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May 1, 2021
Gifted Travel Network! I could write about 10 paragraphs on everything amazing about this host agency. I'll try to keep it short and highlight the top 3 reasons why GTN is the absolute best host for me and so many other travel advisors. 1. My initial reasoning for joining GTN was because I knew (through my own research and vetting processes) that GTN had what I was lacking and needed. Let's face it, it's awesome working with clients and creating great travel experiences, that's the easy part! How to learn and know what it takes to put ALL the pieces in place to run a successful small business is another whole level of knowledge. Several years ago the GTN leadership team developed a thorough and extensive 12 month “TravelMBA” program for the home based travel entrepreneur. This program is multi pronged with training modules (on videos to watch over and over if needed-yes I’ve watched them multiple times to take it all in) and covering every piece of how to successfully build your travel business including your messaging, branding, marketing, work flow management systems, strong foundations for a small business and so much more. But the modules are just one piece, the mentorship program that comes along with this is what pulls the education and learning together. With weekly group coaching calls on zoom with our mentor, dedicated solely to the Travel MBA students, as well as weekly zooms from top leadership (many zooms are for all GTN advisors) on everything from Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Personal Growth and more, the learning is nonstop. And these are not just rah rah zoom calls. These calls are discussions and conversations with leadership and with multiple agents who then help each other in return as we learn for our peers and collaborate. There’s so much more to the program, but I will move on to number 2. 2.The women of this company, from the top to the bottom are brilliant, exuberant, hands on, forward thinking, genuine, positive and supportive. This in turn is exactly what all the GTN travel advisors are not only exposed to daily, but become! This is a host that encourages advisors to help other advisors and it happens! Everyday, all day long. The GTN staff and travel advisors are truly a team, with “we’re all in this together” even as we still run and own our own travel businesses. It’s truly remarkable. 3.Connections. In this industry with so many travel providers, suppliers, tour operators and such all around the world, connections are a necessity and oh does GTN have the connections and the respect of the top travel providers and suppliers in the industry. It’s good to know, if we have a problem, we are backed by a host that will help us with any supplier issue and almost always with a positive outcome for everyone. I’m so grateful and blessed to be a part of GTN and the TravelMBA program. As Meredith Hill, one of the GTN founders states, We will find success and a life we love as a travel entrepreneur when we have freedom, fulfillment and financial satisfaction. GTN is providing the road map for me and other travel advisors to see our dreams and goals become that reality.
March 27, 2020

I love this host agency! I came to them after being in the industry for eight years and was blown away with the support, training, technology, and inspiration I receive daily. I have never experienced anything like it. This company is there for you! What I have learned and didn't realize I didn't know is astounding. They are consummate professionals, and their goal is to help us all be successful. Running a business is so much more than selling travel, and I will forever be grateful to this fantastic team, who address our needs holistically, starting with a mindset, identifying best practices, learning how to market, and "knowing your numbers." All I can say is how grateful I am to be here.

March 27, 2020

Wow, what a fantastically professional and supportive hosting agency. GTN is run by three strong, smart women who care tremendously about the travel industry, coaching travel entrepreneurs to run success businesses while maintaining a work/life balance, and each individual Travel Advisor within our network.

I personally found GTN on After a full day of interview calls with 9 host agencies, GTN was the clear (very clear) standout. And a year later, I'm 100% confident I made the right decision.

If you're in search of a Virtuoso host agency that is professional, provides support & development, and is financially sound, look no further.

March 27, 2020

In the midst of the chaos around us, Gifted Travel Network has remained our calm in the storm. I cannot speak more highly of the support they have provided all of us. Almost immediately, the staff began reaching out to every member of our network. GTN has always been a light and a strong believer in staying positive in the darkest times. We have multiple avenues for sharing and helping one another, including our Facebook group, weekly Zoom calls, emails, webinars, etc. Personally, I had a major issue with a supplier and a group booking. Within minutes of me emailing GTN, they began advocating on my behalf. It means the world to me to know they have my back and will stand up and support me with a voice that may never be heard if I were handling this alone.
If you are looking for a Host agency, you will not find a better place to call your home. Our team is here to support, teach, motivate, and guide you to grow and thrive in the travel business. They are the BEST!

