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July 5, 2021
There are many reasons why I chose OASIS Travel Network and one of them was the great and in-depth training that they provide. I just completed their "Boot Camp" program which is towards the end of the training, and it was wonderful! It included their awesome team and other highly experienced travel agent advisor panel (for a session) that shared their tips and wisdom. After going through their new travel advisor program, I still believe that OASIS Travel Network is the right fit for me.
May 20, 2022

On April I joined Oasis Travel Network (OTN) and I super happy to have chosen them as a Host agency. They offer great training, service & support. Jennifer and Kellie are excellent ! and are always available and ready to assist you. I highly recommend this agency to anyone that is serious about building a good Travel business. This was the best step that I could have ever taken. Their Boot Camp is complete with an outstanding choice of Tour suppliers that have lots of excellent information and tips to give to anyone that is seasoned or new to the travel industry. The website offered through their Plan package is flawless and their Consortia offer huge value of connections, promotions and amenities to our clients. In addition, the marketing they have available to use through direct mail or media is excellent, very well prepared and easy to use. Great marketing tools! I recommend Oasis Travel Network to anyone that is looking for a good Host Agency.

November 21, 2021
Verified Review

I started with this company and was truly unhappy. It was expensive and the support was deplorable. If I had a question, about anything, they were rude and dismissive. I went to another host agency and it was night and day. Skip this one! It's not worth your time or effort. After 4 years, I still think back on this experience with a pit in my stomach.

Host Agency Response
November 23, 2021

We recently had a third party company conduct an anonymous survey among our members based upon numerous criteria. This same company conducted the same survey among non-OTN members who were affiliated with other hosts and franchises. The results of the survey showed OTN far and above our competition and best in class for host agencies. We have also won Host Agency of the Year for 2020 and 2021 by ASTA.

As a boutique host agency, we make every effort to get to know our members and always welcome their feedback. However, we don't know who this anonymous individual is so therefore have no background that we can offer. Generally, if a member is upset about something we hear about it directly from them and do whatever we can to correct the situation. I personally would love to hear from this member directly to find out exactly what the specific issues were.

The anonymous reviewer claims we are expensive, yet we offer a completely free plan with no fees whatsoever. We have a number of plans to fit any budget with commission splits from 65% to 100%. Furthermore, this year our members have the opportunity to earn overrides and eliminate their plan fees on the paid plans. We have no initiation fees or set up fees. Members can pick and choose from a variety of services that fit their business models and budgets. We won a Magellan Award for our Build-A-Plan program that was launched last year to help members financially during the pandemic.

While the anonymous reviewer's claims that we were rude and dismissive, the reviewer did not specify anything in particular but just made a broad general statement. The aforementioned survey which was also conducted anonymously among our members, showed that our support levels greatly exceed our competitors.

The reviewer claims being with OTN for 4 years. If all was so bad, why stay with us 4 years? With so much competition in the host and franchise area, this individual could have certainly found another home much earlier than 4 years if the reviewer was so unhappy. The last thing we want is an unhappy member, and we will do whatever we can to address their concerns. If we can't and they are still not happy, we will cooperate and make their transition to another host as easy for them as possible.

We believe that the credibility of this site would be enhanced if it did not allow for anonymous reviews.

July 5, 2021

There are many reasons why I chose OASIS Travel Network and one of them was the great and in-depth training that they provide. I just completed their "Boot Camp" program which is towards the end of the training, and it was wonderful! It included their awesome team and other highly experienced travel agent advisor panel (for a session) that shared their tips and wisdom. After going through their new travel advisor program, I still believe that OASIS Travel Network is the right fit for me.

June 28, 2021

My business partner and I joined Oasis when we were entering the travel industry in 2017. Neither of us had ever worked in travel (I was a nurse practitioner, and she was a forensic accountant), but we were both ready to take on a new challenge. We conducted extensive research to identify the right host agency for our needs and personalities. Having no experience in the industry but with big dreams and personal goals, we wanted a partner who would offer the right combination of freedom and support. We knew early on that we wanted to be part of Signature Travel Network and focused on finding a host agency member of this outstanding consortium. From the very beginning, we felt that we had made the right choice.

