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March 15, 2022
I have been with Outside Agents since December 2015. The people who run Outside Agents make it the perfect host agency. I pay a nominal $21 monthly fee to access a CRM, have my own website, E&O insurance, training both online and in-person, a fair commission, and so much more. It's really what you put into it. I'm wanting to devote more time to my business than I did initially, and Outside Agents allows me to run it how I want. The supplier BDMs I have interacted with have been super helpful. If you want a legit and amazing host agency, this is the one.
July 13, 2023

I feel very fortunate that OA has been my host agency. It's been such a great experience and I've met some amazing agents that have become friends. I have a lot of flexibility in how I work and at the same time have the ongoing support of a company that's well-respected in the travel industry. The OA staff is hard-working and they care about their agents. When I stared as a new agent, I felt really supported.

July 13, 2023

I have had multiple agencies through out the years, but I have found a home with Outside Agents. They offer tons of training and resources. The CRM is wonderful and easy to maneuver. I have no complaints, If I have questions, there are multiple resources to get answers. I would definitely recommend them to other agents.

July 12, 2023

Anytime I have ever had a question, someone at the company has reached out to me in a timely fashion. The CRM is easy to use and I am glad I made the switch to this company!!
I think people that are disgruntled need to realize that there is no job that does not require proper training. So you can not think that you will make six figures your first year on the job. It is not Outside Agents responsibility to market you and grow your business. If you only plan to book 4 trips a year then you are never going to be proficient at your craft!!

July 12, 2023

I switched to OA in 2014 after a few years with a smaller host agency. What a difference it made! OA provides non stop support for their agents, whether is start up training, virtual webinars, in person training camps, and/or emails or phone calls. The people at the "top" , the owners, and the National Sales Manager will answer your call or return your call in an extremely swift and timely manner. They are encouraging, provide the latest and greatest up to date technology and never stop improving so that we can improve ourselves! I love OA!

July 12, 2023
Updated Review

I have been with Outside Agents since 2017 and cannot say enough about how amazing they are to work with.
Not having experience in the travel industry was very intimidating when I began. Not only did Outside Agents provide wonderful training opportunities, they are there for you when ever needed to answer questions, assist with issues and help point you in the right direction for success. Their relationships in the industry are extremely helpful and offer so many advantages to help grow your business.
I can say with confidence that I would not be where I am today in the industry had I not made the choice to work with Outside Agents. Not only are they wonderful business partners they have become friends and that is invaluable!

February 18, 2020
Previous Review

I started in the travel industry a little over 3 years ago, with no prior experience or knowledge I began my search for a host agency. It was an overwhelming process with so many options available, after hours of research and thought I selected Outside Agents - and what a great choice! Within hours of signing up I was off and running - excellent communication, support and training. Not only was I able to find everything needed for my training online, they also offer a wonderful “mentor” program allowing you access to someone who takes the time to listen to you and offer advise on industry questions and helps you grow your business they way you want to grow. By taking advantage of the onsite training programs offered I also quickly learned that OA personally invests in their agents, offering one on one time and training and being only a phone call away when needed. Over the years I have on many occasions picked up the phone with questions or to ask for assistance - always getting directly to who is needed for help. OA is a large host agency - but that being said how many organizations of this size have the Owners offering their personal cell phone number to agents and always available to help? I truly feel they are invested in my success.

I am a full time agent and have experienced great growth and success with the help of OA over the past years. I chose this career because after being in the corporate world for years I wanted to finally find a career I was passionate about. That being said, I have learned working in the travel industry is definitely not “easy” - it takes alot of time, training, dedication and self motivation to succeed and having OA as a partner makes it a much more enjoyable ride.

July 12, 2023

My husband has been with OA since 2016. I recently joined to manage the growth we have had in our travel business. I am 2 days into a 5 day training, and it has been unbelievably informative. OA is 100% focused on agent support, training and helping you become a professional business owner. I am confident that, with their guidance, the sky is the limit!

July 11, 2023

About 5 years ago, my partner and I decided to becaome travel advisors. We spent over three months researching all the various host agencies. By he way, finidng Host Agency Reviews was wonderful. After many hours of reading, talking to a number of hosts, and many spreadsheets, we decided Outsdie Agents was the best combination of fair pricing, good training, and great support. We have never regretted it. In fact, when we went to a very reasonably priced in-person training at their HQ, about half the agents I spoke to were refugees from other hosts.

The support and training has gotten better and better. Their commission structure is far better than others we looked at. You start at 80% and can rise fairly quickly to 90% and even 95%. The monthly fees are low and you can quit any time. During the pandemic, OA provided all sorts of support. I can't say enough good things about OA.

July 11, 2023

The best in the business. The owners are people of integrity and this is a host agency you can be proud to be part of. Outstanding commission levels, booking tools, education programs, and support of all kinds. I was with another host for 3 years prior to joining -that was a mistake. Joining OA was the best business decision I've made.

July 11, 2023

This is my first year and they have been very helpful with the trainings and availabilty for help with things. I think the training alone has helped fill in so many gaps with trying to learn how to be a credible and professional travel agent. After a month I got my first client and I believe a big part of that was because of the training.

July 11, 2023

Before launching my business, I did a lot of research and purchased an entire training program from somewhere else. The only reason I am not angry about having spent all that money is because that training program ended with host agency recommendations, and one of those recommendations was Outside Agents. I am so impressed by the available resources, training, marketing, etc. that are included in the very small monthly fee. Outside Agents is ideal for any travel agent, as their commission split is one of the highest, if not THE highest, in the business. But especially for someone who wants to create a brand for themselves, not use another host's brand, Outside Agents is the best. Seriously, they keep adding, or I keep finding, new resources available to me, for training, suppliers and marketing. This has been an exciting year, and I could not have had this kind of success without Outside Agents!

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