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November 30, 2022
A passion project in retirement that turned into a thriving business: Two reasons why and the how: First, a little background: After twenty years of trading risk arbitrage and equity derivatives in downtown manhattan, the time had come for chapter two, or no chapter at all; the latter option was not appealing. My dad said, "what about being a travel advisor? You love to travel, have a great client list and have been to +60 countries. We use an advisor and it makes all the difference in the world?" I love the idea, but where do you begin? With Wall Street clientele, the appeal of Virtuoso as the luxury leader in travel helped me narrow my search for a host agency on this very site. The other requirement was a real education; only GTN had both. The year-long program was vital to my success. One could launch without the education on the back of my extensive travel and business experience, but aren't your odds of success drastically higher if you are a true expert? Doesn't that take immersion and mentorship? Would I have done more damage to my budding travel reputation with the finance clients I hoped to convert to travel clients had I not? Would I get more than one chance from those clients? Fast forward to December 2021, I am in GTN's top producers club (top 30) in my first full year of business! I am invited to the Virtuoso ultraluxe community, attended Belmond's signature Bellini event for 10 USA advisors in Sicily and was on a top producer retreat with GTN. Without education, it would not have unfolded this way and certainly not this quickly. The second reason is: In real estate, the most valuable metric is location, location, location, but at a host agency, it is culture, culture, culture. The collaboration and support amongst advisors in our community is the silver bullet and goes hand in hand with the educational foundation of GTN. Imagine how much the collective mindshare benefits our clients. I was not expecting instant responses to questions or requests for advice yet opening up the browser to 7 responses in thirty minutes is common. It's another level of vetting and advocacy, but it only happens if the culture is there. We are not competing like local real estate agents who might compete for a listing in town. Our clients are worldwide, an enviable difference, and it means we are not competing so let's help each other win. We share tips, insights and experiences on our internal system in discussion groups that pale in comparison to snarky online forums. We travel together, 14 GTN advisors and I are just back from 12 days in Tanzania, and as a result, we grow together. It's made all the difference in professional growth inspired by culture and education. What more can you ask for?
May 29, 2024

I worked in the field of education for 30 years, having been a teacher, administrator and Director of Human Resources, until retiring in 2022. Lifelong learning is a passion of mine and throughout my career, I loved impacting the lives of others through education, learning, relationships and positive attitudes.
I have always loved to travel and the idea of learning and experiencing new places and using my skill set to help plan and organize travel for others is bringing me great joy. I am a booking member with Katie Crago, owner of KHC Grand Travel, who also happens to be my cousin. One Thanksgiving, several years ago, I asked her to let me know if she ever needed help. That simple statement turned into a phone call, which led to me jumping right into the business. I started out as her assistant and quickly became a booking member. I have now immersed myself into the world of travel and I could not be happier. The level of support I feel with every member of Gifted Travel Network has been a huge positive factor as I have had so much to learn. I feel that at any moment, I can comfortably reach out for advice or assistance. They have the "we are all in this together" mentality. Each week when I receive the weekly ezine, I am amazed at the level of training and support systems in place to make us all the best we can be. This second career is a new beginning, and I am thrilled to be part of Gifted Travel Network.

Host Agency Response
May 30, 2024

Hey Audrey,

Wow, what an inspiring journey! It's awesome to hear how your passion for education has seamlessly transitioned into a love for travel. Working with family, like your cousin Katie, must make it even more special. I love that you recognize and are a part of the "we're all in this together" vibe that the GTN community brings. It really makes a difference, right? Everyone supports everyone!

I'm so happy to see how much you're enjoying this new chapter. Keep rocking it!

May 28, 2024

I have had the privilege of being with GTN since 2021, and I can confidently say that I would not have been able to build my business without their exceptional guidance and support. From the very beginning, GTN has been by my side every step of the way, providing invaluable advice and resources that have been instrumental in my growth and success.

