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May 1, 2021
Gifted Travel Network! I could write about 10 paragraphs on everything amazing about this host agency. I'll try to keep it short and highlight the top 3 reasons why GTN is the absolute best host for me and so many other travel advisors. 1. My initial reasoning for joining GTN was because I knew (through my own research and vetting processes) that GTN had what I was lacking and needed. Let's face it, it's awesome working with clients and creating great travel experiences, that's the easy part! How to learn and know what it takes to put ALL the pieces in place to run a successful small business is another whole level of knowledge. Several years ago the GTN leadership team developed a thorough and extensive 12 month “TravelMBA” program for the home based travel entrepreneur. This program is multi pronged with training modules (on videos to watch over and over if needed-yes I’ve watched them multiple times to take it all in) and covering every piece of how to successfully build your travel business including your messaging, branding, marketing, work flow management systems, strong foundations for a small business and so much more. But the modules are just one piece, the mentorship program that comes along with this is what pulls the education and learning together. With weekly group coaching calls on zoom with our mentor, dedicated solely to the Travel MBA students, as well as weekly zooms from top leadership (many zooms are for all GTN advisors) on everything from Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Personal Growth and more, the learning is nonstop. And these are not just rah rah zoom calls. These calls are discussions and conversations with leadership and with multiple agents who then help each other in return as we learn for our peers and collaborate. There’s so much more to the program, but I will move on to number 2. 2.The women of this company, from the top to the bottom are brilliant, exuberant, hands on, forward thinking, genuine, positive and supportive. This in turn is exactly what all the GTN travel advisors are not only exposed to daily, but become! This is a host that encourages advisors to help other advisors and it happens! Everyday, all day long. The GTN staff and travel advisors are truly a team, with “we’re all in this together” even as we still run and own our own travel businesses. It’s truly remarkable. 3.Connections. In this industry with so many travel providers, suppliers, tour operators and such all around the world, connections are a necessity and oh does GTN have the connections and the respect of the top travel providers and suppliers in the industry. It’s good to know, if we have a problem, we are backed by a host that will help us with any supplier issue and almost always with a positive outcome for everyone. I’m so grateful and blessed to be a part of GTN and the TravelMBA program. As Meredith Hill, one of the GTN founders states, We will find success and a life we love as a travel entrepreneur when we have freedom, fulfillment and financial satisfaction. GTN is providing the road map for me and other travel advisors to see our dreams and goals become that reality.
October 19, 2020
Old Review

My journey as a Travel Advisor began approximately five years ago, though I only recently joined the Gifted Travel Network. I had been thinking for quite some time that I wanted to start my own company with my branding, garnering complete control over my communication and advertising to better align with my target market. I had put a mental pin in the idea, assuming I would gain a few more years of experience and further build my client base before making that leap. Then, 2020 occurred. My husband lost his job. With the effects of Covid-19 cancelling and stalling my business along with the rest of the industry, I was at a defining moment in my career. I knew the opportunity for me to launch my company and brand was waiting there for me. I researched host agencies and reached out to contacts, asking what seemed like a million questions. I even remember reading reviews on this very website. I knew that the Gifted Travel Network (GTN) was the best fit for me and could offer me exactly what I had always felt was missing in my career - my ownership. I am now proudly a member of GTN where I am encouraged to build my own strong brand, representing myself as I wish to my target market. I have all the tools I need to be successful; all I simply need to do is take advantage of what is right before me. I did not complete the Travel MBA program due to my experience and level of sales when I joined GTN; however, I have all the support I need with regards to programs new to me such as certain preferred vendors, GRASP - a commission tracking software or with logistics of bookings including Client Base questions. I cannot begin to explain how impressive the staff in the GTN office is from a responsiveness and professionalism standpoint. I have asked many questions since my start a few months ago, and every single question is answered expeditiously and with grace. As a side note, I am a former Disney Cast Member, so I can assure you that the guest experience is something I hold in high regard. I am also new to the world of Virtuoso and could not be more proud to be affiliated with a network who is a member of this prestigious consortia. I have been booking Virtuoso properties for clients since my first week with GTN and know that it has positively impacted my business in several ways. I have begun the Virtuoso marketing campaign (which is included!) which has also driven sales for my business. If you are several years into your career and looking to take that next step of launching your own company, GTN is the best option. It allows you to soar alongside other entrepreneurial-minded individuals. It allows you to be yourself and showcase your talents while having a team of people cheering for you. It allows you to be the best you can be.

