New Hosted Travel Agent Report
The New Hosted Travel Agent Report, 2020
Last but not least our 2020 New Hosted Travel Agent Income Report! Chock-full of great info for new agents to know when diving into this amazing industry.
2020 Travel Agent Employee Report
Travel Agent Employees: Income Report, 2020
Welcome to our first ever travel agent employee report! All the information in this article was provided in our annual travel agent survey by employees in 2020.
Year over Year Travel Agent Report
The Hosted Travel Agent Longitudinal Report, 2020
HAR's first-ever Hosted Agent Longitudinal report looks at hosted agent data over the the years! Check out to see how this travel advisor channel has grown.
Travel Agent Demographics
Who Is the 2020 Travel Agent? [+Infographic]
Meet your fellow travel agents! Everyone from hosted & independent agents to employees & franchisees. Learn about travel agent's age, race, education, & more!
The Independent Travel Agent Income Report, 2020
The Independent Travel Agent Income Report, 2020
HAR's 2020 independent travel agent income report is here and takes a dive into all the pre-COVID data. See where you fall among your fellow IA's.
2020 Hosted Travel Agent Income Survey
The Hosted Travel Agent Income Report, 2020
HAR's 2020 hosted travel agent income report offers much-needed good news.☀️The pre-COVID data provides a glimpse into the crystal ball of agents' recovery.