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October 31, 2023
It has been a year since I signed up with OA. Now is a great time to share my experience with you if you looking for a new host ( like I was) or are a new agent looking to join the tourism trade. OA is a GREAT host. No doubt. Before joining them, I simply picked up the phone and called them to speak with the owner. I had zero expectation of this actually happening but was pleasantly surprised when Chad Burt came on the line and spent a good half an hour speaking with me and answering all my questions. I signed up the same day. It didn't take me much time to understand their systems and if I had a question, the OA staff was very quick with their email replies. Best way to communicate with them. They have brilliant internal systems set up for just this purpose. Agency staff and higher-ups are almost always available for insight and help as and when needed. They are highly professional ( yet super funny on socials). I had a chance to meet most of the staff at one of their TA conferences and the vibe is that of one big family. For new agents, they have mentors for initial support. Though I have industry experience, I still set up a call with a mentor just to test the new waters. It was a lovely call. They have great contracts with vendors, resorts, and consolidators across the world. Their payment system is top-notch with very little room for confusion. Payments have been on time on expected dates. The split is also one of the best ( that I know of) ( Ex host had a terrible split and I wish I had known of OA before). All in all, I highly recommend Outside Agents. It has been a great year with them. Happy Travel!
July 19, 2023

I love everything about Outside Agents(OA). The company size makes it ver easy to get to know your support team, the mentoring sessions are invaluable, the training resources from the beginning are top-notch and are frequently updated with the latest information, even other agents go above and beyond with sharing their knowledge. It’s safe to say everyone wants to see you succeed and they are more than willing to play a role in your success if you’ll let them in. I would HIGHLY recommend OA to agents from all backgrounds.

July 18, 2023

I joined Outside Agents in June of 2020. I had been at another Host Agency and started researching other Host agencies. I decided that Outside Agents was the perfect fit. I am so glad that I made the move! Their training and support is amazing. My business is growing and I am super happy with my transition. Don't hesitate to join. Commissions are paid on a weekly basis and directly deposited to bank account. Incredible staff at Outside Agents. The owners treat you like family and very easy to talk to.
Karen Taatjes/ Magic Travel Genie, LLC

July 16, 2023
Verified Review

Hello to the all the Outside Agents present, future, soon to be, and or just on the fence of ready to make that move to becoming an Outside Agent. My name is Richard McDonald, I am a new Outside Agent and very proud to be one. When I first thought about becoming an agent I had to do my research, and when I say research I mean real research.
What is an Host Agency going to do for me? What do I really want from my Host Agency? How will it benefit me educational wise verses anything first?, Second what will the support look like? How much is it going to cost me to start? Will my new Host Agency Outside Agents be there for me in the long run? How will my business grow with Outside Agents?
Well, I am going to put to you in short form, Outside Agents has been a God send for me and my wife in the travel agency business. I am currently with Outside Agent as my Host Agency and I will not change a thing. Now, second my wife is with another Host Agency but is not happy. As for me my experience and research of Outside Agents is absolutely been a blessing. Why? first is Chad, the support team and all that they do for every single agent and agency that is a part of Outside Agents.
The Educational training is unmatched, I mean that from deep down. When I first say a invitational video of Chad my mind was made up. Chad has to be one of the most valuable gold nuggets to Outside Agents.
If you are on the fence of joining Outside Agents, well open the gate and come on in because you will not regret one moment. I have not had one problem with Outside Agents since I have been an agent. I want you to know that I have not sold one booking of anything yet, well I'm not mad about it because I am soaking up all the Educational benefits that Outside Agents has for its agents so that when I do get my first customer tears will probably be coming down my face because I'm from the old school I believe in getting the education first and then branching out. So it will make my first sale as if it will be a million bucks if you can understand what I mean.
If you take a look at my profile you will see that I have over 20 educational badges and I am so happy about that. Because Outside Agents did not charge me a dime for what they have taught me and I am very appreciative for all that Outside Agents do for there Agents. I probably can go on and on but I won't take up too much of your time, I hope that I have help or inspired you to take the next step in joining Outside Agents team of fantastic business owners alike. I look forward to seeing you aboard, and thank you for taking the time to read this review.

Host Agency Response
September 5, 2023

Richard, thank you so much for the kind words! It is an absolute pleasure being your business partner, and we are happy you have found your home here at Outside Agents

July 15, 2023

Outside Agents has been the only HOST Agency I have been associated with. Since I started the business back in 2015, I researched many host agencies before selecting Outside Agents. The reasons were numerous. The people who run Outside Agents make it the perfect host agency. I pay a nominal monthly fee to access a CRM, have my own website, E&O insurance, training both online and in-person, and fair commission to name a few. Their cutting-edge technology, tools, and commission rates surpass those of other host agencies. Their hands-free marketing has boosted my client bookings. Their training resources are consistently accessible and straightforward to follow. The support they provide is second to none.

