Travel Advisor Research + Reports

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Looking for information on the travel advisor DIstribution channel?


Every year HAR completes the largest survey on travel advisors in the industry (2500 participants in 2023). We use that data to compile reports on the different segments of travel advisors to help other advisors, suppliers, and TA fans make data-driven decisions. Depending on the number of participants, we publish up to four reports a year giving granular data on:

  1. The Hosted Travel Advisor—those who use a host agency to run their bookings through
  2. The Independent Travel Advisor—those who have their own accreditation
  3. The Travel Advisor Employee—those who receive a w9 and work for an agency
  4. Travel Agency Franchises—agencies who have purchased a franchise

Read Report Summaries

  1. 2023 Hosted Advisor Report Summary
  2. 2023 Independent Advisor Report Summary
  3. 2023 Employee Advisor Report Summary

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Please note: Like many of you, we are a small business. We ask that your conscience be your guide when self-selecting your company's business model and size. We have tiered pricing based on the size and type of the company.

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We'd like to work with you. How can our organization be a part of your survey?

We'd love to work with you too! Drop us an email at: Hello at for more details. Our travel advisor survey runs mid-April through mid-June each year.

I’m struggling financially at the moment and can’t afford the research papers, but they would really be helpful to me. Can you help?

Absolutely. We’ve been there. Drop us a line at hello (@) and let us know your situation, how you’d use the report and we’re happy to help with a sliding scale. All we ask in return is somewhere along your life journey, do something similar to someone who needs a lift up to move forward. :)

Where can I find past reports with historical data?

You can find a list of our previous reports here as well as links to purchase them.

How long are the reports?

While the length will vary, starting in 2022 we began creating the reports in visually pleasing PDF format. We know, we also wondered why it took us years to put them into easy-to-read PDFs. Prior to 2022, we published the reports in (very long) blog posts. :) The PDF reports average 70 pages filled with in-depth data.

Who analyzes the data?

HAR has worked with data scientists and a survey administrator to help set up the infrastructure of our survey and data analysis to ensure we're following best practices.

When do the reports come out?

We publish the reports one at a time and they are released each year in the fall.