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June 28, 2021
My business partner and I joined Oasis when we were entering the travel industry in 2017. Neither of us had ever worked in travel (I was a nurse practitioner, and she was a forensic accountant), but we were both ready to take on a new challenge. We conducted extensive research to identify the right host agency for our needs and personalities. Having no experience in the industry but with big dreams and personal goals, we wanted a partner who would offer the right combination of freedom and support. We knew early on that we wanted to be part of Signature Travel Network and focused on finding a host agency member of this outstanding consortium. From the very beginning, we felt that we had made the right choice. Deciding whether to be with a host agency, work as an employee, become a sub-agent or be independent is a personal choice that depends a lot on your individual needs and both long-term and short-term goals. For us, the benefits provided by Oasis (high commission percentages, technology, back-office support), as well as the highly flexible membership structures, allowed us to scale and grow our agency to be Top 10 (out of over 800 agents) within a few short years. In addition, the entire team, including the front line and back-office staff, are dedicated, professional, and highly accessible even to new agents. We have learned a great deal about the industry from the Oasis team and the many exceptional advisors we have met over the years who have become our dear friends. During the Covid pandemic, Lee and the entire Oasis team stepped up and went above and beyond to mitigate losses, help advisors negotiate refunds, restructure their membership options to make them more affordable, and provided exceptional support to the members. I believe that many companies can do a relatively good job when times are good, but only outstanding companies can maintain their standards and exceed expectations during a crisis. After weathering the storm with Oasis, I can wholeheartedly say that they are unique in the industry. No agency or consortium is perfect, and of course, there is always room for improvement, but I appreciate that the Oasis team takes time to listen to our concerns and feedback. If you are a driven, independent, resourceful, and goal-oriented professional who wants to belong to a host agency for added support, higher commission structures, and a sense of community, then Oasis is for you.
May 16, 2012
Old Review

I am so happy with my host agency. Oasis, gives everything they advertise with no hidden fees. I feel the support that I get from them is the best in the industry! The commissions are some of the best in the industry as well and Signature Travel Network allows me to find the best deals for my clients. I love the buying power and feel that this Agency is the BEST!

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