July 14, 2023
Updated Review

Having been associated with Outside Agents since 2019, I can confidently say that their unparalleled technology, tools, and commission rates surpass those of any other host agency. What truly sets them apart is their innovative hands-free marketing, which has proven to be a game-changer in boosting my client bookings. The training resources they provide are not only easily accessible but also straightforward to follow, empowering me to work independently with confidence. Additionally, their unwavering support is consistently reliable, ensuring that any assistance I require is promptly and efficiently provided.
What truly impresses me about Outside Agents is their unwavering commitment to upholding high ethical standards. This dedication fills me with an immense sense of pride to be associated with them. It is evident that their integrity and professionalism guide every decision they make, reaffirming their position as a trusted industry leader.
In conclusion, Outside Agents has not only provided me with the tools and support to excel in my travel business but has also exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Their cutting-edge technology, hands-free marketing, accessible training resources, and unwavering commitment to ethics make them a host agency that truly stands out from the rest. I am honored to be affiliated with Outside Agents and look forward to continuing our successful partnership.

November 23, 2021
Previous Review

I am so thankful that I chose to join Outside Agents! Their training program is absolutely phenomenal! Not only for brand new agents but for agents who have been in the business for years. With Outside Agents' technology platforms, product knowledge, marketing campaigns, and support I have been successful in tripling my sales goal during a pandemic no less! Outside Agents has the lowest cost to join, the best platforms, outstanding training, best commission split and you never have to worry about when you will be paid the commission you have earned. On top of all of this, you're not just a number. The owners of Outside Agents are very active, have your back, and are always available to help you. I truly cannot say enough good things about Outside Agents and wish I had found them when I first started in this business. Thank you, OA for always being there for us!

December 18, 2019
Previous Review

I had originally signed with a Disney Earmarked Agency who charged a hefty yearly fee, didn't offer training or support and commissions not paid in a timely fashion. After about a year, I left that host agency, researched many different host agencies and made the decision to sign with Outside Agents. This was the best decision I have ever made! I have been blown away by the amount of training and support Outside Agents provides. The owners make themselves available to help answer any questions you may have. Outside Agents not only provide in-depth training and support, but provide the best technology to help you succeed in the travel industry. Commissions are paid every Tuesday with 80/20 split when you first start with levels reaching a 95/5 split. My sales have reached levels I never imagined and I give the credit to Outside Agents, their technology, training and advice they give their agents. I wish I had found them when I first started in this career.

July 14, 2023

When I decided that I wanted to become a travel agent 16 years ago, I did a search for Host Agencies and came across Cruise and Tours Unlimited, as it was called 'way back then. I spoke to Steve, Chad and Marty and decided from their sincerity about the family business, that this would be a good place for me to start my new career. I was not wrong. They were always available to help with whatever I needed, and I needed so much. The improvements they have made throughout the years in the training of their agents, is just amazing. Our BDMs are helpful also when their expertise is called upon. I am happy that I made the right decision immediately and have grown with their help. If you are looking to start your career, it would be wise to call on Outside Agents (as they are called now). You will not regret it!! Good luck.

July 14, 2023

Since joining Outside Agents, I have been pleasantly suprised with all the new technology they offer us. It is very easy to use the CRM and receive our commissions. Thank you OA for staying on top of the newest trends, offering seminars, webinars and other means for training. Contacting the office is seamless as well.

July 14, 2023

I've been with Outside Agents for two years; I started this journey as a hobby, I've made more money than I thought I would. Outside Agent's leadership, technology, learning tools, suppliers, BDM, and customer service team are the absolute best. The monthly fee is minimal; the benefits are astronomical. Outside Agents have given me the confidence to grow a hobby into a business and I'm so excited to have finally found my "Happy Place"!

July 14, 2023
Updated Review

Very supportive host agency. Quick response to queries. Provides significant training for new and existing agents. Provides array of tools through portal used in selling travel, managing clients, and managing travel at reasonable cost. Always willing to work with agents to help them accomplish their goals. Provides travel marketing sites for agents.

November 23, 2021
Previous Review

Probably one of the best agencies and in fact organizations i have ever worked for. The owners and administrative staff and supportive and are willing to work through most every situation. Their tools are effective and help you to be able to not only manage your clientele, but also interact with travel suppliers. In short, nothing but positive to say about CTU (Outside Agents).

July 14, 2023

I was with another host agencies up until 2016 when I switched to Outside Agents, and none of them compared to OA. Everyone at OA is always available are ready to help in every way possible. The training is outstanding. I cannot say enough about the staff as they go above and beyond the call of duty. I do not think you can find a better host agency.

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