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June 30, 2022
It was February, 2022, and I was frustrated with my then Host Agency (HA). I joined that particular HA as a brand-new, hot-off-the-showroom-floor, certified Independent Travel Agent (IA). I was old to the travel business, but a new IA with my LLC. I didn’t have much money, so the $19/mo. (now$21) fee was attractive, but even MORE attractive was the 80-20 commission split, unheard of at other HA’s. This was, by far, the best draw of all! I did want a user-friendly Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and I especially wanted customers! I didn’t realize it then, but what I really needed was a reliable support system. My experience in choosing my first HA was in learning that specifics matter. I was general in my wants, and got exactly that. Every review in HAR has a “Program Details” section, and one of those details is ‘Lead Program’, indicating if that HA provides Leads or not. I casually dismissed the fact that my HA choice did not offer Leads, because I intended on building my business by recruiting my family and friends. It also wouldn’t hurt to post on FB that I was now a IA, then maybe pass out a few business cards. I did not need Leads because every one I knew was now miraculously ready to travel, and would immediately become my customer! There were three. Three people. What I didn’t count on is that no one had immediate plans to travel. An 80% commission on nothing, is nothing. Avoya Leads do not pay 80% commission because they are Avoya customers, but these are actual Leads, not names off some outdated mailing list. They are vetted and real, and allow a new Avoya IA to earn income they would not have earned on their own. An IA is able to generate some income as they are building their own customer base at 80-20! I learned that ‘advanced’ CRM, but that does NOT necessarily mean user-friendly. That system was not intuitive. There were multiple pages to navigate for simple information, and entering info was quite time-consuming. On the other hand, Avoya’s CRM is quite intuitive. It is almost as if IA’s had a hand it it’s design. One of my favorite features is the tie-in with Outlook Office 365. Every e-mail between you and PAX is auto-saved in the record. There is also a ‘Conversation’ feature that allows you to chat with your PAX. Those chats are then a matter of record. Everything is documented. When I chose Avoya, I had no idea what an ‘available’ support system looked like. I did learn that ‘reliable’ support does not mean expeditious, nor does it necessarily mean availability when you need it. Support is needed after 5pm, and on Saturday! There were those times, during 9-5, that I would receive an answer in a reasonable amount of time, but there were way too many times I would have to wait hours, or even a couple days to receive a reply for a problem in which I needed immediate help. Enter Avoya. In this industry, you are only as good as your access to correct information. Every IA is 100% dependent on access to the right suppliers, but we also depend heavily on a strong support system. Avoya has a very extensive, and easy to access Knowledge Base, but when additional support is needed, no support staff comes close to those at Avoya. They are always available, and they always respond. I have submitted a slew of Support Requests, and by far, the vast majority are answered within 10 minutes. This level of support is a crucial underpinning of every IA. You can be confident that Avoya support will not leave you floundering, or left in the cold. I did not know this level of support existed. If you are searching for your first HA, or are switching to a new one, please take time to review what Avoya has to offer. A user-friendly CRM and a solid support staff are crucial ingredients for an IA at any level, and when you add in Avoya’s access to all the top travel suppliers, you have the best recipe for the success!
January 29, 2022

I have worked with another host agency. Trust me when I say, they are not created equal! I have found my home with Avoya Travel. Not only do we have great leads, but amazing support from fellow agents, but the company's support is second to none! I would highly encourage you to look into affiliating with Avoya! In a short 8 months of working as an independent agent with Avoya, I have done well, with over $685K in sales

January 28, 2022
Verified Review

The Avoya Travel Network is a wonderful host with numerous professional development opportunities. I have sold cruises for many many years working directly for a cruise line but now as an independent agency, I welcome all the support Avoya offers to new agents and how willing other IAs are to answer questions and provide guidance. It truly is community over competition. And the live leads program is second to none. I interviewed two franchises and over 20 hosts before settling on Avoya. As any business owner knows, your success is determined by your own efforts and determination but I find the shared success model at Avoya a perfect fit for my independent agency!