Deciding whether to be with a host agency, work as an employee, become a sub-agent or be independent is a personal choice that depends a lot on your individual needs and both long-term and short-term goals. For us, the benefits provided by Oasis (high commission percentages, technology, back-office support), as well as the highly flexible membership structures, allowed us to scale and grow our agency to be Top 10 (out of over 800 agents) within a few short years. In addition, the entire team, including the front line and back-office staff, are dedicated, professional, and highly accessible even to new agents. We have learned a great deal about the industry from the Oasis team and the many exceptional advisors we have met over the years who have become our dear friends.

During the Covid pandemic, Lee and the entire Oasis team stepped up and went above and beyond to mitigate losses, help advisors negotiate refunds, restructure their membership options to make them more affordable, and provided exceptional support to the members. I believe that many companies can do a relatively good job when times are good, but only outstanding companies can maintain their standards and exceed expectations during a crisis. After weathering the storm with Oasis, I can wholeheartedly say that they are unique in the industry.

No agency or consortium is perfect, and of course, there is always room for improvement, but I appreciate that the Oasis team takes time to listen to our concerns and feedback. If you are a driven, independent, resourceful, and goal-oriented professional who wants to belong to a host agency for added support, higher commission structures, and a sense of community, then Oasis is for you.

June 22, 2021

Do A LOT of research on host’s. I was with OASIS for almost 8 years. I believe you can do much better, be more respected & enjoy your work life far more. I came to work with this host because I was going back to being Independent & wanted a host that was part of Signature Travel Network. A friend was with this host so I looked into it. I was happy early on. It was smaller & fortunately the women who ran the program for the owner were great (one is now gone)! And the one remaining is fabulous! The problem is over time, you come to realize you’re not much valued when the owner decides to keep dropping changes on the program, with little notice & no discussion in advance, giving you no chance to have any input. You just have to go along until you can’t take it anymore. And so many of the changes are designed to be punitive towards you because invariably the owner becomes unhappy with his cut of the program he created. So he continually searches for ways to take more. I came from another Signature agency & was able to have my client list transferred over in Clientbase but when I left he refused to allow the DIRECT TRANSFER to my new agency. I wrote this review before and he had it removed for not being accurate. I was able to get my client list through the Signature site. Belatedly, he sent me the list and it was incomplete (missing address info). This is the kind of vindictiveness you can expect once you’ve had enough. There’s a ‘plan’ where you pay a flat rate & keep 100% of commission (but only in theory, as he’ll then come up with new ways to take more). When Covid hit, there was no point in paying several hundred $$ every month when you would be earning absolutely NOTHING. I spoke with the manager about changing plans & it was no problem with her. She gave me the info, sent me the new contract & I signed it. Almost immediately after I (& I believe several others who did the same thing) got a rather nasty, rude letter over making the change (because he was upset about his bottom line, not at all about the financial difficulty we were all about to go through). That was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. Soon after this, in the early days of the pandemic, he came up with his new ‘Build A Better Plan’ program (ANOTHER NEW CHANGE! Just be prepared for these!) in which you were going to have to pay for a year in advance & NOW they’d take a CC payment where they wouldn’t before. Was this to help the agents? I don’t think so. At least this time they gave you the option of committing within 2 weeks (this was in May 2020) to get one free month (of nothing!) or waiting till the end of 2020. This gave me time to Make A Better Choice & LEAVE! I’m very happy with my new choice. The entire culture is so much more suitable for me. It’s a WIN-WIN kind of place. I told the owner (of OASIS) I would never lie about my experience with his agency but that he couldn’t keep me from speaking my truth & in line with his true nature he keeps threatening to sue me & referring to the truth of my experiences as disparaging lies I had no right to speak. I told him to look in the mirror to see where the problem lies.

