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April 6, 2017
I am going to keep this relatively short which would be unusual for me so I wouldn't advise anyone to take bets on that! My team partner Tim Orlowski signed up with Avoya 7 years ago this past February. Tim was trained by me and also SABRE and CLIA back in 1990 when we opened a "brick and mortar" travel agency in San Antonio Texas named Anchors Aweigh Cruises and Tours. When he signed up he asked me if I would be interested in partnering with him and I wasn't wild about the idea of leaping back into the Travel Industry again. I started writing airline tickets for my Moms agency for allowance when I was a teen back in the early 1970s and then went on to get a degree in Hotel Administration with a concentration on Tourism and Travel so this is not new for me. Tim was working a full time job as an accountant in the Bay area and he was getting over surgery for cancer on his vocal chords so his voice was very raspy and he wasn't able to speak for long periods of time on the phone. I had just recently sold a business so I was kicking back and just doing real estate sales now and then. We both did the training of the system for 3 days back then and since Tim was working Monday to Friday, I figured I would try it since it was from home so nothing ventured nothing gained. We came into Avoya with quite a few of our own leads but I found clicking on the live leads was like being in a casino so I thought this could be fun. Well, from the hesitant player, I ended up working 8-10 hours a day. Tim would come home and find me at the computer on the phone. For anyone that says this cannot be done, just contact me or contact Avoya and they will share my success. We hit the 1 million mark easily in the first year. We stated the second year out so busy, that Tim quit his job as an accountant and started full time with Avoya with me. We went to our first Avoya Conference in June of the year we began and found out that we were "Rising Star". We won lots of awards and met so many fantastic people. I always say, if all of these amazing agents lived in my city, when I would have a dinner party, I would have to invite at least 100 people over . We have become true family. I grew up in this business and anyone that thinks that you will get a lead and sell that one and every other one you get, does not know this business. When we had our walk in travel agency, you won some and you lost some. That's the story of all businesses. The secret is persistence and talking with clients to get to know them ,their story and their wishes for a great vacation. Once you listen, then they will listen to your expertise and you will not only have a client for many years but many times a new friend. Every company has positives and negatives but I have to say, I get much inner joy working with this organization. The owners of the company are people that I can truly invite to dinner at my home and we would all enjoy each other and they would enjoy my cooking!!! If they didn't like it, they are too kind to tell me. Anyway, my guidance to anyone looking to join a host agency would be , whoever you choose to work with, don't blame them for your failures. Look within yourself and ask yourself if you put in 150% to clients and if you do, you will truly be a success. Looking forward to many more years with this fine organization. Stephen Solomon/ Travel by Tim and Steve
December 5, 2018

Avoya Travel is a joke. I invested money and time in setting up a corporation, buying business insurance, attending regionals, etc. Then they sent me an email saying my agreement would be renewed but then terminated my agreement without warning. How do I know it was without warning? Because I had my Avoya email set up on my iPhone so I would get emails as soon as they came in. I made repeated attempts to speak to the main decision maker Steve, and he never responded to me. This is incredibly disappointing - considering I had just attended the regional conference and picked up tips I planned to implement to grow my business. They don’t really communicate well here. And most of the leads they speak so highly of are garbage.

Host Agency Response
December 7, 2018

Dear Anonymous,

We take all feedback very seriously in our efforts to continually improve the Avoya Travel Network™, but unfortunately without knowing who you are, we’re unable to specifically and directly address your review post.

Avoya is committed to the success of Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network, which can be seen by the level and quality of support, marketing, education, technology, and more, that we offer. Reading the hundreds of top rated reviews on this site and others, it’s clear why we’ve been voted “Best Host Agency” by travel professionals year after year, and why we’ve been known for years as the Host Agency that’s all about Integrity and Professionalism™.

If you would like me to setup a call with you to discuss your experience in detail please contact me directly. We truly wish you all the best.

Thank you,
Steve Hirshan
Senior Vice President of Sales Support
Avoya Travel
[email protected]

November 30, 2018

I just started with Avoya and i am new to the industry, i have to say that i was nervous but the support that avoya has offered me has been amazing. They guide me and are very patient. I am happy to be part of Avoya.

November 29, 2018

It was with a sense of anticipation entering CruiseWorld this November 2018 as I reminisced that I attended the first staging of this event in April 2010.

I had flew in from Jamaica on a bank loan, searching for a way to grow my then All Inclusive sales business. The turning point of the event was meeting a young, vibrant young fellow from Avoya Travel. He was so engaging that I committed to look further into gaining a host agency to be affiliated with. All that was committed to me sounded too good to be true!

A second meeting in Atlantic City that October at another industry event sealed my decision; I would take the plunge, I would venture into uncharted waters, I would do what no one else that I knew had ever done and so with that decision, I affiliated my then sole trader agency with Avoya Travel....

What a ride I have had, I have moved from wishing for the day when I would successfully sell one cruise to the point where I cannot count the number of sailings that I have successfully offered to clients from all over the globe. I now book and have sailed with my personal affinity groups and I am known as the Cruise Expert in the Island of Jamaica.