The team at GTN is truly amazing. Their expertise, dedication, and unwavering support have not only helped me navigate the complexities of the travel industry but also allowed me to thrive in a highly competitive market. They are always available to offer assistance, whether it’s through their comprehensive training programs, one-on-one coaching sessions, or the wealth of knowledge shared within the GTN community.

Being a part of GTN feels like being part of a family. The sense of camaraderie and the collaborative environment fostered by the network have made my journey all the more rewarding. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities and experiences that GTN has provided me, and I cannot imagine running my travel business without their continued support and guidance.

Every milestone I have achieved in my business is a testament to the incredible partnership I have with GTN. Their commitment to my success has been unwavering, and I look forward to many more years of growth and collaboration with this outstanding organization. Thank you, GTN, for being an integral part of my journey and for helping me turn my professional dreams into reality.

Host Agency Response
May 29, 2024

Hi Shayla,

Thank you so much for your heartfelt review! We're absolutely thrilled to hear about your positive experience with Gifted Travel Network. It's wonderful to know that our guidance and support have been instrumental in building your business.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every member feels empowered and equipped to succeed, and your words affirm that we're on the right track. We're especially glad to hear that our comprehensive training programs, one-on-one coaching sessions, and the collaborative spirit of the GTN community have made a significant impact on your journey.

Your description of GTN as a family is exactly the atmosphere we strive to create. It's fantastic to see that this sense of camaraderie has contributed to your rewarding experience with us.

Celebrating your milestones alongside you is incredibly fulfilling for us. We're honored to be part of your journey and excited for the many more years of growth and success ahead. Thank you for your trust and for being such an integral part of the GTN family. Here's to many more achievements together!

May 7, 2024
Updated Review

I have found my people. This review is not just about the leadership and staff at GTN, but also the community they have fostered. I just returned from a reward trip due to the growth of my travel agency. I was able to bring my sister on the trip, and she commented on how lovely everybody was. I told her that is how I feel about every GTN event I attend. I bond with so many people because we have a mutual passion for not only travel, but building a successful travel business. We are a collaborative group, and it is the way that GTN was built that makes this collaboration possible.

GTN taught me how to sell travel, but also how to run my own business. I never thought I would be an entrepreneur, but they gave me the confidence to do it and thrive at it. I launched my business in 2019 and things were just starting to take off when the pandemic hit. I am not sure if I would have stayed in the business if I was not at GTN. They kept us engaged. They provided opportunities for us to learn throughout the months of not selling travel. They provided opportunities for us to develop our relationships with suppliers. We continue to learn and build relationships post pandemic too.

GTN is always looking forward. They are making strides to keep us up to date on the best technology available in the travel industry.

I feel that GTN is fair in distributing travel opportunities in our network. GTN in person events are always invigorating with content and opportunities to network with other advisors and travel industry partners.

My business is thriving, and I truly believe I would not be where it is today without the guidance and support that I have received through Gifted Travel Network.

Host Agency Response
May 14, 2024

Hi Jen!

Thank you for sharing your heartfelt review of Gifted Travel Network (GTN). Your words beautifully capture the essence of what makes GTN such a special place for travel professionals.

We are thrilled to hear that you have found a community where you feel truly at home. The supportive and collaborative environment you've described is exactly what we strive to cultivate at GTN. It’s wonderful to know that your sister also experienced the warmth and camaraderie that define our events.

Your journey from launching your business in 2019 to navigating the challenges of the pandemic, and now thriving, is truly inspiring. We are honored to have played a role in providing you with the confidence and tools needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. It’s gratifying to hear that our efforts to keep the community engaged and continually learning, even during difficult times, have made a difference.

We are committed to staying at the forefront of the travel industry, ensuring our members have access to the best technology and opportunities. Your acknowledgment of our forward-thinking approach and fair distribution of travel opportunities is much appreciated.

Thank you once again for your kind words and for being an integral part of the GTN family. We look forward to supporting your continued success and celebrating many more milestones with you.