This was written out of an immense amount of frustration and the wish to give others a chance to know what may be in store. This could be a great option or it could be an unhappy outcome so do your due diligence and go in eyes wide open. Let's see if this review survives scrutiny. Everything I've stated is true.

Finally, if you’re considering going into travel as a new agent, do a lot of investigation first. It’s likely you can find an option that won’t charge you over $3K (last I looked & was only $249 a few years ago) because he also gets the suppliers who present to you to pay him as well. The key is do a lot of research, get referrals, ask a lot of questions. This could be the right place for some. I would have stayed till I stopped selling travel, but it became untenable for myself & I know many others."

Host Agency Response
June 29, 2021

When this former member advised us in November that she was departing OTN, we wished her well and advised that we would cooperate with her for a seamless transition. However, she requested that we authorize a transfer of her customer data directly to her new host. For liability and legal reasons, we cannot transfer a member’s customer data to another travel agency or host. We can only provide the client information to the independent contractor directly to ensure their personal control over their database. We pointed out that she could retrieve this data via her ClientBase Online login and provide whatever data file she desires to her new agency. Furthermore, we also advised that we would provide this data to her as well. At no time was she denied access to her customer data. In fact, in one of her emails she readily admitted that she was provided with her customer data (on two occasions).

During the pandemic, we reviewed ways to reduce our members’ costs while we maintained a level of service necessary to help our members seek refunds from suppliers and help them during the most difficult time in our industry. We introduced our new Build-A-Plan program which won a Travel Weekly Magellan Award. This plan was an annual plan which offered significant cost savings off our monthly plans. As part of this plan, we added free annual ASTA membership and absorbed an annual fee charged by our consortia. For those members that wished to convert to our new Build-A-Plan, we also gave them 13 months for the price of 12. However, for those members wishing to remain on our monthly plans, they had that option. We also worked with members individually to help them through the tough times by allowing them to downgrade plans or temporarily pause their membership.

She also incorrectly states that we charge over $3K. Our plans start at $228 per year with no additional fees and includes annual ASTA membership. You can view our plan offerings at:

We are perplexed that this former member is so “frustrated” that we lowered our fees and offered more services to our members. We do everything in our power to offer our members the highest commissions, lowest fees and above and beyond service.

We hope she finds peace and happiness at her new agency.

April 8, 2020
Old Review

Oasis Travel Network is the best! I love all the support that they give us agents!

August 21, 2019
Old Review

I started my travel agency, Windham Travel & Leisure, in 2005. Since joining Oasis Travel Network nearly a decade ago, I've evolved from enthusiastic travel advisor into an accomplished and recognized travel expert in my community and beyond. The stellar team at Oasis provides a multitude of invaluable management and marketing tools; and they continue to add new exciting technologies, services and opportunities. They share my passion, support my growth and applaud my successes. OASIS Travel Network is a wonderful host and partner; and I'm so very grateful for this relationship!

August 11, 2019
Old Review

I came to Oasis Travel Network for many reasons but first and foremost because of the unsurpassed reputation that Oasis Travel has in the Industry as being one of the best and fairest host agencies to work under. I knew from Oasis Travels reputation that they had the most consistent and superior hands on training and mentorship programs in the industry. I knew that the non stop support they provide to their agents starts from the day you begin and never ends regardless of how long you have been with the agency.....I spoke with other agents who have been with Oasis for years and were still happy ... even happier now then when they first began. Oasis has one of the fairest commission splits with their agents. I came from another host agency where I was only getting a 55-60% commission split and no matter how hard I worked I just couldn’t make enough money. I came to Oasis and doubled my income in the first year.
Oasis has hundred of agents that work under the umbrella of Palm Coast Travel and if I had any concerns before joining Oasis, that may have been the only one... however, I can tell you first hand that no matter how many agents, I have never feel like just a number, you are known by management and other agents immediately by first name and supported by the Oasis family of leadership as well as all the other agents that are always there for each other with tips, advice and support 24/7 whenever you need them! I have never looked back and I have never made such a RIGHT DECISION in doing what is best in taking my business to the next level! Thank you Oasis for all that you are and all that you do!