September 5, 2020
Old Review

Gifted Travel Network has been a true blessing. I joined them just over a year ago and am so happy I did! The leadership team is truly "gifted" with so much expertise and professionalism. Their focus on building a business and not a hobby is unique in the huge selection of host agencies and has totally changed my business. I started as a travel advisor in 2015 and basically had to just figure it out without much direction at all. It can be overwhelming to learn about suppliers, destinations and booking systems not to mention branding and selling yourself. I wish that I would have started with their Travel MBA program in order to have the right mindset and process from the very beginning. I see so much success in their graduates. Whether you are just starting out or have been around for awhile, the value and support you get from being a GTN member is incredible. The GTN community is like a family and everyone helps and supports each other to be successful. GTN has been especially positive and supportive through the challenges of COVID-19 and continue to actively encourage all of us to be our best. It has helped me to focus forward in business and life during these difficult times. If you are looking to be professional and build a successful travel business, I highly recommend GTN.

August 1, 2020
Old Review

I absolutely LOVE being hosted by the ladies at Gifted Travel Network!

I entered the travel industry 18 months ago.

I started my travel journey in anticipation of becoming an empty nester. I knew I had to redefine myself and pursue my love of planning AND travel. I needed an "encore" career...

I knew I needed marketing and business training. Enrolling in the TravelMBA program was a necessity. The TMBA mentor, "Momma Bear" Lisa Fletcher, is amazing. The program is worth every penny.

Now that I've "graduated", I still feel confident I can get the help I need to be successful. There is a wealth of knowledge in the organization! Not only do the ladies with GTN want us to succeed, but my fellow advisors, my colleagues, are helpful and full of advice as well.

I cannot imagine being hosted anywhere else.

Well done, GTN. 👍👍

July 11, 2020
Old Review

Huge thanks to you all for an amazing program, the Travel MBA! This is THE MOST thorough and comprehensive way to ready yourself for the exciting and rewarding life as a travel professional. Lisa, the mentor for those in the travel MBA program and their first year with GTN, is the perfect person for the job. Her patience is endless and her wisdom a deep well. We have coaching calls regularly and access to her as a sounding board and all of her experience via other channels as well.
I could never have imagined that what I thought would be a blip on the radar (Covid-19) has become what it has. I started the Travel MBA program March 1, 2020 and I still stand firm and believe 100% it will be fine in the end. As a matter of fact that was the subject of my first ever blog.

Everything about GTN has been a perfect fit for me. Their knowledge, wisdom, ongoing education and support in addition to the most supportive and positive community of travel professionals around make GTN so much more than just a host agency.

It might take a little longer to get my career as a travel consultant to the point I want to be at than I had imagined, but it’s all about the journey after all – not the destination!

April 12, 2020
Old Review

I left my former Host Agency 6 years ago and have never looked back. GTN is so much more than a Host, it's a community of truly caring individuals who have all their members best interest at heart. I could never have grown my business to the volume it is, without their support, guidance and counseling. They are the best of the best. And when Covid-19 hit, they were there by your side. They have reached out with information about how to weather this storm and to be prepare for the bounce back and pent up demand. From finance to marketing, they offer best practices. They'll go to bat for you, if needed, with a supplier. We are all on the same team. My success is their success and they truly act that way. They have created a community, among the members, who are supportive, non competitive. We all learn from each other. If you are serious about being an entrepreneur in the travel business, this is where you belong. You'll be glad you made the choice.