October 23, 2020
Previous Review

I truly love being part of GTN. I joined their Travel MBA program in March of 2019 with no previous travel business experience. I had plenty of travel experience and business experience (and even business travel experience!) However, putting the two together was something I had no concept of doing. The program led me through all the steps I needed to understand to become a functioning travel business. However, GTN does not forget about you once you are done with the Travel MBA program. They continue to educate and inspire you to grow. Even in a year like 2020, they have not given up on their travel advisors (or the travel industry!) We just completed our annual conference. Of course, the conference was virtual this year, but it was just as bit as inspiring (maybe more!) as our conference last year which was aboard a Celebrity cruise ship. I was amazed at how much content they put forth and how engaged I felt in a virtual conference. I know I have found my home at GTN, there is no reason for me to ever look elsewhere. They are my travel family.

May 5, 2024
Updated Review

I've been with GTN for more than two years now, and my first impressions have all been validated. GTN is a fantastic host for an advisor seeking a supportive community, a focus on luxury travel, and coaching and professional development. I've been most pleased with the emphasis on encouraging community over competition as well as their focus on providing resources I need for developing and thriving as a small business owner.

Host Agency Response
May 14, 2024


Thank you so much for your amazing review! We’re absolutely thrilled to hear that your experience with Gifted Travel Network (GTN) has been so positive over the past two years. It's fantastic to know that our emphasis on community, luxury travel, and professional development has made such a difference for you.

We’re delighted that you appreciate our focus on encouraging community over competition. Creating a supportive environment where advisors can thrive is at the heart of what we do, and it’s wonderful to hear that this resonates with you. Our resources and coaching are designed to help small business owners like you succeed, and we’re so glad you’ve found them valuable.

Thank you for being such an integral part of the GTN family. We’re excited to continue supporting you and watching your business flourish in the years to come!

April 11, 2022
Previous Review

I am new to Gifted Travel Network and am enrolled in their Travel MBA program. I switched to GTN from another host agency, and I am so grateful to have found this community. In the brief time I've been with them so far, I've already had more training and mentorship than with the prior host agency - and much more than I expected. I have felt supported every step of the way. I'm so grateful to have found Gifted Travel Network and their fantastic Travel MBA program.

Host Agency Response
April 11, 2022

Merry Jennifer- we are so pleased that you are finding what you wanted - and more - at Gifted Travel Network! You are a powerhouse and we excited to watch your trajectory and successes as you make your way through the Travel MBA program.

May 3, 2024

Working with Gifted Travel Network has been a game-changer for me as a luxury travel advisor. I knew I was in good hands from the moment I joined, and my experience has only confirmed that feeling repeatedly.

GTN's leadership team is not just dedicated, they're actively involved and influential in the industry. They're in the trenches with us, understanding our needs, addressing our concerns, and constantly pushing the envelope to ensure we have the resources and connections we need to thrive. Their proactive approach to leadership means that we're never left wanting, and they're constantly innovating to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving travel industry.

But what truly sets GTN apart is its community of advisors. I can't stress enough how much I love working alongside my fellow advisors. They're not just colleagues; they're collaborators, friends, and a constant source of inspiration and support. The collaborative spirit within GTN is truly unmatched, and it creates an environment where everyone can succeed and thrive together. Whether it's sharing best practices, brainstorming ideas, or simply offering a word of encouragement, I know I can always count on my GTN family to have my back.

GTN has an extensive network of supplier partnerships. From luxury hotels to boutique tour operators, GTN has established relationships with some of the best in the business. These partnerships translate into unparalleled experiences for our clients. No matter what I'm working on, I can rely on GTN's supplier network to help me create the best for my clients.
Lastly, I have to point out our incredible home office staff. Behind the scenes, there's a team of dedicated professionals working tirelessly to support us in our day-to-day operations. From marketing and technology to training and education, the home office team at GTN is always there to lend a helping hand and ensure we have everything we need to succeed.

In short, working with Gifted Travel Network has been nothing short of a dream come true for me as a luxury travel advisor. From their dedicated leadership and collaborative community to their supplier partnerships and top-notch support team, GTN truly sets the standard for what a host agency should be.