July 2, 2019
Old Review

Oh, where do I begin? First, the inconvenience of the systems. One site is the agent portal that is rarely updated with relevant information. Another site to log in to report bookings. And yet another site to log in to check on commissions. Really? This couldn't be consolidated? The reporting site has frequent glitches, isn't user friendly, and doesn't upload documents although it gives an indication that documents have uploaded. (If I still had my Commodore 64 from the 1980s it would have worked perfectly!) But woe betide the agent who doesn't upload reams of documents - even if the system said it uploaded - because that will be reason to reduce commissions. Not uploading docs within a number of days (which kept changing) was also a reason to reduce commissions. Actually, pretty much anything you did or didn't do, was a reason to reduce commissions. It felt like a never-ending game of trying to do everything possible to retain commissions while having them eroded by ridiculous requirements. And the undisclosed fees that were added on a regular basis. As I have another full time job, I didn't take the time to research as well as I should/could have and, boy, did I wish I had after 18 months with Oasis! The coup de grace that finally convinced me to leave this company? My son had emergency surgery with complications, nearly died, and was in the hospital for three weeks. During this time I sent email requesting my plan be changed to the lower level as I knew I would not be able to focus on bookings while he recovered. I received confirmation from the member services manager that this was being processed. Weeks later I received notice from the director of accounting that I had failed to submit a document (that had been sent to a different email address) and I would be charged for the higher plan. When I disputed this because it had been confirmed, I received an email from the President of Oasis. (The PRESIDENT of Oasis!!) Did she wish me well and my son a speedy recovery? Was she wanting to assure me this was taken care of and to not worry?! Alas, no. She replied "We do not have the time or the manpower to make individual exceptions which is what you were asking." Apparently she'd heard the old 'my-son-had-a-medical-emergency-and-nearly-died' excuse and was having none of it. The Document (that was sent to another email address) was The Document and that is it. The Document is so important, I have turned it into a proper noun and I'm certain The President of Oasis (!!) would approve. To be fair, when my son was in ICU I could possibly have asked the ICU nurses to help me print, scan, and email The Document - and they undoubtedly would have because ICU nurses are nothing if not helpful - but it just wasn't the priority at the moment. (And, again, The Document had been sent to another email.) So, long story short or not really: I did my research and much to my delight and surprise discovered numerous other host agencies that have wonderfully integrated agent portals that allow you to attain information, report, and check commissions in the same place. (For real!) And no more document uploading. (What?!) For lower fees per month. (SHUT UP!) And most importantly, I found other agencies that are authentically nice and care about their agents. People are more important than Documents. If you feel the same way, do not select Oasis as your host agency.

Host Agency Response
July 8, 2019

Let me first say that we are very sorry to hear about this advisor's son being in ICU and we hope for a speedy recovery and the best of outcomes. Because we do not know the identity of this advisor we cannot send a direct message , but please know that OTN strives every day to help our members understand our systems and procedures. We try to be as helpful as possible. It sounds like the change in membership plans fell through the cracks and was not handled in the timely manner we aim for. If a refund is needed please contact us at OTN and we will refund any monies that are owed if not refunded already.
Again, we are sorry for any consternation caused and would like to open a dialogue with this advisor if they so wish.
Kelly Bergin

March 15, 2019
Old Review

They have good back office systems and continue to enhance and improve their set of services/systems every year.
Operationally - would like more access to ClientBase services, which they limit currently. And would like to see more in the way of group management tools.

Very helpful and dedicated staff.

Their free annual national conference and on-going supplier seminars are top of the industry.

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