March 26, 2020

It may seem counter-intuitive to write a review in the current environment as the travel industry deals with the current crisis, but they say you find out who your friends are in times of trouble.
As one of Gifted Travel Network's top producers, I have come to realize that despite collapsing sales and immense uncertainty regarding the future, they are our friends as much as our host agency. Their support, encouragement, balance between dealing with current reality and looking to the future is incredible. They have stepped up to deal with issues , they are answering emails, and they are producing webinars and Zoom calls on a daily basis. When the dust has settled, I'm convinced GTN will still be here, and anyone new to the industry or for those of you who feel you've been abandoned in any way by your current host, should take a very close look at the leadership GTN are showing during this time. I am so grateful to them, and know our business will emerge the other side of this stronger than ever.

March 18, 2020

Since joining Gifted Travel Network as an independent contractor 9-months ago, I have never been disappointed in the content or support that they have provided me as an entrepreneur, but rather my experience has been one of total satisfaction! Everyone within the GTN community has been nothing but eagerly supportive, and the knowledge base has been an invaluable resource to me and my young business.

February 11, 2020

Joining Gifted Travel Network is joining a community of advisors who are incredibly supportive, kind, and resourceful without an ounce of competitiveness or malice. GTN is run by proactive, innovative, compassionate, empathetic, intelligent, forward-thinking, transparent and all around terrific people who work tirelessly for the benefit of our entire network. Joining Virtuoso in January 2019 only propelled us further on our trajectory. This host agency is run by and filled with amazing people who care about the travel industry, professionalism, customer service, doing the right thing and achieving greatness for our businesses, our clients and also for ourselves. We're one huge extended family who all work AND play well together and strive to be the best in all we do. GTN's Travel MBA program helped prepare me to go from start-up to over $100,000 in sales in my first year as a solo-preneur. I could write tomes on how GTN and our community have changed my life for the better and helped me prosper as a business owner and as a travel professional. It probably comes down a lot to chemistry too, so if you're considering GTN - just give them a call to chat! They're one of the few host agencies offering up to 100% commission splits too. Take my 5 star review and add 1,000,000 stars to it.

October 8, 2019
Old Review

What a great group of ladies to host with. They are committed to giving you the tool you need to make a successful travel business. I started with their Travel MBA which gave me all the building blocks to not just sell travel, also the tools to create, build, and run my own business. Their commitment and passion for seeing their advisors thrive and grow shines through in all their communications. They have also created a great FB forum where you don't feel alone and you can always find an answer to your questions. If you are new to the Travel Advising world or looking for a supportive fun group of advisors to work with this is your host agency.

September 30, 2019
Old Review

I'm new to the travel industry but have professional experience in sales, consulting, HR and entrepreneurship. I evaluated numerous host agencies and felt that Gifted Travel Network and their Travel MBA program was the best fit for me. The key reasons were the business focused model, commitment and talent of the leadership team, highly supportive community and confidence that GTN would best position me for success and profitability. My experience over the past three months has been inspiring and so much fun! The Travel MBA program and our mentor's expertise and support have been key in guiding me through a quick ramp up. The recent award of the 'best new advisor training program' is very well deserved!!

August 7, 2019
Old Review

I am so happy to make the move back to Gifted Travel Network. I have been in the travel industry since 2006. After working for a few agencies, I decided to branch out on my own. I joined GTN for a bit and decided to try my hand at getting my own credentials. Long story short, I am back! There is so much more power when you're with your tribe. There is nothing like the family feel and how everyone is there to help each other. I have been a member of Gifte(their sister company that focuses on mindset and coaching) since about 2013 so this is just a natural extension. I love knowing I am a part of something. I have made great friendships and look forward to growing my business with Gifted Travel Network.

August 6, 2019
Old Review

The moment I first joined Gifted Travel Network I knew I had found my home! I have been in the industry for years and can say with certainty that GTN is one of a kind. Each member is truly respected and nurtured no matter where you are in your business. Time is spent on making you and your business the best it can be with amazing training opportunities not found elsewhere. It is amazing that they invest so much into their members personal well being and growth which in turn leads to professional growth. Thank you Gifted Travel Network for putting people first!

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