Host Agency Response
May 14, 2024

Hi Dianna,

Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing your experience with Gifted Travel Network (GTN). We are thrilled to hear that working with us has been a game-changer for you as a luxury travel advisor.

We pride ourselves on our leadership team's dedication and active involvement. It's fantastic to know that our efforts to stay in the trenches with you, understanding your needs, and constantly innovating are making a difference. Our goal is always to ensure you have the resources and connections needed to thrive in this ever-evolving industry.

The sense of community within GTN is something we value deeply, and it’s heartwarming to hear how much you appreciate it. Knowing that you see your fellow advisors as collaborators, friends, and sources of inspiration is exactly what we aim for. We believe that when we all work together and support each other, everyone can succeed and thrive.

Our supplier partnerships are another area where we strive to excel, and we’re delighted that you find them beneficial. Creating unparalleled experiences for your clients is at the core of what we do, and having trusted relationships with top-tier suppliers is key to achieving that.

Our office staff will be thrilled to hear your praise. They work tirelessly behind the scenes in marketing, technology, training, and education to support you in your day-to-day operations. Knowing that their efforts are helping you succeed means the world to us.

Thank you for being a part of the GTN family and for your glowing review. Your success is inspirational, and we are here to support you every step of the way. We look forward to continuing this journey together and helping you achieve even greater heights in your career.

March 26, 2024
Updated Review

Gifted Travel Network (GTN) as a host agency, has truly become our home in the travel industry, and I cannot emphasize enough the incredible community they have built.

This is one of the main factors that sets GTN apart this strong sense of community among our advisors. GTN fosters a supportive and collaborative environment, where we can connect with fellow advisors and share our experiences. This community extends not only to our fellow advisors but also to our cherished preferred partners. The relationships we have built with these partners are invaluable, as they provide us with the resources and support we need to create exceptional travel experiences for our clients.

Another standout feature of GTN is their commitment to education and support for their travel entrepreneurs. GTN offers the travelMBA program, which is designed for those starting out in the industry. This comprehensive program equips those with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the travel business. As you grow with your business and looking to dive deeper, GTN offers the accelerate program, which provides advanced training and mentorship opportunities. And for top sellers, GTN offers the top producer club, a prestigious program that recognizes and rewards our achievements. These thoughtfully curated programs cater to advisors at every stage of their journey, ensuring that we have the support we need to thrive.

Lastly but definitely not least, GTN's partnerships are second to none. We have access to some of the best partners and elite hotel programs, enabling us to make our clients' dreams come true. These in-destination partners are instrumental in ensuring that our clients have unforgettable travel experiences. GTN's commitment to working with top-notch partners reflects their dedication to providing exceptional service and value to our clients.

In conclusion, Gifted Travel Network is an exceptional host agency lead by some of the most incredible and inspiring women. These individuals excel in building a thriving community, providing valuable education and support, and offering access to outstanding partnerships. GTN truly fosters an environment where travel entrepreneurs can thrive and create unforgettable experiences for their clients. I am grateful to be a part of this incredible network and cannot recommend Gifted Travel Network highly enough.

Host Agency Response
March 28, 2024


Thank you immensely for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences with Gifted Travel Network (GTN). Your words truly resonate with the essence of what we strive to cultivate within our community.

At GTN, we wholeheartedly believe that our greatest asset lies in the vibrant and supportive community we've built. Your acknowledgment of this community as a standout feature is deeply appreciated. We are committed to fostering an environment where collaboration and camaraderie flourish, not only among our advisors but also with our esteemed preferred partners. These relationships indeed form the bedrock of our success, enabling you to deliver unparalleled travel experiences to your clients.

Your recognition of our dedication to education and support for travel entrepreneurs is equally gratifying. Our range of programs, from the foundational Travel MBA to the advanced Accelerate program and the prestigious Top Producer Club, is meticulously crafted to cater to advisors at every stage of their journey. We're thrilled to hear that these initiatives have been instrumental in your growth and success within the industry.

