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June 26, 2023
I started out my travel agent journey with another agency. I knew I needed more from my Host, but didn't know where to start. I looked at Host Agency Reviews and narrowed down my options to 3. After interviewing them all, I decided on Nexion and it was the best decision I have ever made. The first time I logged in to the Nexion agent site, I knew I was where I wanted to be. The tools they provide their agents are everything you could want to be successful in your business and more. The trainings--both online and in-person, are some of the best I've been to in any industry. I've made wonderful connections with many other agents also with Nexion, and can say without a doubt, the people who work with Nexion and FOR Nexion, are some of the best anywhere. I highly recommend Nexion to anyone looking for a Host.
December 29, 2020
Old Review

I started in the industry in 2019 and have been so glad I went with Nexion. Other host agencies might be just as good but I couldn't have been happier with how they navigated 2020. With clarity, compassion, and endless encouragement and support we have gotten through this year. I mostly have appreciated their educational support and monthly check ins. I truly feel I am part of a team and have endless potential to make it in this industry.

December 27, 2020
Old Review

I have been in the travel industry for 25 years and with a couple of Host Agencies. I have also talked with agentsd from other hosts and there is no doubt that Nexion is the best! As a newer agent the support available in courses offered, developing relationships with suppliers, networking with veteran agents, and training events was invaluable. The annual conference, CoNexion also affords agents to meet one on one with suppliers, and course curriculum that will benefit all agents regardless of experience. Nexion also offers a Mentoring Program to help newer agents get their business up and running and to develop marketing and business plans. My success in the travel industry is directly related to the support and education I received from Nexion.

December 16, 2020
Old Review

I am new to the business, having joined an agency with 30+ years in the business. Nexion's training and education has been amazing! I am confidently booking friend's and family's travel and am beginning to get those wonderful referrals! Their preferred suppliers are comprehensive and Nexion has arranged great commissions as well. All around, Nexion is fantastic to work with and I would strongly recommend them!

December 1, 2020
Old Review

I had joined Nexion 15 years ago, the best business decision I had ever made. I have watched them grow from a small host agency to the huge success they are today. They offer so much opportunity for agents to grow and succeed. Nexion’s training and marketing programs are phenomenal, a website, numerous preferred suppliers paying higher commissions that do get paid on time twice a month. Most importantly, Nexion is a family. They stand beside us, advocating for agents when need be.

This past year of COVID has proven to me how valuable a great host agency can be. Thank you Nexion Travel Group for the wealth of information you have consistently provided to us, staying on top of the constantly changing state & country protocols, covering rules & regulations from unemployment benefits all the way to the airlines. You inspire us with hope to keep going and to succeed. I am proud and grateful to be a part of the Nexion Travel Group family!

October 27, 2020
Old Review

Nexion Travel Group is the BEST host agency I have ever worked with. They are always keeping updated on the technology for us, offering the best ways to reach our clients, having great supplier relationships, giving us the opportunity to meet with and maintain our own alliances with the suppliers; offering training and I have made some great friends with Nexion and the agent who are affiliated with Nexion Travel Group.

October 9, 2020
Old Review

If you are looking for a host agency, look no further than Nexion Travel Group. The educational opportunities, commission plans, marketing strategies, one-on-one coaching, special events, operational support and preferred suppliers enable travel advisors to effectively grow their businesses. Nexion is a leader in the travel host agency market place as shown by its 25 year history of Innovative programs and dedication to its members.

August 26, 2020
Old Review

I have worked as an employee for 8 years and owned my own agency for over 30 years. The industry has changed so much and but it has been a wonderful career and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I have a successful agency but this is due in part to finding the right host agency. I can't say enough good about Nexion. I have been with them for almost 8 years and it was the best decision I ever made. It feels like a family to me and I love my Nexion family!. They offer so much to help you succeed. I can't imagine trying to run my business without their support.

August 21, 2020
Old Review

I've been so happy with Nexion Travel Group as my host agency. The training opportunities, both live and virtually, are incredible. There are approximately 4500 agents using Nexion as their host, and I feel like we're all family. The staff has the unique gift of being amazing leaders while promoting fun and establishing great relationships with the agents. They are extremely responsive and professional, and I'm looking forward to continuing my future travel business with Nexion at the helm.

August 21, 2020
Old Review

I have never looked back. started with them in 2013 after being with a horrible host, never had a problem, could not be fixed commissions checks are in bank before the 15th and 1st every month, Top commissions in the industry

June 27, 2020
Old Review

Virtual Essentials - I am one of the graduates of the first Virtual Essentials class! It has been amazing to see Nexions response to education during this worldwide pandemic. They have adjusted and responded in exciting ways -and the Virtual Essentials is just one example of this! I am very new to the travel industry and when i signed up for Nexion - a few short weeks before the world shut down, I was really looking forward to attending the in person Essential training - and was a bit upset when it was understandably cancelled. But during one of the town halls - they announced the Virtual Essentials class - I was all for it! I immediately contacted my mentor, Martin Mussey, who was heading up the program, and wanted to see if it was something I could attend. And i did! And it was AMAZING! First the team, made it memorable. Martin and Kirby had us exercising in the morning, and reflecting in evening, and so much instruction in between. My other classmates had our laughing and really enjoying each moment! I came out of the class with so much actionable tasks that I was able to implement IMMEDIATELY from clarifying my identity, to identifying my target audience all to way to how to increase my visibility on social media- how can I stand out! They had so many experts attend the different sessions, and it has really helped me see just how much i still have to learn! The event was 4 completely full days (10am- 5pm) of business development, marketing, supplier insights, business tools and support. And ending the day, regardless of "numb bums", with our final takeaways and to hear what everyone else got form the sessions, was incredible. And to have a chance to interact with Mrs. Jackie each day and finally graduate with the first, and hopefully not, the last class of Virtual Essentials! NOW seeing how the education team has pulled off this unbelievable event - I CAN'T WAIT TO VIRTUAL CONEXION 2020!!! I hope to see you there!

Host Agency Response
July 9, 2020

Ja'el it was SUCH a pleasure to have you be a founding member of our Inaugural Virtual Essentials class! It was a blast and we appreciated how you guys rolled with the punches with us. We enjoyed this new platform to present Essentials and I appreciate how active you were participating with the group. You're going to have a long career in travel!!

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