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February 8, 2021
Support for a season such as this!! I'll try to make this a reasonable length and say 100% I recommend TPI as a Host Agency. Prior to 2020 this recommendation would have still been positive, but now early 2021, I cannot express the way I have felt supported as an independent home based advisor. Being kept up to date, the advances in systems and procedures in the midst of global, company and industry loss, the live and personal education and connection, etc etc. It has been incredible. You reach out - you get a response. You have fears or concerns - they are met and addressed. Events are educational and fun and will be filled with emotion on returning to live events. Their relationships with suppliers has us as Advisors as a main consideration. The fellow advisor support is friendly, offering and sharing. I know there are a lot of options out there and I explored all of them and I have followed up on them throughout the pandemic - I made the "best" choice. TPI is a family...
May 17, 2016
Old Review

Making the move to join TPI 3 years ago was one of the best decisions for my small business. They offer so many resources to help you grow. They are always accessible via chat, phone, a Facebook private page etc. I find its like being part of a family who supports you 100% because if you are successful so are they. Another big plus is they are so technically advanced, offer continuous learning opportunities for their agents and have a large list of preferred trusted suppliers. For anyone considering a host agency, do not think twice about TPI. You will not be sorry and you will be part of a great family who has your back.

May 17, 2016
Old Review


If you’ve reached this site I imagine that you’re looking for a new host agency. You’re going to find a wide array of opinions here just as you would with your client reviews on the same hotel. The most important thing is to identify the kind of relation and amenities necessary and imperative to your business and find the best host fit.

ASK before you leap! Most things are incredibly transparent for the asking but it’s up to you to vocalize your needs and questions.

TPI is my right fit. I have been with them over 9 years now. I have tried others - DISASTER - some of which are no longer in business. That should tell you something right there!

TPI is very accessible. There is no reason not to know details on what they provide unless you simply do not poise the question.

In my tenure with TPI, I have seen their company grow for the better.

They have attentive, polite, on the ball staff that are available by phone, email or message. If you need help, that’s what they are there for.

They offer a variety of commission programs so you can choose which program and monthly fee best suits your business.

None of their programs are expensive and in return for what they provide, I’d say the agent gets a heck of a lot of bang for a very small amount of buck.

Their staff is stable. They’ve had core staff members in place for as long as I have been with TPI and that speaks to the quality of their inner sanctum and the Gagliano brothers.

Check their company stats!

Consortia Memberships: Ensemble Travel Group
Association Memberships: CLIA, IATA, IATAN, NACTA OSSN, TPOC
Preferred Cruise Lines: Avalon, Carnival, Celebrity, Crystal, Cunard, Disney, Holland America, Hurtigruten, MSC, Norwegian, Oceania, Princess, Regent, Royal Caribbean, Silverseas, Uniworld, Viking & Windstar.
Preferred Tour Operators: Adventure by Disney, Apple Vacations, Brendan Tours, Brian Moore Tours, Classic Vacations, Collette Vacations, Cosmos, Globus, Educational Travel Services, Inc. Funjet, GOGO WWV, Insight Vacations, Pleasant Vacations, Sandals, SITA, Southwest Airlines Vacations, Trafalgar Tours, Travel Bound, Travel Impressions, Vacation Express, Walt Disney Travel Co.
Air Ticketing Available?: Yes
What GDS Do You Offer?: Amadeus, Sabre and Apollo & Worldspan by Travelport
What Accounting / CRM?: TRAMS, Client Base
Consumer Website?:
Program for New Agents?: Yes
New Agent Training?: Yes
Mentoring Program (s)?: Yes, by in house business development staff

Their commission rate at the preferred level is excellent. Comm is auto deposited and I’ve never had an issue with payment being made. Have you experienced chasing payment under other umbrellas? You won't here with TPI.

I love that over the years I have come to know the employee in marketing or accounting and we’ve become ‘friends’. It’s not a massive call center impersonal response. They do reach out for you and try to help and support you.

They don’t bug you or micromanage you. I LOVE that they let me 'wear my big girl panties' and run my business as fits my business module.

Have a sticky situation and need the help of a supplier bdm ? They can help bridge that connection if you don’t know your bdm.

Lastly, in the last 18 months I have referred multiple EXPERIENCED agents to TPI who signed up. ALL have been very happy with the program.

I say contact them, talk out your needs and give them a try. You might find it's the best thing you ever did for your business.

Best of luck.

July 12, 2015
Old Review

I've been with TPI for the past 3 years, my experience with them have been the greatest - I would & have recommend them to many of my colleagues...They have a very good team of people.Well organized and their website Agent assistance is a great tool to have at hand...If you are looking for a great support they are an excellent option...

January 18, 2015
Old Review

TPI is a well-oiled machine! They have a top-of-the-line web site to meet every need including live-chat capabilities. Commission payments are always on time! The staff members are well-trained and are readily available to assist with any issues. The TPI Extravaganza is an awesome experience!

December 31, 2014
Old Review

They are pretty good so far as I am still new.

May 28, 2014
Old Review

What a support system! With my previous host agency if I needed help with anything I might have just been guided me to where I might find the answer. Not with TPI they will stick with you to solve the problem until it is solved.

Everyone is so nice and understanding

May 2, 2014
Old Review

TPI has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. They have been always on time with commission payments and offer a very convenient system of reports to track sales and clients. Booking engines can be a bit slow but are easy to navigate. The staff are very helpful and responsive. Although once I talked to the accounting department in the beginning of my work with the agency and the person on the phone showed a slight note of irritation when I was asking questions about added fees and was trying to calculate commission amounts.
I recommend TPI to all my colleagues and am happy to have signed up with them.

May 2, 2014
Old Review

Excellent Host Agency with a wide array of options.

April 30, 2014
Old Review

I can honestly say that I truly enjoy Travel Planners International after coming from another company in which I started my independent travel agent career. I am now able to be more flexible with bookings and TPI has one of the highest commissions % in the field. I wish my point A was with this highly reputable company. However, I can start again with the knowledge that I am valued and appreciated. Great customer service and client satisfaction is the norm and the staff are really helpful in in the little things. With new updates and technological advancements, I know that TPI is postured for greater things in the future of the travel industry at-large. Job well done!

April 25, 2014
Old Review

TPI has been a helpful part of the growth of my agency. I have watched their company grow in a positive direction as well over the past 5 years. They are responsive and earnest in providing agent support. Their staff always respond to every question or request for assistance to the best of their ability. Their commission sharing percentage is one of the most valued in the industry and they provide the tools and benefits necessary to the success of their independent agents. There are some issues with fees and records that I wish were different but nothing that interferes severely with my ability to do business. No one agency provides the perfect support system, since we all have different needs. Overall I find them to be one of the top hosts in the industry!

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