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June 20, 2014
I joined Nexion in 2012 after listening to a podcast about how to "earn while you learn." I was not a travel agent, nor had I any experience in the travel industry, other than going on a destination wedding that got me thinking about it. I was just in the beginning research phase, wondering if it could even be done. After listening to the podcast I contacted Nexion and signed up for the Power Up program. Wendy Graziano was very kind and helped me get started. Soon after that I attended boot camp training to get a jump start. Nexion and their membership with the consortia has been huge in my start up success. There are many tools available that helped me to show a professional image to my contacts from the very beginning. Their preferred relationship with suppliers has given me access to many tools at a discounted cost, CLIA membership, NACTA membership, my website, my CRM, Travel 42 and others. Also the relationship with vendors is invaluable (top commission brackets and strong support.) Recently the most exciting thing has been their social media tool. I love it, it saves me so much time. Owning and operating your own business can be very overwhelming. You wear a lot of hats. With Nexion, I don't have to be all things, I have people for that!
August 17, 2021

Nexion was the second host agency I signed with, after I learned what great leadership they had, and the amazing educational opportunities they offered. Additionally, I get a fantastic commission split! I truly love everyone that works at Nexion. From the top down, Jackie Friedman makes all of her host agents feel like family. I would recommend Nexion to anyone new in the industry, and if you're already experienced and looking for extra support from a super special group, join Nexion.

August 11, 2021

Nexion is the absolute best! What sets them apart is the unlimited amount of training! There is nothing that isn't able to be trained on - with the solution often in one central location. I love that you can connect with a community and ask the questions about things that you don't know. I have never been to Europe - but I know people who can help me sell it!

July 20, 2021

I am new to Nexion in 2021, but have previous industry experience. I am very pleased with my decision to join Nexion. The leadership is very well respected in the industry, leading to good relationships with suppliers and trade groups, which benefits everyone in the organization. I have a lot of confidence in their management of the company, through the bad times of the pandemic, and looking forward to the future.. There is excellent communication and support on all levels. Nexion makes it easy to find the answers to all questions and queries; I'm pretty independent, and I appreciate that everything is accessible. But, for those who are new or need more hand-holding, It is clear where to go for more support. The selection of products and tools is robust, support for those tools is excellent, and the access to the consortia programs and benefits is invaluable. Nexion offers a very collaborative, supportive environment in which to grow a business, and I'd recommend them to anyone.

June 24, 2021

I changed my host agency from another company to Nexion Travel Group in 2015. This was the best decision I could have made. I looked at several other host agencies and I am so happy with Nexion. The personnel who answer the calls are always courteous and helpful; they take the time to direct you to the correct area or group to email. This company has great relationships with vendors and some of the best training ,both in person and via online!

June 15, 2021

I started in the industry in 2014 as an IC with another agency hosted by Nexion. In 2020 I opened my own agency and didn't hesitate to continue with Nexion as my host. Nexion's staff members are very helpful, responsive, and professional. They offer great tools for maintaining your agency information and provide the support necessary to be successful. Nexion has great relationships with our suppliers and offers endless opportunities for further education. We have a great group of super helpful and supportive advisors, and Nexion makes it very easy for networking with them. Their annual CoNexion conference is invaluable with workshops and opportunities for networking with suppliers and other advisors. I truly feel supported by Nexion and highly recommend them.

June 10, 2021

I have always found the entire staff at Nexion to be very professional and helpful. I was amazed when i finally went to CoNexion in 2019 to learn how large Nexion is and how many agents the company supports. It made me happy to be a part of this well run organization.

May 17, 2021

I love to travel and always enjoyed researching trips for myself and my friends. So, 11 years ago I decided to become a travel agent but had no clue how to find the right agency. I researched for weeks and even called the Library of Congress to make sure Nexion was a valid and upstanding company. I have never regretted my decision to join Nexion! The education is unbeatable; no matter how experienced you are, there is always something to learn in this constantly evolving business and Nexion is there to guide you. The staff is top notch and will help you every step of the way. We are a community of agents who help each other under the amazing leadership of Jackie Friedman and her caring staff. If you have any doubts about joining the Nexion Travel Group, you can put them aside. There is nothing better!

May 13, 2021

There is a lot to consider when looking for a host agency. I researched and spoke to representatives at several hosts before deciding to join Nexion Travel Group. Wendy and the rest of the Nexion team made me feel at home even before I decided to join. I moved from another host and Nexion made it easy to transition and I felt supported every step of the way and had opportunities for one and one help. Since joining, Nexion has continued to provide ongoing education and responsive and easy to access support. They offer education opportunities (both in-person and virtually), a mentor program, an internal social media site, local networking groups, incredible marketing, and more to support your growth as an agent.

May 13, 2021

I joined Nexion in 2017 and I have never looked back. I would never join a different Host agency and I would highly recommend anyone thinking of joining our industry to join Nexion. The support they give us in second to none. My agency has grown substantially and through COVID I am still growing and its testament to Nexion and what they offer me. I also can't say enough how much I enjoyed Co Nexion in 2019 in Universal. They closed part of the park for us and we have a buffet meal and were able to walk the park with no lines. They also held a huge party at Epcot they are so entertaining and it was super fun. Do not look anywhere else join Nexion!

January 12, 2021

After the owners of the brick and mortar I worked for retired and closed their agency in 2018 I had to decide to work for someone else again or work for myself. I investigated different host agencies and selected Nexion. Best decision I ever made. Nexion has a wide variety of programs available to all levels of Travel Advisors, from brand new to very experienced. Nexion provides top tier commissions with a wide array of vendor partners and pays commissions promptly, twice a month. Nexion offers so much to its advisors that it’s hard to cover it all. Business development and educational opportunities at all levels in person, online and on demand. Nexion offers coaching and mentoring programs year round and in person Boot Camps held twice a year are a great review of Nexion’s vendors and programs. The national CoNexion conference is invaluable for networking with both fellow advisors and our supplier partners. Regional in person events, online educational opportunities ranging from supplier education to marketing and more. Specialist Certification Courses such as Luxury Specialist, Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Specialist, Active & Adventure specialist etc… give advisors credibility as well as honing skills. The online community Nexion Town is a forum where advisors can ask questions and readily share expertise. I never feel alone. Free marketing via email and beautiful professional mailed pieces keeps advisors front of mind with clients. Nexion staff is responsive and the organizations leadership is strong. I’m solidly Nexion for life.

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