There is no support in the industry like the one offered by Avoya Travel. I have been exposed to suppliers that I had never heard of, I have offered product that had it not been for my affiliation with Avoya Travel, I have had no knowledge of. I have sailed brands that I had never dreamed of sailing on, I have been supported extra specially by company executives simply By virtue of being an independent agency in the Avoya Travel Network.

Avoya's partnership with American Express has been of extra ordinary benefit to me and it deepens the credibility within the industry and allow me to offer an extra level of Pazzaz to my clients.

With the thrust to run my own agency, I stepped out boldly and launched Sheri-Funtastic Travels and Resorts Ltd and its been an amazing journey. I am happy in my business, my personal team of agents and support staff appreciate the fact that only 8 years ago, I took the plunge and as the song goes, just look at us now!!

So, would I recommend Avoya Travel? Absolutely.
Is Avoya for everyone? I don't think so!

We work hard so that our clients can play hard, this is the place to be stretched, to grow, to become the best version of yourself and to develop a business owner mentality...If you know you got the goods, then jump in, you are in for a ride of a life time!

November 29, 2018

I'm about to complete 3 years with Avoya Travel, and I couldn't be happier with the production of my business. I was new to the industry, and Avoya and their immense training opportunities were helpful to get me started. My business produced over $1M each year for the last 2 years, and a big part is due to the Live Leads system.

Marketing to find customers can be very expensive and time consuming. Having customers ready to talk about vacations is great for me. Some reviews talk like the leads are not quality leads, but you cannot expect any company to have leads with credit cards ready to throw at you. You have to sell and show them what you will do for their vacation and the value you add. Any business requires you to work hard, and this is no different. It's unfair to expect Avoya to do all the work and you just process.

The rewards are amazing... sell what you want, work the hours that make sense for you, help customers' travel dreams come true and fulfill the entrepreneur calling in your soul.

Avoya is the best partner I could imagine for this business, and their reputation is 2nd to none!

November 15, 2018

I have been an Independent Agent since NOV 2016, so 2 years. I have attended two conferences, San Bernardo and Long Beach in my two years. # 1 is a POSITIVE ATTITUDE from every support person, MasterMind team, IT, Accounting, Avoya University, Marketing and others all present themselves with full access to assist in every manner. Always the consummate professionals. This all starts with the Andersons who respects us like family. Thanks to them all. # 2 is AGENT POWER AP6 is by far the most outstanding software to use. Do you remember when GOOGLE EARTH first appeared and what a wow that was, AP6 beats it hands down. My previous company, American Express Centurion we handled 5 applications to do what AP6 handles in seconds. The way it cross functions, updates are accepted across windows already open. It is a life saver! It is a daily pleasure to have my business under Avoya.

October 26, 2018

The technology is cutting edge. The program is easy to do. The support and trainers are just the best there are. I came in to this industry completely at zero knowledge but in less than 3 mos I feel so confident and happy about being part of this organization. They give me the right kind of push to get me going and the everything else just falls in place. Very happy with my decision to join.

October 25, 2018

I have had great experience working as an independent agent with Avoya Travel. They have Live Leads which helps in increasing your business, and have an excellent support staff who will help you with any issues you may have in conducting your business smoothly. They have an educational course which helps you tremendously if you are new to the travel industry. Their affiliation with American Express gives a boost to the reputation of your company. I am happy to have selected Avoya Travel as my host agency.

October 23, 2018

The Avoya team is amazing! The marketing is wonderful. AP is fantastic....and has saved me from making some very costly mistakes. The training you get from Avoya and the mastermind team is incredible, and best of all there is no cost. I tried to do this on my own, but there was no way I could get my business up and running. After a brief 2-3 year break I came back and have loved Avoya every since. I will stay with Avoya until I decide to retire and travel full time. I love AVOYA!

October 23, 2018

They are very Knowledgeable about keeping you up to date with all the travel industry. Have lots of webinars.

October 22, 2018

About a year and a half ago the reviews on this website were key in my choice of a host agency, so I think it is only fair to also leave one for others.
I was close to spending a significant amount of money on a cruise franchise, when luckily someone who had been in the business suggested I check out Host Agencies. A google search led me to this website. After my research and with the help of the information on this site, I narrowed it down to about 4 or 5 and spoke personally with representatives from all of those.
Although I had sales experience I had no travel industry experience.
All around I am extremely happy with my decision to join Avoya. Great "professional development" (they don't call it training), great support, and commissions are paid quickly. My mother had worked in the business before with another company and it was always a battle for her to get her commissions. This is not the case with Avoya. When Avoya gets paid, I get paid quickly and correctly.
There are more leads through the Avoya live lead system than I have time to take ( or work effectively.)
Most importantly to me is through Avoya, I can often get my clients great deals and exclusive promotions.
I have no reservation recommending Avoya to others.

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