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June 26, 2023
I started out my travel agent journey with another agency. I knew I needed more from my Host, but didn't know where to start. I looked at Host Agency Reviews and narrowed down my options to 3. After interviewing them all, I decided on Nexion and it was the best decision I have ever made. The first time I logged in to the Nexion agent site, I knew I was where I wanted to be. The tools they provide their agents are everything you could want to be successful in your business and more. The trainings--both online and in-person, are some of the best I've been to in any industry. I've made wonderful connections with many other agents also with Nexion, and can say without a doubt, the people who work with Nexion and FOR Nexion, are some of the best anywhere. I highly recommend Nexion to anyone looking for a Host.
October 25, 2013
Old Review

I have been a Travel Agent for 37 years, owning a brick and morter agency for 18. Eleven years ago, my partner and I decided to give up the office and ARC and started using Host agencies.
All of our experiences with our other hosts were good, but the money making potential of Nexion came to our attention 3 years ago and we made Nexion our Host. I have not looked back.
Their support is tremendous. Questions are answered promptly and when I do have a problem, they have stepped in to assist.
As an experienced agent, I appreciate the autonomy I am given.

I can definitely see how a new agent could grow and flourish using Nexion as their host.
Nexion keeps us updated on changes with our vendors and continually offer webinars and other educationsl opportunities.

October 24, 2013
Old Review

This host agency review website is such a wonderful idea.

I've been in just about every set up possible since becoming independent in 1996, after having worked in a couple of travel agencies (both leisure and corporate) for 7 years prior. My first set-up was through a local agency, renting office space from them, and running everything through them for a split percentage. That was great until I saw what kind of commissions I was missing out on with the larger host agencies. I was taking a cut of 10-12%, but the larger host agencies are more like 12-18%. And I didn't get any service for my customers when I was out, so there was no added plus for working with this set-up when I no longer needed the office space and decided to work from home.

So my first large host agency back in about 98' had to be a strong corporate Sabre focus, since I was about 90% corporate at the time. And I still got to take advantage of the larger commissions on leisure travel. After 9-11-01 events, and then having a child and not wanting to travel myself with my large groups and meetings, I decided to completely relaunch my business, with a strong leisure focus on marketing. So I decided to try being true independent with a TRUE number through OSSN, my own set-ups with vendors like Funjet, etc. But I was back to low commissions.

I went through a 2-year period of only having enough clients to sustain part-time hours, so I tried a host agency with a focus on Disney. Didn't care for their continued persistence that I book ALL my clients through them (I was very protective of my upscale client base that I did have).

Then I decided to try another host because of their leads program, so it would help fill in those gaps of my slower times. I could take calls. Well, if you don't have certain closure rates or productivity, you are not getting the best leads.

I stuck with this for a couple years, trying to make it work as best I could, but there were a few different reasons I decided this wouldn't work any longer. 1) I didn't have the time to take their leads full-time 2) I found the closure rate on the leads provided were hard to get above 25-30% 3) I was making too small of a commission split for those leads they provided 4) Their efficient database and marketing system made me question as to whether my personal client information was still my property.

My own closing rate on customer referrals is 90%, so I decided to mine-my-database and really work at building my business through asking clients for referrals, meeting people at my son's school, sports games, etc. So I made Nexion my choice over 7 years ago, and haven't looked back since.

I enjoy the Sabre system for my 50% small corporate clients (which I kept, because I get major referrals from these executives, and luxury vacations for the executives themselves), and I enjoy the high commissions because we are part of the Travel Leaders group, including on many of my business class airline tickets, and they have great discount hotel programs. You can sign-up with the level of service and commission split that works for you, and as you build your business, change it if necessary.

I love working with the people at Nexion. They are continually striving to make their host agency better and better. Their Advisory Board helps contribute ideas based on agent needs from the corporate/leisure/luxury/groups/meetings aspects of the business, to help Nexion implement ideas based on real feedback, etc.

They have BootCamp Training, a new Mentorship Program, free or paid website options, free On Target marketing services, CoNexion Conference with opportunities to meet suppliers and other agents.

I love Nexion, and have enjoyed growing with them. I would highly recommend them to agents looking for the right host agency.

