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July 2, 2021
Just need to give a shout out to KHM Travel Group! I started with them over 5 years ago, and had no previous travel agent training except planning my own trips! I jumped right in with Boot Camp, then Destination Success, attending webinars that were hosted by KHM along with getting to know other travel agents within the orgainization...I have made an extended "family" that I didn't know I could ever have! That has been one of the biggest blessings to me! So many great agents that I can reach out to and get some assistance when needed! Last year, during the loss of so many bucket list trips for my clients, KHM was there all along helping each of us with our unique situations! And even offered a very extensive 12 week training to keep us engaged and learning during such an trying season to be a travel agent! The moment I met the owner, Rick Zimmerman, I knew that God had led me to the right Host Agency..He is a Godly man with his leadership of this company and has surrounded himself with incredibly educated and engaging staff who go above and beyond to make sure we are successful! Thank you for all those behind the scenes who make us look like rockstars! If you are looking for the right fit for you for a Host Agency, please strongly considered this one! I know there are many out there, but this could be the right fit for you! I love KHM and how they have crafted their training programs (and it is a continuous training type career)...I would love to share with you more my experiences over these past 5 years--feel free to reach out!
January 24, 2019
Old Review

I chose KHM because in comparison to many other companies, they consistently promote education, not only of the newly starting Travel Agent, but also for those with 30+ years. The industry is always changing and KHM makes an effort to consistently inform its Independent Contractors of the changes and to progressively move forward themselves as a Host Agency within the industry. Association with Travel Leader's Network is another huge bonus. Not only does it link ICs into a huge consortium, it boosts the purchasing power. This enables ICs with KHM to have Platinum purchasing power with boutique personalized service.
That does not mean the KHM spoon feeds newcomers. They bombard the incoming IC with both business set up and travel industry from the first joining. It is up to the incoming agent to be prepared to work on both business and travel simultaneously. KHM offers education to assist, specifically the Boot Camp, but the agent is fully expected to put in the time and effort to do the homework before, during and after the training weekends. For those who work hard, there are levels of achievement and advancement within KHM which open the doors to higher levels of commission and even greater educational opportunities.
The best aspect of KHM. ICs can, and are encouraged, to pick up the phone and call. There is always someone to help.

December 7, 2018
Old Review

Let me start by saying there are no perfect companies.

The pluses: Overall KHM does a very good job as a host. Payments are made timely, support staff is helpful and responsive and there are plenty of training opportunities. Other agents are willing to help too. Commission levels are usually significantly higher, even after splitting with the host, than you can get on your own, unless you do a lot of volume. It is a great place for a new agent to start as there are many training opportunities, both in house and FAMs. Their Boot Camps and Destination Success trainings are high quality. It is a great place for a new agent to start.

The minuses: If you leave the host, you forfeit all commissions on pending travel. They sometimes make changes mid-year and if you decide to leave you will forfeit future bookings. For a few suppliers, commission is lower than if you book it without their credentials (assumes you have your own).

Host Agency Response
December 10, 2018

Hi Jamie, thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience with KHM Travel Group. We truly appreciate the honesty of your comments as we continually strive to improve our education programs, resources, and support for our independent travel agents.

The changes to our independent contractor agreement that went into effect in October were actually the first updates made to agreement since 2012. As you know, the role of host agencies in the travel industry has evolved since then, and we made these updates with today's independent travel agent and traveler in mind. If a travel agent decides to cancel their membership and suddenly stop doing business, they no longer have access to our credentials and won't have the ability to fully service their clients through to the end of their trip. We want to make sure that the travelers are still taken care of.

The changes made to the policy on the commissions for future bookings allows us to provide solutions for those clients and ensure their booking is honored. It is meant to protect the traveler and preserve the integrity of KHM Travel Group and travel agents at large. If you have more questions about the agreement or any of our other policies, please feel free to contact our team. Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience here.

