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February 26, 2013
This is the first review of anything that i have ever posted on any website. I just never take the time to post good or bad. I do however feel like i should take the time to post about KHM and hopefully this review will make someones decision a little easier when trying to decide which host agency to choose. First you need to know that the travel business is not a get rich quick, work at home business. Its a business you will have to work at. It is however a way to make extra money if you have a full time job or a way to make a lot of money if its a full time business. Either way you have to work at it. With that said i have been in the travel business for several years, i researched tons of home based agencies, and i feel certain that KHM is by far the best of all. KHM gives you all the tools that you will need to be successful. Its a long list but you get everything from training, personal website, marketing assistance, live customer support, certification, the list goes on and on. You even get support from other agents on a private Facebook page.The support you get from KHM is priceless. You are going to have a ton of questions that pop up all the time. Getting answers is as easy as making a call or going online for live chat. I can not emphasize enough how great the support staff is with KHM. They are always there for the agents. One other thing i should add about support is that I have never met the owner personaly, but i can say that on 2 occasions i had a problem that i felt would only be solved by the owner of KHM. Both times he got on the phone and took care of my problem. Good luck with getting the owner of Expedia on the phone. That sums up the kind of support you will receive. I dont know of many businesses that you can start on your own with no experience, limited start up funds, and be up and running and making money in a matter of days. When i first started i completed the training in a couple of days then booked my first sale two days later. Khm even helps with the small detais. Business cards, 800 number, tax forms, everything. As you can tell by now my partnership with KHM has been successful for me. I am operating as a full time business. One last thing i will tell you, be careful choosing an agency based on cost. I have seen reviews and i have known agents that have chosen companies because the fees were lower or free. You get what you pay for. Its impossible for a company to provide you with the support that you need and not charge anything for it. Beware. I almost forgot to mention the best thing, besides making money, the Travel. It is impossible to take all the free or almost free trips that are offerd to KHM agents. I love to travel and this is a great added bonus. I hope this has been helpful to someone and if you have any questions i dont mind if you email me at Good luck.
July 21, 2016

KHM is awesome! The people who work there are the best around when it comes to helping you. I would never want or need to use any other host agency.

July 20, 2016

Hi, it's my second year with KHM
I started it right after Christmas 2014, new year, new life, new commitment.
I was totally new for the industry, except 10 years in sales I knew nothing about Travel.
So I would say what you should pay attention to when you are choosing a host agency if you are a newbie.
1. Make sure they have enough people to help you
by that I mean you can call and talk to them any time you need them, not just leave your message on the voice mail for couple days
2. See what's included in the fees that you have to pay. Yes, KHM will charge you every month but for that you will get tons of perks including 90 to 10 split of the commission after decent gross sales, not like 200K and insurance that you might need as swell
3. make sure you get the support - lots of education, FAMs, Seminars at Sea, Boot camps in the office and so on
4. Great commission because of the volume they do
5. payments in time twice a month, some hosts pay you only once a month, and yes, it does make a difference

July 15, 2016

Hi Everyone -

I have read the reviews with interest. I have been with KHM for almost three years and in that time my business has grown exponentially.

I think in some cases the expectations I am reading here are somewhat unrealistic.

If you are getting started and looking for an MLM type "Business Kit" then you will be disappointed. This isn't a magical "open a box and you are a travel agent" thing. This also isn't some get rich quick is work, so be ready for that.

If you really want to build and develop a mark and have something that is your own then this is a great place. They don't coddle you and kiss your butt...but they don't get in your way either. If you are willing to work HARD, develop client relationships, and learn your destinations then you will do well.

KHM has very knowledgeable people and great relationships with suppliers, which will help you a lot once you get rolling. In any relationship there are ups and downs, but if you listen and pay attention you will get the right answer...even if you don't know it at the time.

Our company is OUR company...and we are almost big enough to open a storefront agency now.

We started with a $50.00 in a business checking account, some Vistaprint Business cards, and a contract with KHM. Three years later we are a thriving travel company that is about to diversify.

We have KHM to thank for that.

July 14, 2016

I have been with KHM going into my 4th year. I have received unlimited support from them when needed. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Commissions are paid in timely manner and I absolutely love the New CRM they created for us. My business has grown beyond my expectations. Other KHM Agents have been very supportive as well. If you are thinking of becoming a Travel Agent, KHM is a great host and will provide you with training and support. NOT MLM, they are a real and true host agency.

June 2, 2016

Update: 06/02/2016

It's been another year and I'm happier than ever! So many opportunities to learn, travel to learn, and support is great!

My business, with patience, persistence, and hard work, continues to grow! I've already exceeded my 2017 goal for sales!

I started with KHM in March of 2015 with very little experience. I had made my own travel arrangements in the past and had worked for a cruise line. That's where I saw that there WERE still a LOT of travel agents making bookings every day, all day!

I went immediately to two of their multi-day trainings to make sure I had my head on straight. They fed us, trained us, and gave us advice on how to get started, keep liabilities low with good risk management procedures, and more! I met with suppliers, and got started. Just over a year later, I hit a rather large sales goal and well on my way to becoming full time as an agent.