October 23, 2013
Old Review

Backup support is very limited, Your out of luck if need any help after hours. Travel doesn't stop at 6pm, Neither should support. I had a issue with a download, with a link Nexion sent me, and didn't work, after I emailed and questioned them, I was told not to contact them any longer. I am now looking at other host agencies

March 13, 2013
Old Review

I Joined Nexion 3 years ago after my previous host agency was bought out and the culture changed. I initially found Nexion to be a good host agency. They pay on time, the systems are easy to use, and commission levels are great. - the basic nuts and bolts of what I was looking for.

What started out as a good host is becoming a great one. They are constantly delivering improvements in their online tools and my interactions with the staff have gone from just efficient to also being friendly. Nexion seems to understand that helping their agents obtain more sales and higher commissions is a win / win - a simple principle that is too often forgotten.

They offer an air tool with an amazing support staff that allows me to earn commission on air without having a GDS. 5 years ago I hated dealing with air only. Now it's a major part of my revenue stream.

Nexion isn't perfect, but they seem to be striving for perfection.

March 10, 2013
Old Review

I was with a different host agency when I attended a conference and stopped by the Nexion booth. I was very impressed and decided to go home and take a look at what they had to offer. Even the signing up process wowed me...very professional. I am totally satisfied with Nexion as a host agency. I love their "hands on" approach and I have been in the company of Jackie Friedman many times, many independent contractors have never met the folks in charge of their host agency. If one is seeking to obtain a host agency Nexion definitely is worth joining as the training is awesome; I have my ACC and CTA and I know if there is a problem with a client, supplier, commission or just exploring I have Nexion Town to assist me. Nexion is the best!

March 8, 2013
Old Review

I have been in the Travel Industry since before 911. I started out in a bad situation with a multi-level company that went under. I then went with two other agencies before I became a "Nexionite" four years ago. I can't say enough good things about Nexion. One of your main concerns when you go with a host is will I get my commission? You never have to worry with Nexion. They have been around a long time and we are backed with good solid leadership and so many benefits. VCOM membership was so important for me. It gives you so many great opportunities and great tools.
They have great training and really helpful support people. You will not be sorry choosing Nexion.

January 8, 2013
Old Review

I started with Nexion in April 2012, not knowing what I was getting myself into. I had worked with the major agencies, after being swallowed up by mergers and aquisitions, and was tired of the rewards not being filtered down to the front line employees. Plenty of blame, but not a lot of praise.

My clients loved working with me, so when I left, they came with me, and I can honestly say it has been the best decision other than marrying my wife and my children, I could have made. I am so much happier now, making more money than I did in the larger agencies, and my clients are loving the customer service I can provide for them through Nexion.

If you are even on the fence about using a host agency, I would highly recommend Nexion for all that they can offer you, at a fraction of the price! I can’t wait to meet some of the other Nexionites at the next function, face-to-face!

October 31, 2012
Old Review

I reveiwed many Host Agencies when making my decision and Nexion was by far the best fit. Commission levels, pricing, education and support are all top notch. I have loved working wtih Nexion to make my business run smoothly so i can concentrate on providing the best service for my customers!

October 29, 2012
Old Review

With over 11 years experience with Nexion, I couldn't be more pleased. I operate the only Brick and Mortar agency in a smaller community. Nexion enables me to offer my clients virtually everything (including air) that is available in the largest metropolitan agencies. The staff is top-notch and there are a wealth of tools and resources available--most included in the standard membership plan.
Their training offerings and annual conference gets better every year. If you're looking for the benefits of a host agency, be sure to include Nexion in your comparison.

Dan Burnett, CTC

October 26, 2012
Old Review

I just reentered the travel business after a 13 year hiatus to stay home with my daughter. The industry has changed so much it is like starting over in many ways. Joining Nexion has allowed me to do so with confidence. I joined their PowerUp program for new agents. Between that program and their Boot Camp training, I have a good foundation to begin building my home based business.

The staff are very welcoming, knowledgable, helpful and patient. The tools are easy to work with and there is support every step along the way. They won't book your client's travel for you, but they will help you do it professionally. I am very happy with my choice, I interviewed several host agencies and Nexion really fit my needs best, offering the right mix of support, tools and strong commission levels!

Thank you!

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