April 9, 2020
Old Review

This is not my first review for GTN as I've been with them for almost 5 years. I thought it was important to leave another review because given the times we are in, most of us are craving direction, great leadership and positivity. I am grateful for many things in my life but as far as my travel business goes, the one constant is how grateful I am to be an Independent Travel Advisor with Gifted Travel Network. When times are tough, the real leaders rise and this host agency hasn't skipped a beat. The team seems to be able to sense what we advisors need and are so skilled at keeping the focus on being positive. Being an entrepreneur isn't easy. Having a team of caring folks, deeply connected and knowledgeable in this ever changing industry has been inspiring for me. GTN has lead me to pivot my business when the time calls for it and gives solid support which has been so valuable to me. The membership in Virtuoso has also opened doors for me that has been pleasantly welcome. GTN is all encompassing and gives me what I need to fuel my business. GTN is home for me and I hope you seriously consider what GTN has to offer you for your business.

April 5, 2020
Old Review

I spent a lot of time researching host agencies before jumping into this business about 9 months ago and GTN was the clear standout. After speaking with a few current advisors, I quickly made my decision to join GTN. The support and structure sounded almost too good to be true, and I was blown away by the people who run this agency. They truly care about each and every one of their advisors and it feels like a community more than just a host agency. Part of the reason I joined GTN was for the Travel MBA Program and I cannot say enough good things about this program - as someone brand new to this industry, it has been incredibly helpful to learn the ins and outs of the travel business as well as learning how to set myself up for success. The TMBA mentor, Lisa Fletcher, is always there for you when you have a question or need help troubleshooting something. As a part of GTN, I've also learned so much more about mindset and business development that go way beyond the travel industry. Meredith, Vanessa, and Jen lead this host agency with compassion and inspiration. Even in these troubling times, they are there to answer questions, support advisors, and keep spirits up. I feel so fortunate to have found GTN at the beginning of my career!

April 3, 2020
Old Review

If I could give 500 stars, I would. I was with another host agency when I began my career as a travel advisor. and made the move here several months ago. The previous host was fine, but I didn't know what I didn't know. I WISH I had started here and gone through the Travel MBA program. But there are great follow on programs that I'm enrolled in. Whatever you need, it's here:
Tools, Got them
Mindset, Got it
Motivation, you betcha!
Great Advisor Peers, Absolutely!
Support? Yes Yes and YES
And I'm not just talking about the basics - I'm talking about everything you've ever dreamed of and then some. Between supplier relationships, the MOST attentive, supportive, responsive and caring back office support, advocacy, business building training, encouragement, problem solving and the list goes on. EVERY single person from the top on down has been accessible and transparent. I feel like they genuinely care not only that I'm succeeding in my business, but that I'm poised to reach the highest heights. As much as I can take through the firehose, it's all there. I know this sounds too good to be true - but I promise, it's real. I can't imagine ever being anywhere else. They foster an environment of togetherness, collaboration, cooperation, caring, and FUN! The other advisors are AMAZING - giving, sharing and supportive, THESE are among the many MANY reasons why GTN is my forever home!

March 28, 2020
Old Review

After 8 years in the travel industry, I have finally found a home in Gifted Travel Network. I joined GTN about a year ago with over 2 million in sales yet have already learned so much in my time with them. Vanessa, Meredith, and Jen really go above and beyond for every single one of their agents. They provide excellent training and we have access to unlimited resources. The GTN community is very supportive and we are always sharing ideas and collaborating with other members. It's a true family atmosphere and one that I am thankful to be a part of!

March 27, 2020
Old Review

I have been a member of Gifted Travel since 2016 when we started our business. Now more than ever I am so happy we chose GTN as the support we are receiving during this Covid19 situation has been amazing. The Community of agents and the strong leadership combined together keeps us all motivated and focused on the future. I can't wait to soar with this host agency when all this is over - if you are looking for a home - GTN is it.

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