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January 24, 2023
I have been with KHM for about a little over a year. I DO NOT know where I would be without them. They truly are very helpful, going the extra mile to get you what you need. Full full of useful information! A shout out to Pam & Cathy whom I normally am bugging via email or phone with questions & they are always so nice and willing to help me.
July 19, 2017
Old Review

I tried a few other host agencies and have been very happy with KHM. They have a good back end website with all the contact information needed and it is a great monthly value of only $50 with 90% commissions, unlimited trainings and CRM database. I have worked hard for five years and earned my own IATA for specialty bookings, but I can't even begin to match the commission I earn with KHM's supplier base and large volume of agents. And the best part are the agent only facebook pages where you can become friends with all the other agents and ask questions about anything travel related :)

July 18, 2017
Old Review

Starting out in the travel business was scary and so much to learn. KHM made all the difference. Great training, great home office asdistance, and wonderful people who care about me and my business. I would recommend anyone and everyone to have KHM as your host agency.

July 17, 2017
Old Review

I am in my second year with KHM and it has been a great fit! I researched about a half dozen host agencies and kept coming back to KHM. My goal was to earn enough to cover my expenses (I set the bar low!) but I have grown exponentially and the travel industry fits me well.

I attribute this to many training opportunities, both in-house and with suppliers that KHM partners with, as well as positive encouragement from KHM staff and fellow agents. Other agents have been so friendly and after attending a training together, you soon feel like you have made dear friends. My favorite part about KHM and the other agents is that you really do feel like you're on the same team. It is not a competitive nature and we all ask and answer questions to help each other. I'm here to stay!

July 17, 2017
Old Review

After working in corporate travel for many years, I decided to work from home as a home-based travel agent with KHM Travel Group. Being a travel agent isn't for everyone. KHM provides agent support and an abundance of trainings (both live and recorded, in person and online). If you are willing to devote yourself to learning the destinations and resort chains that you are wanting to sell, as well as learning the supplier booking engines that offer packages from your gateways, you will find a comfortable routine in no time. What too many new agents try to do is learning EVERY destination and resort all at once. You will be overwhelmed and you will get burn out. KHM suggests every new agent choose a niche and concentrate on learning and selling this in the beginning. After some time, you may be able to expand or refocus your selling niche without too many problems.

I have found the agents who start by trying to learn everything at once are the ones are disappointed. Also, earning an income that will replace another full-time job will take some time. This isn't a "get rich quick" profession. Your client base will grow over time, but for the first year or two, you will be lucky to break even. There are a few exceptions, like when agents live in a area that has a lot of potential clients and not much competition (just like any other business).

I have enjoyed working with KHM over the years and feel they provide a good amount of support and guidance. They will not hold your hand and tell you step by step how to do everything. They have done an excellent job of publishing everything in their online agent portal so you always know where to go to find the answer to your questions. Agents also have access to an agent-only Facebook page where you can ask other agents questions and get up-to-date information on things. Don't rely solely on the Facebook page to answer all your questions. Most answers are already available on the KHM agent portal. Like I said, KHM has done a great job of making the information and training available, but it is up to the new agent to seek out this information online and register for the trainings.

Are you a go-getter? Are you self-motivated? Are you good at marketing yourself and your services? If so, being a home-based travel agent might be a good fit and KHM pays good commission rates.

July 17, 2017
Old Review

I have been with KHM for 2.5 years, previously I owned and operated a sucessful real estate firm. I have been in sales for over 36 years. The major reason I stay with KHM as my host agency is very simple, they really care about my sucess. No where can you find an host agency that will go the extra mile with you to ensure that you are happy, reaching your goals and getting the necessarry information needed to be the best educated, caring and dedicated travel agent in the industry. If you cannot succeed at KHM, you clearly are not giving back the 110% they give to you. They offer multiple training opportunities throughout the year and follow up when you need them. The president of the company, Rick Zimmerman, cares so much he will call you on the phone to help address your issues. I love being a part of something so much larger than myself, I love the feeling of family that I get from all the staff and management of KHM. The make you feel it and help you suceed because they genuinly CARE about you.

February 10, 2017
Old Review

I signed up with KHM Travel Group in April 2016 and it was a whim decision! Although I have been obsessed with planning my own vacations since around 2003, I never thought travel could be a profitable business. Well, it definitely IS, and KHM is a wonderful host agency. If you are pretty internet proficient, have a pleasant personality and can learn quickly, you will be very successful here. They provide as many free training sessions and webinars as you can imagine, and their private Facebook page is amazingly helpful. It's like having 24 hour web support because I can get advice from fellow agents who know more about ____ than I do. And I can assist them with my specialties!

I have worked very hard, but I have been with KHM for 10 months and have done $500,000 in sales. With no travel experience! It CAN work for you and they are a wonderful host agency!