December 29, 2021

Having been one of the first to affiliate with Anderson Travel & Cruises and now Avoya Travel and their “Shared Success Model” in February of 2003, this business relationship and journey have been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Over the years, Avoya Travel has developed into a long-standing reputable company with travel technology, and agency support, which I could believe is second to none. In addition, the package includes innovative marketing, ongoing professional development education, supplier-specific and agency-specific supplier promotions, a built-in cruise booking platform, a CRM, and an accounting system. But most important to me is their ethics and integrity in going to market and their relationship with independent affiliates. When you join Avoya Travel, you genuinely join a family.

December 15, 2021

I have been affiliated with Avoya since 2019 right before the Pandemic. The minute I joined I was impressed with the training they provide at no additional cost. As I started selling and developing my skill in the Travel Industry they have been there for me every step of the way. The technology they have is fantastic and makes everything easy from the moment you are searching for trips to book to the back office support. They also carry a lot of weight in the industry with suppliers. I can get things done better with Suppliers by having them as a Host Agency as opposed to being independent. I have recently started leveraging the relationship they have with AMEX and am able to close more sales by doing this. I know there are lots of Host Agencies out there and have looked at many of them but in my opinion Avoya is the best and this home for me.

December 7, 2021

Avoya is a great company to work with! They have excellent support and they keep you up to date on all of the important stuff! The best thing about Avoya is the attitude. Everyone at Avoya is positive and helpful and kind! I've been with another host company and as helpful as they were, there was a definite difference in the style and general attitude of the company. They are always helpful and encouraging. Even the "high ups" will answer your emails! Def recommend!!

November 16, 2021

“The value that Avoya brings to my business continues to grow. During the pandemic with all that had happened plus going through a divorce, I simply didn't feel like pulling myself up. I was amazed that the team at Avoya simply kept going, supporting the network, keeping in touch with suppliers and sharing ways to keep current as agency owners. I never felt alone. When it was time to get back into the saddle, Avoya was there, ready to grab me by the hand and help me to get going with my business once again. I cannot see myself living and growing with Avoya more than a network, it family.”

November 8, 2021

“Avoya is like family, the support group is phenomenal. Avoya agents are always willing to assist each other. The Forums, Conferences, the constant learning, keeping in the know with markets and innovation.” If you were brand new travel agent and did not have a single client, Avoya's Lead System is amazing, this allows you to work as much as you want, learn as much as you want and take your business as far as you want. Affiliating your business with Avoya is a no brainer, I reviewed many host agencies and I'm happy with my choice!!!

October 7, 2021

I Have experienced 2 other Travel Networks. I can attest that the 3rd one-Avoya Network is the charm .They have delivered on their promise and so much more. Their booking engine is amazing, accounting department outstanding, continuous training over the top, reputation and access to Vendors is unreal, exclusive discounts are added bait in the selling process. But they have an unmatched attribute better than anything I've mentioned. The Avoya Network is truly a family. You see founding family's members continuously, every department is reachable and everyone truly cares about each other. When the chips were down, during the heart of the virus, the company took the hit by waiving agent's fees just like us, with our diminished income. We were all in it together.
Perks, recognition, personal growth, compensation are great, but the manner in in which we all look out for each other is unreal. I'm sad that I didn't find them until I came into my twilight years.
You won't find a better, more decent place to settle into.

October 4, 2021

Once I became a travel agent, I my first host agency was fine and there was no issues with them. So, after a year or so, I started to feel that there was something better and more of value. So, I started to look for other host agencies until a friend message me one day as said to check out Avoya. My friend had already became an Avoya agent so, I watched the reviews, and checked out the website and decided to request more information. I am very happy I did! Avoya Travel had everything I was looking for! I love the fact that you are and Independent Agency and learning how to professionally do business with others. The atmosphere is relaxed and thoroughly planned. If you are looking to book travel without the pressure of building a team, Avoya is the Agency for you! Business development is so much more to your independent agency when things are done correctly.

September 7, 2021

I have been with Avoya for the past NINE Years. I can only say what a company! With the Live leads program, and the most important part is “Great support and always get help when needed.” I never feel alone as there is someone ( staff) to assist if I run into an issue. My only complaint is that I didn't find Avoya five years sooner!

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