I chose KHM because I had gotten calls from agents while working for a cruise line, so I knew which ones had NO idea what they were doing. BE CAREFUL if you're looking for free, you'll get what you pay for sometimes. KHM had a VERY reasonable cost to start my business, and they provide IMMENSE levels of training and opportunities to grow your business.

Thank you KHM!

May 3, 2016

I joined KHM with Zero Vacation Travel Professional Experience. All I had going for me was a Love for Travel & many years experience as Travel Nurse. Planning Vacation Travel for friends & family was always enjoyable. When I decided to take the leap into a career that would take me into retirement, I endured the frustration of not getting the satisfaction of what I was looking for in a Host Agency. Thankfully I didn't have to kiss too many frogs before I found KHM. I knew what I wanted & when I was referred by a fellow KHM Travel Agent, I knew this was it ! KHM Staff have the patience of a Saint. No question is too dumb if you don't get it the 1st time. They are like Family, they walk you thru the process & is there for you every step of the way. I still have a lot to learn. In the short time I have been with KHM, I have booked 3 Large Cruises.... Eastern Caribbean, Alaska & Cuba. An all Inclusive trip to the Dominican Republic & a Wedding in Jamaica ! I am a firm believer that Training & Support is the key to Success. Life is grand... See you at the top! Thank you KHM !

January 13, 2016

KHM has made my venture into becoming a travel agent seamless. The support has been great!

October 3, 2015

I see there are many comments regarding agents not getting support. I started in 2013 and I have NEVER that issue. I admit business has been slow to build because I have a full-time job. However, I have always gotten great customer services from the home office, my regional director, and my fellow agents. I learn from the trainings KHM has monthly. When I miss a training or webinar because of the day job. I watch the recorded version that night. I also put a lot of time and effort in MY business. I go to conferences and take independent training. This business is hard work and you get what you put into it.

KHM has new programs as of 2015 ie Agent Snap Shot, for possible leads. I'm also part of CLIA which has their own version of Agent Snap Shot.
Also, every time I go to a conference KHM has a great reputation. I'm proud to be part of the team

August 20, 2015

KHM Travel Group has afforded my the opportunity to build my dream job/career at my own pace, design my business to best suit my desired niche (group/educational/family)in the travel business, structure my business to best fit my skills, abilities and interest all while meeting the needs of my ever growing clientele. The countless tools, and daily support and services I receive from the staff and leadership of KHM Travel Group Travel Group have enhanced my vision, my dream and the direction of my travel business.

August 19, 2015

I used KHM Travel Group as a Host Agency, I found the host agency to be no more than fair. They are not good for groups which is what I work with. The issue I have is with the email I purchased thru KHM Domains. Initially I purchased both a Domain (Website) and Email address from KHM Domains. At the end of my subscription, I renewed only the email as I was allowed to do so. I did not renew the domain as I no longer wanted the domain (wasn't making any money from its use). After about a month or so, KHM Domains blocked me from receiving emails. I contacted them to find out why. The stated it was due to not renewing the domain. KHM Travel Group refused to refund my money stating they do not manage KHM Domains. Two problems here: A). KHM Domains should make you aware that you must purchase the domain in order to use the email, or DO NOT allow you to purchase the email separately since it won't work separately. B) They list themselves as an affiliate on the KHM Domain website, even list themselves as the contact person, but refuses to accept any responsibility in this matter. I only purchased from the site because it DOES list KHM Travel Group as an affiliate and their contact info to notify for issues. KHM claims it is a 3rd party provider that manages the email. However, I called the other number listed on KHM Domains and spoke with Danny who states that the site is owned by KHM Domains and his company is contracted to provide support when KHM is unable to do so and that the site is owned and operated by KHM.

Host Agency Response
August 25, 2015

Hi Brenda,
I was very sorry to hear that KHM Domains, a GoDaddy product, was not forthright with you when you were contacting them. We utilize KHM Domains as a suggested resource to assist our new agents in setting up there business. This allows our support team to focus on assisting agents with questions about forwarding and masking their domains to the TravSearch site provided. GoDaddy is the independent support staff and technological team behind KHM Domains. KHM Travel Group does not host nor support KHM Domains, as it is an affiliate program of GoDaddy (the host and support for this product). My apologies again that they would mislead you into something that isn’t correct about the site. I am not sure if anyone from their support team has been made aware of this issue. It clearly needs to be addressed so others do not run into the same issue.

GoDaddy’s support staff and technological team is fully aware that a domain email cannot run independent of the domain.

Our goal is to provide the best service and support to all of our agents. If there is something not performing well or there is confusion on a supplier or product, we want to know so we can investigate and solve the issue to make it right.

As far as your concerns about not being the right fit for your type of group business, we have added even more support and mentoring for agents booking cruises and all-inclusive land groups. We always encourage our agents to utilize the unlimited phone, email, and live chat support that we provide. Thank you for taking the time to review your experience with KHM Travel Group. We appreciate your feedback.


Marie Smith
National Training Director
KHM Travel Group
1-877-220-9260 ext 2130

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