August 1, 2018
Old Review

I signed on with KHM in February, after having a horrible experience with my former host agency (for only a month!). KHM has provided amazing opportunities for training, exceptional support for this newbie, and empowered me to have an almost immediate return on my investment with quickly paid out commissions. Every person that I have had the pleasure of contacting at KHM for one reason or another has been an expert in their field and able to assist me with easy-to-understand explanations and tutoring. I am so grateful for their guidance and support. I've only been an agent for 7 months, but already I've got repeat clients and the knowledge to expand even further. No question is too mundane or obscure for the assistance of the KHM team. They are fantastic!

March 17, 2018
Old Review

KHM has an amazing support team not only in the home office but among the agents themselves. In the 6 yrs and started as a newbie I have had tons of training available, a large variety of suppliers, FAMs, a hands on owner, access to BDMs and a great reputation among industry leaders, exclusive specials offered by suppliers because of KHMs reputation and volume, 80/90 split of commissions, IATA and CLIA offerings and more, and an over all amazing experience.
I have been provided a business website and a CRM that is integrated with the ability to quote, record and track bookings, collect with all proper regulation credit card info, send invoices, record payments, track commission and see your weekly check amounts, automated client contact for forms and follow up and an integrated client portal that helps clients market you too! Yes all this and more for a very very reasonable monthly or yearly fee.

March 1, 2018
Old Review

Finding the perfect host agency is very important. My first experience selling travel was with a small host. I thought the environment that I worked in was normal. My questions were answered by "Google that S**T" and "Fake it til you Make it". Addressing customers as "Friends and Fans" was standard practice there. I took it upon myself to do TONS of education with suppliers. I earned my CTA on my own. I did FAMS. I knew early on that this was not the place for me, so I began researching HOST agencies and preparing myself for a life long career. KHM is a perfect fit for someone who is self motivated. They offer a great amount of education and support. They encourage you to be your own business, have your own identity and form solid relationships with suppliers. KHM allows me to be the travel consultant that I want to be. This business can be very overwhelming in the beginning. You must find the host agency that puts value in you. I highly recommend KHM. If you are new, or have experience in the industry, I think you will find KHM to be a partner for life.

February 8, 2018
Old Review

Excellent support, training and benefits. Great place for new and experienced agents.

February 7, 2018
Old Review

Where do I even begin with KHM. I researched host agencies for months before diving into this industry. I had set my sights on another host until someone mentioned KHM and raved about the lead staff and support. I did ny research on KHM and immediately felt comfortable and choose them as my host. The BEST decision I ever made for my career! The staff is very supportive and the owner is like none other. He truly cares about every agent. Attending their hosted events and trainings has brouggt my business to a whole new level quicker than I could have ever imagined! Not to mention the affordability. They do not nickle and dime you for all the little necessary tools you need in this business. AND they keep adding more at NO COST to the agents. If you want a Host agency that truly cares about you and YOUR FAMILY... join the KHM Family! You will not be disappointed!#KHMROCKS

August 1, 2017
Old Review

I have been with KHM for 3 months. Everyone has been so wonderful when I have questions. Very quick with helpful responses. I love the agent only facebook page. I can look through topics and find great answers to questions I didn't know I had.
The endless training/webinars are awesome. I'm glad I went with KHM!

July 19, 2017
Old Review

I tried a few other host agencies and have been very happy with KHM. They have a good back end website with all the contact information needed and it is a great monthly value of only $50 with 90% commissions, unlimited trainings and CRM database. I have worked hard for five years and earned my own IATA for specialty bookings, but I can't even begin to match the commission I earn with KHM's supplier base and large volume of agents. And the best part are the agent only facebook pages where you can become friends with all the other agents and ask questions about anything travel related :)

July 18, 2017
Old Review

Starting out in the travel business was scary and so much to learn. KHM made all the difference. Great training, great home office asdistance, and wonderful people who care about me and my business. I would recommend anyone and everyone to have KHM as your host agency.

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