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March 7, 2021
I was very new to the industry when I started in 2017 and was researching Host Agencies here. I was impressed with the reviews that OA received and started looking at their requirements and terms. The monthly cost and training reviews/awards really sold me, as a beginner agent. After looking at a few more agencies, I decided to join OA and I've never regretted that decision. The training I've received, both online and in person, has been integral to my staying in business for the last 4 years, including through a pandemic year. My biggest issue is finding the time to start all the training that is offered to us. It's always updating, with new topics or improvements on previous ones. It's a credit to the staff to keep things fresh and relevant. On that note, I love the technology used by OA for their training, agent websites, CRM, and booking tools. They are integrated so that information from booking tools can be automatically loaded into the CRM, which is such a time saver. The CRM also has a lot of automation and tasks for bookings, as well as the ability to market using their email campaigns. While I do love the technology, there are some things I would have on my "wish list" for the future. However, I am more than happy with what I have for the small price I'm paying for it. As far as support, I cannot express how impressed I am at how connected staff is with the agents. It could be a holiday weekend and there is bound to be someone who responds to your request for assistance. On the off chance they aren't available, there are a plenty of your peers to reach out to when you have a question. With so many agents under the OA umbrella, you're bound to find someone who specializes in or has been through the issue you have encountered, who will offer help. While I don't think there is a PERFECT host agency, I think this is the agency that is close enough to perfect for me and my business. If you're on the fence, give the OA family a try!
June 26, 2022
Verified Review

Unfortunately I am very disappointed in Outside Agents. I signed up for a workshop and paid $249 back in May 24th 2022. The workshop is for July 10th 2022. I had to cancel a week later because of unforeseen circumstances. This workshop was already sold out and according to the announcement, "Our boot camps are always in high demand". So when I emailed to cancel, I was surprised that they refused to issue me a refund. I cancelled more than 30 days in advance. The hotel issued me my refund. So I don't know why Outside Agents did not. I had to escalate this through Paypal because if I do not get a refund, then what happens to my $249? Does OA simply keep my money? I think this is bad business practice considering that the event was already sold out and if this event truly is in high demand then they should be able to re-sell my seat especially if its more than 30 days out. I am disappointed and shocked. I hope that the response to this from OA is how it was a minor oversight and that a refund is on its way. Otherwise, I would seriously re-consider joining OA. If a business behaves like this, you must wonder how they will deal with commissions and other payments. Please feel free to email me for a more further detail explanation or to follow-up if OA did finally issue me the refund.

April 15, 2022

I just started with OA in Jan and I couldn't be happier. Maybe I am naïve as a newbie but with the tools and training I have received from OA, I have been able to attract several clients. In fact, a lot more than I expected to have this early in my journey. The OA community is awesome. I post a question and other agents are right there willing to help with information. Even the owners respond to inquiries regularly. Actually, the open door policy the owners have is amazing. I have never seen a company where the owners offer up their cell numbers directly. I have had a few mentoring sessions and got tons of info and answers to my questions. These sessions are great as they will focus on what you need right at that moment Can't wait to schedule my next one.

March 15, 2022

I have been with Outside Agents since December 2015. The people who run Outside Agents make it the perfect host agency. I pay a nominal $21 monthly fee to access a CRM, have my own website, E&O insurance, training both online and in-person, a fair commission, and so much more. It's really what you put into it. I'm wanting to devote more time to my business than I did initially, and Outside Agents allows me to run it how I want. The supplier BDMs I have interacted with have been super helpful. If you want a legit and amazing host agency, this is the one.

March 3, 2022
Verified Review

I absolutely LOVE Outside Agents! The training, support and tools they provide are amazing, especially for the price! I unreservedly recommend them! Feel free to reach out to me if you want to know more. Their support team ALWAYS answers super quickly any technical issues with any aspect of their site and tools. And the discussions boards are fantastic for general help and advice on agency operations and trips for clients.

January 26, 2022

Have been with Outside Agents 5 years and have had numerous in-person trainings provided through them; also on demand training from suppliers. Any issues are always addressed ASAP via their SOS system. They provide a website included in their monthly fee and so much more. All employees have great knowledge and are so personable. Love them!

January 24, 2022

I am very new to Outside Agents (just finishing my first month) but I have to say that I've been very pleased with them as a host agency so far. Their on-demand online training has been very informative and comprehensive. I don't feel like I need to look to outside training sources - everything I need is included. And there were no upfront costs to join - I simply pay $41/month for access to mentors, training, a CRM platform, and a website platform that is relatively easy to manage. Their preferred vendor list is substantial (although there are a few vendors I've noticed that aren't included) and I've been very happy with my choice of host agency so far.

Host Agency Response
January 25, 2022

Thanks for your kind words. We love hearing how awesome we are! Lol...
Regarding vendors, we're one of the only hosts that let you work with whomever you like (with only a few notable exceptions for bad behavior). While we only vendors with which we have the strongest relationships, we do have relationships with nearly every vendor on the planet. If you ever you are in doubt, reach out, we probably have what you need.

January 23, 2022

I have been with Outside Agents for only one year but in that time, my sales have been the highest they have ever been. I have felt a level of support and investment in me that I did not feel with my former agency. This is a family business and they support me in running my family business. The owners and staff are fully invested in supporting the agents hosted to achieve as high as we can. When I was looking for a host, I started researching and calling around. I was floored that Chad took the time to speak with me on the phone and answer all of my questions. I have a mentor I can email or call whenever I need and hit with all of my questions. There are even opportunities for in person learning throughout the year. I seriously cannot recommend them enough.

December 17, 2021

I have truly enjoyed working with Outside Agents. Education has been paramount! You are given choices to learn about the various travel products & destinations , technology , marketing and so much more. They have all have been very patience with me. Never pressuring me to do more. My goal was to grow my business when I joined! Shortly after signing with Outside Agents I was designated to care for my blind aging brother and older sister. My brother died right after the shut down of Covid-19.

December 13, 2021

The folks at the main office are amazing people care and will do all they can to help you with your need in a very timely, professional manner. This is my second host agency and even tho my first host agency was ok, OA is amazing and I'm thankful I made the switch. Here you are treated as family and the agent forum helps answer many questions an agent may have. Very friendly and family oriented. Thanks OA

December 6, 2021

Outside Agents is amazing in so many aspects, from the first phone call to the mentoring to the training. I’m starting out as a newbie and have been directed in the right direction from the very beginning. OA has great training from on demand to live in person trainings. The staff is always on hand if we need anything as well as active in our online group. If you want to feel like part of a family then this is where it’s at, here with Outside Agents.

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