January 15, 2017
Old Review

I have been with KHM for two years. I am a former high school teacher and college instructor. I chose to pursue this field because of my complete love of travel. I worked at a brick and mortar agency and researched several host agencies, and actually visited KHM before I made a decision to join. Every time I have called KHM I have been greeted by helpful and friendly associates! When I was new at this, every time I would call with a question or concern they were so encouraging and supportive! I love the KHM agent only Facebook page. Agents are so willing to help each other and I can always find someone knowledgable on a location or topic I am unsure about. I have attended several Destination Success workshops as well as a Master's weekend. I have made so many wonderful friends at these events. Looking forward to the Crystal Cruise and many years with KHM.

September 24, 2016
Old Review

I joined KHM back in July 2015. I had zero experience booking travel except for my own. I had no idea where to start, so I started researching to find the right fit for me. I spent weeks going through host agencies and kept coming back to KHM. So i signed up. From day 1 until today, I have had nothing but complete support from KHM and other KHM agents. I have grown my business tremendously and looking forward to the next milestones in my business!

August 30, 2016
Old Review

Very disappointed.....after being with KHM for six months, I got a "New Agent Welcome Email/ Package", which was funny as hell because I had been to their Destination Success two months prior. As for the training...unless you were an experienced agent in travel for at least a few years prior to joining, most of what you may grasp in Destination Success will go over your head. I felt robbed, overwhelmed and the two days felt like being in high school- Many of the speakers only spoke to the agents they recognized- including the KHM staff. There was hardly, if any, networking with newer agents; I was fortunate to meet two agents that I remained friends with to this day, but whenever I called in to the "Agent Helpdesk" for assistance, I was always lucky to meet the most impatient people on the other side of the line. I completed the New Agent training and submitted my contact information ( with my business email address) and I still receive emails from the initial email address that I used to request information PRIOR to signing up. It's almost as if my money was taken and to hell with what the paperwork I submitted actually reported- just as long as the payment cleared my bank account. A year later when the renewal date approached, was the only time I was even acknowledged- when the payment couldn't be retrieved. No one from KHM ever sent an email to check to see if I was still active, or even interested in renewing or even curious as to why I was inactive; When asked to be contacted about my concerns prior to renewing - no one took the time to investigate. I specified the times that I could be contacted- even gave my email address just in case calling was too inconvenient for them to do- as I was so nicely told by the billing department, that has to deal with "thousands of agents". So my summary is, while KHM may have "thousands of agents" who sign up and are successful members, this is not the agency for beginners who do not have a nest egg (retirees) or a partner who has a full time job. You will almost never get someone on the phone or via chat and when you do, you will almost always find someone who expects you to "know everything"... not someone who actually cares which stage of the travel business you are in at the present time.
If you can do well in rushed, crowded training session and would be comfortable being pushed to the back of the room and have to hope that you can be called on to ask a question over the "loud mouth- more experienced agents" all congregated to the front of the room- well go right on and pony up your $495 a year. Even some of the suppliers were rude in exceeded their presentation time, causing other suppliers to either cancel, or rush through their presentations- quite indicative of how you will feel when you call on the phone to speak with someone. Good Luck getting your commissions after you leave.... no one answers the phone then either!

Host Agency Response
September 6, 2016

Hi Samantha,

I am very sorry to hear that your experience with KHM Travel Group did not meet your expectations.

We value and appreciate feedback from all of our agents and wanted to address a few of your concerns. As for the Welcome email you received, during the timeframe of implementing a new email management system, an error was made which resulted in agents receiving a duplicate email. Once we realized this, we quickly responded, but apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Our records indicate that you attended Destination Success in October 2015. No supplier presentations were cancelled at this event; however, we apologize for any presentations that may have gone over the estimated completion time. At these events, our goal is to provide both new and more experienced agents with essential knowledge in a limited amount of time. All of our speakers share their contact information in hopes that agents will follow up with questions that may not be addressed due to time constraints.

The majority of the agents we bring onboard are similar to you in being newer to the industry. It is for this reason that we focus heavily on educating and providing support to new agents. This includes an in-depth education program, weekly webinars, informative guides and other resources, and even a New Agent Boot Camp event designed especially for those who are just starting out. We encourage all new agents to take advantage of these and several other opportunities.

As for your experience with receiving support, we always strive to provide the best service to each of our agents. After reviewing your record, we noticed that our Agent Support team reached out to you by phone and email on multiple occasions. Our support team is available by phone, email, and live chat during our normal business hours, as follows: Monday-Thursday: 9am to 11pm EST / Friday: 9am to 5pm EST / Saturday: 10am to 2pm EST. Our agents should always feel welcome to contact us for assistance.

Thank you for sharing your feedback and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

- Rick Zimmerman
President and CEO
KHM Travel Group

July 21, 2016
Old Review

After running a company of over 500 employers I sold my service business and searched for the right partner to begin and grow a travel company. Well KHM called me back after I reached out to others for info. So that was the beginning over 5 years ago!
I can count on this company they are my rock!
I feel like part off the team! And I Now with 4 sub agents counting on my success I have no fear as KHM is always here!

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