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November 15, 2019
When I first decided to become a home-based travel agent, I didn't know what sort of things to look for in an agency. After almost a year with a small agency that turned out not to be a good fit (very controlling owner who only liked things done HIS way, played favorites, took the FAM opportunities for himself), I found Jen and Magical Moments Vacations. WOW. It was night and day. What is stellar here? *The level of support for all things administrative (being a travel planner requires so much back office support, and this office is run well) *The extensive and helpful training program for the new, even just new-to-this-agency, agents *The care that Jen has for her agents; even though we are spread out across the country, we feel like a ginormous family *Jen's overall attitude and generosity: not nickel and diming for every little thing, giving all agents fair shots at incoming leads, giving all agents fair shots at training opportunities *The care that her executive team has shown for getting people up and going, for helping us keep going, and giving us the support and inspiration to grow -- it shows that Jen has given thought to putting the right people in place to support the rest of her agents *Leveraging technology that is already out there to put the info we need at our fingertips, support us with the experience of knowledgeable fellow agents, pay us in a timely fashion -- this is not some old school travel agency done with handwritten personal checks and papers sent in the mail! MMV is in the modern era! I got so lucky to find Magical Moments Vacations. They do a good volume, so earn top tier commissions from suppliers. Commission split with agents is excellent and fair. Yes, if I joined a larger host agency, I might take home a slightly bigger split, but I'd be a faceless number, I would not receive the personalized support I get here, and I could not do as good a job because I'd be flying on my own for the most part. Being part of MMV is so worth it and a total blessing.
July 7, 2013
Old Review

I have been a member of this agency for some time. The agency owner pays on time. However, she is teetering on over 200 agents an while there are some great agents under this host. Myself and other agents have worried about how she's qualifying some of the newcomers.

I have talked to an agent that recently left who told me that Jen made false accusations against her when she asked a question on another forum. She said Jen sent her nasty emails attacking her sales when in fact the agent had a few reservations that Jen was unaware of at they were not entered as paid. She also said that she changed her address with Jen more than once and the commission check was sent to the wrong address. Not only that she recently went to Disney and got her reservation package AFTER she arrived back home.

I think 200 people is too much for one person to keep track of. These sloppy mistakes are something that I no longer want to deal with myself. I am waiting for the day one of these new warm bodies messes up a reservation and this whole agency goes down. I left an agency where my old owner was taking advantage of all the perks and I see Jen as becoming the same way. The agency's SALES and not the number of agents should really be what matters.

Host Agency Response
November 5, 2013
Old Review

This review is from an agent - who was asked to leave due to gross misconduct. Please read all the previous reviews. I think they speak for themselves. We have an extremely successful agency, and I wasn't going to allow one rogue agent to make trouble for the rest. This individual attacked other agents on our FB forum, and was threatening on many occasions. I received multiple emails from agents describing how this agent was bullying them, via FB and private messaging.

My emails and communication with her were all professional. She thrives on drama and attempted to start a confrontation, which I refused to take part of. She responded with threats ranging from filing false reports on Rip-Off Report, to this website. The accusations are untrue. I have assistants who help manage my documents and mailings, and all documents were sent to the mailing address she had provided to me. As with any business, from time to time, documents may end up arriving after client travel dates, because of the date the package was booked. It was not due to any error on my part. This review was written by the same individual who also posted a review again in October. Very upsetting to have people who are bent on revenge. For her to call our agents "warm bodies" is extremely disrespectful. We have agents at all levels of their careers, and all are valued members of our team.

As for the unpaid reservations, completely untrue. The bookings were never entered into our system. I had to email her many times asking to please enter the bookings so I could pay her.

I have always placed QUALITY over quantity. It's not about the sales. It's not about trying to get a certain number of agents. It's about the team we are creating and supporting each other in a positive environment for all. I am extremely proud of our agency.

June 21, 2013
Old Review

This is a fantastic agency! Jen is a wonderful owner and is truly committed to her agents. The Facebook forum is a great way to meet the other agents, get caught up on the latest travel news and learn from the experts. Jen pays on time monthly and helps you out as much as possible. I can't say enough regarding this agency. I am so glad I found MMV!

November 29, 2012
Old Review

Jen runs a top-notch operation! She is efficient, uses relevent technology, and keeps the field agents up-to-date with promotions and news. There is a great rapport among the other agents as well. I am so glad I am affliated with her as my host agency!

November 17, 2012
Old Review

I only recently joined MMV after a very bad experience with another host agency. I did a lot of research and love how this agency is set up and the contact with all the other agents on facebook. The other agency I worked under did not have this so I didn't ever have the feeling that I was working with a lot of other people. This is great and I am anxious to really get going.

November 16, 2012
Old Review

I am so lucky to have chosen Magical Moments Vacations as my personal host agency. Jen has been a wealth of information and support as well as my collegues within the agency! Looking forward to a long and profitable relationship!

November 15, 2012
Old Review

I am so thankful that I chose Magical Moments Vacations as my host agency. Jen and the other agents are very helpful.

November 14, 2012
Old Review

Jen runs a top notch hosting agency, fair on commissions no outrageous fees and pays promptly. Her agents are Hand picked and know the invaluable resourse a great host and knowledgeable industry partners are.

November 14, 2012
Old Review

I am just getting started in the travel industry and have been very impressed with how helpful and supportive Jen and all of the other agents have been. I am very excitied to be a part of a great agency and hope to become a valuable member of a great team.

November 13, 2012
Old Review

I love working with Magical Moments Vacations. Jen is always helpful and supportive, as are the other agents. Commission payments are always on time and accuate. I was so fortunate to stumble on MMV when I was looking to start a career as a travel agent. It has been such a blessing to be new in the industry and find such a great host agency to work with.

November 13, 2012
Old Review

Magical Moments Vacations is a great host agency. Jen doesnt require any monthly fees and she is very fair with her commission split. It is a great host agency for someone, like me, that wants to sell travel without all of the hassle of having your own agency.

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