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July 2, 2021
Just need to give a shout out to KHM Travel Group! I started with them over 5 years ago, and had no previous travel agent training except planning my own trips! I jumped right in with Boot Camp, then Destination Success, attending webinars that were hosted by KHM along with getting to know other travel agents within the orgainization...I have made an extended "family" that I didn't know I could ever have! That has been one of the biggest blessings to me! So many great agents that I can reach out to and get some assistance when needed! Last year, during the loss of so many bucket list trips for my clients, KHM was there all along helping each of us with our unique situations! And even offered a very extensive 12 week training to keep us engaged and learning during such an trying season to be a travel agent! The moment I met the owner, Rick Zimmerman, I knew that God had led me to the right Host Agency..He is a Godly man with his leadership of this company and has surrounded himself with incredibly educated and engaging staff who go above and beyond to make sure we are successful! Thank you for all those behind the scenes who make us look like rockstars! If you are looking for the right fit for you for a Host Agency, please strongly considered this one! I know there are many out there, but this could be the right fit for you! I love KHM and how they have crafted their training programs (and it is a continuous training type career)...I would love to share with you more my experiences over these past 5 years--feel free to reach out!
March 23, 2015
Old Review

I have been with KHM Travel Group for about 2 1/2 years. I have to say that they are always there to answer every question. The people that are affiliated and work for and with them are awesome. They are always very friendly and very, very humble and gracious people. They never have an attitude that no matter how small of an agency that you are, that you do not matter. It is quite the opposite. They care and are always on your side to help with whatever you need. For instance, they went above and beyond to accommodate the small agency to help with joining CLIA. They have worked with CLIA to try to get everyone who puts forth the effort to attain their own photo id CLIA card. Very few host agencies offer this huge benefit. I totally recommend this host agency for having all the benefits of a huge host without the attitude. Give them a chance. They really are your best friend, especially when you are getting started, and even more so as you grow your own business.

January 26, 2015
Old Review

I joined KHM almost 2 years ago and I can say it's the best decision I made. Having industry experience, I did a lot of research on host agencies when deciding to start my own travel business. KHM provides excellent training and continuing education and great support. They have a private Facebook page and I am always reading it, because face it, you never stop learning in this industry. The agents on this page are like a big family and are always helping each other out. I have brought on 2 subagents who have no industry experience at all, and KHM has provided them with all the same opportunities for training, support etc.. they do for Master agents. Of course, I am training and mentoring my subagents on a daily basis, but it's a good way for them to get into the industry and a lesser cost with guidance from an experience agent and KHM. Joining KHM has been on of the best decisions I made. Highly recommend them as a host. Success is up to you, but it doesn't hurt to have a good host.

October 3, 2014
Old Review

I am extremely happy that I joined KHM in 2008. The training and support is great! I read some of the reviews of agents who were not satisfied because they felt unsupported and under trained. Every agent must develop their own path to success. The training is available on-line 24/7, you can call the 800 number, on-line chat, members Facebook page and the list goes on. I have been with another host and the lack of training was really bad. It is all depends on each individual how you develop as a Travel Professional and business owner.
KHM is the best!

September 18, 2014
Old Review

When I joined khm in December of 2012, I thought that they would help me grow my business. I was referred to them by a friend. He said that they had a great support staff but they don't. Their new agent training is a joke. they don't teach you in depth what you need to get your business started. They told me that they had a lead generation program but that isn't true.

Host Agency Response
October 2, 2014

Hi Glen,

I am sorry to hear you were not satisfied with our training program. We are constantly adding sections to our portal and Training Agent Guide to assist new and current agents stay current in the industry. We also have a great one on one mentoring program where you are guided through the ins and outs of the business with our Agent Mentor. The program is customized to each agent to specifically focus on their needs. I am not sure if you were able to take advantage of this program when you were with us.

I also apologize if there was an error in communication for the Lead Program. While you are correct we do not have our own program, we do recommend one service that credits your new account with $25.00 in Lead credits.

