just over 3 years ago, I only had one personal referral so I relied on reviews such as these. But what really sold me on the agency was their immediate response to my request for information. The other host agencies I contacted were slow to respond and not very helpful. I have not once regretted my decision to join Outside Agents. They provide an enormous amount of training which was very helpful for me as a new agent. I still find them very responsive and reachable if I have any questions or need assistance. They have a lot of contacts and suppliers available to agents and I feel their commission tiers are very fair. I love being a travel consultant and Outside Agents is the company who made it not only possible, but a great experience!

June 26, 2019
Old Review

I can't say enough about OA! I went from another established agency to starting my own agency from my home office. The support from all of the staff at OA has been incredible! They are there for you and want you to succeed! There is no pressure from anyone and they provide you with all of the training you could dream of! Everything is well organized and easy to find online. And to sweeten the not only get the best host team out there, but you get a whole community of colleagues to bounce ideas off, ask questions to, or generally just chat with!

Making the decision to go with Outside Agents was the best decision I could have made!!

June 24, 2019
Old Review

I have been in the Travel Industry for many years and new to Outside Agents. I researched host agencies and Outside Agents was highly recommended by all. I can see why... their whole team is amazing and truly are
there to help you succeed. I signed up and started learning their program and I was fortunate to attend the New Agent Boot Camp with Dan. I just cannot say enough about how wonderful they all are. If you are looking for a host agency that will help you succeed.... this is the place for you!

June 20, 2019
Old Review

When I found Outside Agents, I was wondering if they were too good to be true. But guess what. They aren't. They are the real deal, and I count my lucky stars every day that I found them.

Someone is always available to help me or to guide me and keep me from making mega mistakes. Plus it just gets better and better with everything that is available to help me market and grow my business. My web site, my CRM, my automatic email marketing, and much more. It doesn't get any better. And another thing...I don't wonder if I'm going to get paid. that's something that I've heard a lot about from agents with other hosts. The Owners of Outside Agents are true hard working people who want you to succeed, and I know I'll get paid. And if I have a question, I can call them anytime. And if I have to leave a message, they always get right back to me. So look no further. You've found the right Host Agency right here with Outside Agents.

June 18, 2019
Old Review

Is the best decision I ever made. The staff in all Departments are very dedicated and organized. They resolve any issues promptly and with top urgency. Great mentors and their travel platform is so perfect for low-large volume of sales. All the features and resources they have created for us are very user friendly. A+++ rating.

June 17, 2019
Old Review

I worked with a small agency for about four years before starting to think about opening my own agency. I did TONS of research and realized that going with a host was the best option for me. Over the course of three months, I did tons of research online, called hosts directly, and got in touch with agents with different business models to get advice. I was very nervous about leaving the agency I was with and branching out.

I chose Outside Agents because I was most impressed with their customer service, and because they had a great commission split. It wasn't until after I made the change that I really started seeing the benefits though.

They have an excellent training system on all sorts of destinations. It's so easy and great to look up any preferred supplier and contact a BDM or get training on their website. Membership with OA includes a great CRM that automates so much of my job. The commission rate with suppliers is pretty much always maxed out because of the volume of sales, so I'm making a lot more money than I was with a small agency. There's tons of support, and everyone is so genuine and dedicated to helping you excel professionally. This was one of the best professional decisions I have ever made!

June 14, 2019
Old Review

Signing up with Outside Agents is one of the best business decisions I've made for my young travel company. As I transitioned from my former career to becoming a home-based agent, I realized how important it was/is to have the right training, education and back office support. Outside Agents not only provided these essentials but their responsiveness in resolving issues is outstanding. And when it comes to systems & technology, I just love how OA keeps it current, up-to-date and user-friendly.

June 14, 2019
Old Review

I have been with Outside Agents for only 3 months, and this is my first gig in the travel industry. I have booked trips for years for my friends and family, and had always wanted to be a travel agent. I researched host agencies for about 4 months before I chose them- and to be honest, until the second that my log-in worked and my technology was suddenly available, I had doubts! "What if they're a scam or multilevel marketing scheme? Are there hidden costs, and why do they cost so much less than everyone else? What if I can't understand what to do? What if I hate it?" The truth is that you will get strong support from the moment you sign up, you will start training, you will build your website, and you will take responsibility as a business owner to learn and grow, but you won't do it alone. I've attended two live trainings, which were invaluable, because once you get into the systems, you will have questions. I have met the owners, managers, sales support, and the ANGELS who take care of us, the "circle of knowledge" ladies! This is a family owned business, and it's obvious if you visit that everyone has a great deal of love and respect for one another. I always feel as if I'm treated fairly, even when I goof. If you immerse yourself in the business of "learning the business", you will be successful. I just passed my three month anniversary, and my next sale will take me over the $100,000 in sales mark, and I realize now how much I still have to learn! It's not easy, but if you work at it, you will be so happy that you joined OA. The potential is huge, you will not regret this step!

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