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September 3, 2014
GTN is an amazing host agency and incredibly supportive to their agents. I have worked with 2 other host agencies and left because of their lack of support and willingness to understand new concepts in marketing travel during this time where travel professionals need to adopt a new approach to thrive in this business. I highly recommend GTN for new agents looking to start off on the right foot as GTN's MBA program teaches the nuances of the travel industry I wish I learned when I started, rather than figuring it out the hard way, on my own. I also recommend GTN for experienced agents who are ready to work with a host agency that supports you as you market yourself as the travel professional that you are.
September 1, 2018

Joining Gifted Travel Network's Travel MBA program was the best decision I made when launching my travel business. Not only did I join an inspiring organization lead by strong women, I was given the confidence that I need to launch my business the right way! Gifted Travel Network is not just a host agency. It's an amazing community that is always ready to help each other!

August 29, 2018

Words can't describe how thankful I am that I found Gifted Travel Network. I was brand new to the travel industry and enrolled in the Travel MBA program. GTN educated me on the travel industry, helped me build my OWN business and ultimately help me discover who I am and what I want to do for others. The staff at GTN is amazing, they all come with a different set of eyes and ears to help you be successful. I am overwhelmed with the wealth of knowledge they bring and I look forward to growing my business under GTN.

July 27, 2018

It’s been almost a year since I decided to make one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life and that was joining GTN Travel MBA Program. After speaking with the staff and attending my first Conference I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. Although I came into the industry with many years of business travel experience. The training, support and insight I received this year has been invaluable. I’m so grateful and blessed to have this opportunity to do something I love and learn from the BEST. GTN teaches us to think outside the box and to celebrate our uniqueness. You will receive the BEST mentoring, life and business coaching, providing you with all the tools you need in every aspect to start your Travel Business. Even if your ready to start the program and not sure of your business name or what your niche will be. GTN can assist you with this, through their coaching process seamlessly.

The Travel MBA Program was so worth it!! I’m overwhelmed with joy from my experience and the amount of wisdom I’ve received. I can’t wait for everything I’ve learned to manifest into a new level of greatness in my New Business. Being apart of GTN you have no choice but to thrive. The tools are there. It’s just up to you to implement them!!

July 11, 2018

Being new to the travel industry, I did a lot of research before ultimately choosing to go with Gifted Travel Network (GTN) as my host agency. I then enrolled in their Travel MBA program, which is their mentoring course for new agents. It was such a good decision, both in enrolling in their school, and in deciding to go with GTN as my host. GTN was founded by three phenomenal women, Jen, Meredith, and Vaness, who have created a wonderfully collaborate community, as opposed to a competitive one. It’s a warm and supportive environment for everyone, and those new to the industry, a very nurturing one. GTN trains you to think like an entrepreneur and encourages you to find your own unique path rather than conforming to any restrictive agency guidelines and preconceived notions about what your business “should” be.

I’m happy to be growing alongside this amazing company, and would encourage anyone, whether they are new or a veteran to the industry, to take a look at what GTN has to offer. You’ll find the support, training, tolls, and encouragement to be successful in your business on your own terms.

July 11, 2018

I started the Travel MBA program just over a year ago. It was a great way to learn the ins and outs of the travel industry and it gave clear information on how to grow your business. Lisa Fletcher is a great mentor and is always there to guide you throughout the process. In addition, there is always constant and consistent information being offered through Facebook live sessions and weekly coaching calls. Everyone in the group is supportive of each other, not competitive and everyone is willing to share their knowledge and expertise. I can’t imagine belonging to any other host agency!

July 11, 2018

Gifted Travel Network (GTN) is an amazing travel business development and host agency. A fellow agent introduced me to GTN and I'm so glad because it was at just the time I needed them. Since day one, I have felt like one of the family. THANK YOU Shannon & Sarah. The founders, Vanessa, Jen, and Meredith recognize the need to be entrepreneurs and push us outside of our comfort zones. Sarah is always there on the administrative side, so efficient and helpful!! I truly can't imagine a better agency.

If you are brand new to the industry, like I was when I found them. I would recommend the Travel MBA course (Lisa Fletcher) and The Blue Print. They are wonderful tools to meet you right where you are. Lisa is incredible and so encouraging and helpful! They are there to help you succeed. With the leadership of GTN, our company has flourished and we could not be more pleased with GTN as our host agency--this includes the founders and all staff members. Thank you to the entire GTN team for all that you do on a daily basis to help and encourage us.!

June 4, 2018

Today marks my one year anniversary with GTN and my completion of the Travel MBA programs. I'm so glad for the decision I made a year ago.
In the Travel MBA program, they don't just train you on how to book travel, they help you with your mindset (which is a HUGE piece of the entrepreneurship puzzle), with how to start a business, how to market a business, and how to find YOUR unique niche in the travel world. The program is amazing for those new to the industry. Some new folks come right out the gate booking trips while others (like me) are much slower and that's totally OK at GTN. All the training and coaching you get means that everyone can move at their own pace and not feel left behind.

GTN, both the company and their network of independent contractors, are the most helpful people I've met in a long, long time. It truly is a community. Plus, the company run by an amazing trio of women, which is quite motivating in itself!

April 16, 2018

Gifted Travel Network (GTN) is the most amazing travel business development and host agency. With GTN, you are one of the family. The founders, Vanessa, Jen, and Meredith are available to you. This team realizes and acknowledges that as entrepreneurs your personal and professional overlap considerably. They help you by getting to know you and help you pluck those mind weeds that are stopping from progressing in your business. If you are brand new to the industry, like I am, they have put together the Travel MBA course, which has been wonderful to help and guide me along the in my business with modules that take you step by step through the process. With the Travel MBA, you have a support system that to include the marvelous team of Lisa and Sandy! They are there to answer all your questions and as everyone in my Travel MBA class knows, I have a lot. With GTN, you have the tools to make your business “professional” and therefore successful. They are there to help you succeed. I started my business with a lot of prayers and a dream!! With the leadership of GTN, my prayers have been answered and my dreams are becoming a reality. Thank you to the entire GTN team for all that you do on a daily basis to help me succeed in my business!

March 10, 2018

I'm so glad that I found GTN as my Host Agency. There are so many Hosts out there and yes, you can get the basics from any of them. However, GTN goes BEYOND the basics. Yes, you have access to the marketing side of how to sell from the vendor side and you need to know the product. BUT product knowledge will only get you so far in this industry. I know first hand because I had chosen a previous host and they were great but the training was only ever product. You NEED to know how to get the clients to come to you as well. That's where GTN SHINES ABOVE THE REST! They give you unlimited support on how to gain the client list both online and offline. They have monthly support calls and more. Everyone supports each other, not just the "home office" but all of the GTN agents, we are a family. I came to GTN with basic product knowledge and not knowing how to get the client and GTN has brought me to the next level and getting the client to work it all together. Thank you!

March 8, 2018

GTN is really a community. The GTN team has done so much to foster a network of agents that act as a team instead of competitors, and that share information and advice, and they actually get to know their members and are involved in helping them overcome challenges. GTN's Travel MBA program is focused on much more than just products and sales - they know how important mindset is and offer inspiration to keep you driven and excited about your travel business. As someone who is brand new to the travel industry, I am glad I chose GTN and the Travel MBA program, because I feel like I have a team with me every step of the way. It's so refreshing and inspiring to see this amazingly well-run company founded and led by strong, successful women!

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