If you would like to talk about your experience with me I would be more than happy to listen. My goal is to ensure all of our agents have a good experience and if there is something we need to address I would like to opportunity to correct the issues.


Marie Smith
National Training Director
KHM Travel Group
1-877-220-9260 ext 2130

July 5, 2014
Old Review

I did some research before joining KHM, and one of the things I looked for was a way to jump into the travel industry without having to learn strings of complicated booking codes. That is one of the great perks of KHM - as long as you can navigate websites and are willing to research different room categories, you don't need to bother with a GDS booking system!
There are a lot of opportunities with KHM for learning and development, though sometimes the hours conflict with agents who have other jobs along with being travel agents. And you can't just sit back and expect things to come your way - just like with any other form of self-employment, you need to be proactive and get out there and make the time for the training sessions!! I noticed a lot of complaints about support, I personally feel I get plenty of support via the web chat, telephone, and the Facebook page - but I also place a responsibility on myself to make sure I am doing my due diligence and researching before I rely on them, because their job is to help coach and support but not to do the work for me!
Yes, their rate is a little higher than others, and yes we do get a little less commission than some other hosts, too. But I feel like KHM has a solid plan to help agents start and grow their business, and I don't plan to leave!

July 1, 2014
Old Review

I joined KHM because of reviews I read, almost a year ago and because of an auto accident, my financial situation took a "big hit and became disabled." Because of this, I couldn't afford the automated monthly deduction with KHM. I called and talked with the financial support to discuss how I would be able to continue with KHM. I was told that I could continue to use the suppliers and the young lady told me that she would contact me regarding being able to use my commission as payment towards my monthly fees. That has been more than 6 months ago...I can not use any of the suppliers, and no one has reached out to me as far as questions I continue to have...yes, I've continued to call but am always put on hold and after 15 minutes on hold I hang up..

WOW !! not looking for a handout, but after deducting $49. monthly for a year, I thought I would receive that "family support" I always hear about...sorry for the venting, but I loved being with KHM .. but now? It's all good. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE !!

June 17, 2014
Old Review

KHM provide a great start up if you are new to the industry. However, costs are heavy in my opinion. I personally hate their Luxevo program, I found it useless and didn't like that I was force to pay for it in my membership.

But like I stated their trainings and testing for new comers is great. I tested the waters in a different host agency and it was not new comer friendly like KHM. Their Pinnacle program is great. FAM trips also great. However, the cost just too much. I also felt out of family loop, it seemed that the some of staff.. not all just some, seem only interested in helping certain agents... I felt that if someone was to ask the questions I did, they would of receive far better help and suggests than I received.

If there fees where $15-30 a month I would give 4 out 5 star rating for the trainings, pinnacle program, and friendly back office. Personally if they want their agents to succeed it would seem like they would be free and work solely on the 10-20% commission they receive of agents bookings.

I am sure they will continue to improve in the future. They seem to be trial and error, and listen to more of their senior agents (new-bies, good training, your comments will be heard but unlikely acted out unless a senior agent agrees with you... just the vibe I get...)

May 13, 2014
Old Review

KHM is awesome! I was hosted by KHM for about 2 years, then I had some costly health issues and couldn't afford to continue. After joining KHM everyone was very helpful. I was always able to reach someone vie email, live chat, or phone whenever I needed assistance and the service was always courteous and professional. The commission payouts are timely.

I love helping people plan their vacation and I look forward to returning soon. I hope KHM takes return agents :)

April 30, 2014
Old Review

Best decision was joining KHM. Compared to others I looked at, KHM was slightly more a year than the others. I have a motto "you get what you pay for" So I opted since they do have higher commissions and such. Throughly pleased! The support system is like none other!

April 17, 2014
Old Review

I am currently celebrating 6 years this month with KHM as my host agency. Before becoming a part of the 'Family', I did alot of research. I was very happy with the heart of this company. The way they represent themselves in business and the values they embrace were exactly what I was looking for. 6 years later, I still feel the same. KHM provides me all the tools I need to run a successful travel business. With trainings and agent support always available and a back office that continues to improve, I can't imagine doing business with out KHM in my corner!

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