Moreover, your appreciation of our partnerships reaffirms our commitment to working with the best in the business to elevate the experiences we offer to our advisors, who then pass that expertise along, and benefit the amazing clients. We take great pride in providing access to the Hotel Elite programs and top-notch in-destination partners, ensuring that every client's travel dreams are not only realized but surpassed.

Your heartfelt recommendation means the world to us, Justin. It's individuals like you who make GTN the exceptional host agency it is. We're truly grateful to have you as part of our network and are excited to continue supporting you on your journey to creating unforgettable travel experiences.

January 22, 2022
Previous Review

Gifted Travel Network has been our HOME since inception. The extremely brilliant women that started this company truly are so inspiring. Gifted Travel Network and it’s advisors have truly built such an amazing sense of community and support system. Through this community and the amazing coaching provided we have been able to grow a thriving business even in the midst of these trying times. I can honestly say I don’t know where we would be without GTN.

Host Agency Response
January 27, 2022

Hi Justin! Thank you so much for your kind words about Gifted Travel Network. We are so happy to have you as a part of the Gifted Travel Network family-it is an amazing community- and we are so glad you're a part of it! And we agree, the founders bring an insane amount of wisdom and knowledge to our advisors and help them to grow their businesses and succeed in this exciting world of travel.

March 20, 2024

Fresh from a decades-long career in Corporate America, I was keen to transition into the travel space and build a business of my own. I selected a host agency on the advice of a colleague and almost immediately realized it was not the right fit. I took the opportunity to learn as much as I could up until and through Covid before researching host agencies that might align better with my core values, vision, and business acumen. An agent that I respect tremendously suggested that I take a look at Gifted Travel Network because it was smaller, more community-based and – perhaps most importantly to me – women led. Not only women led, but led by women like me. I joined towards the end of 2021 and immediately knew that I’d found my tribe.

Not long after I joined, I was invited to join a site visit with Vanessa McGovern and a small group of GTN advisors. I was immediately impressed by the poise and professionalism of the group, which solidified the feeling that I made the right choice. Since then, every GTN event or webinar I’ve attended, large or small, has left me feeling invigorated, inspired, and connected, not only due to the content, but also the sense of camaraderie shared among the entire member base. I appreciate that the leadership understands and recognizes that we all have different goals and aspirations for our businesses, are committed to meeting us where we’re at, and genuinely celebrate successes that matter to each of us as individual business owners. They not only understand and address the tangible barriers we face in managing and growing our businesses, but also understand the intangible mental blocks we place on ourselves - especially as women - that hinder our intentions and growth. And they address those mental blocks head on, which is so appreciated and refreshing. They lead with integrity and kindness, genuinely support every member to foster a community based on support and connection as opposed to secrecy and competition. I can truly say that I’ve never been made to feel any less important than any member of the network who might generate more revenue than me – neither by the GTN executive team nor by any member of the community.

Over the past 10+ years that they’ve been in existence, GTN has worked tirelessly to build a solid and respected reputation within the marketplace; they’ve succeeded in spades as evidenced by the ever-expanding list of Preferred Partners and those clamoring to nab a coveted partnership. This respect lends immediate credibility to me and my business and thus gives me access to some of the foremost and exclusive supplier partners in the industry.

For me, leading with integrity and kindness, allowing me access to some of the preeminent brands in travel, and supporting me wherever I’m at in my business are what sets GTN apart from other hosts. I’m a disciple and I hope to always be a part of their membership.

Host Agency Response
March 21, 2024


Wow, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! We're thrilled to hear that Gifted Travel Network has become your tribe and that you've found a supportive community aligned with your values and goals. It's heartwarming to know that our efforts to foster a culture of integrity, kindness, and inclusivity are making a positive impact.

We're delighted that you've found value in our events, webinars, and the connections you've made within our network. Your words about feeling celebrated and supported mean the world to us because empowering our members to thrive is at the core of what we do.

We're grateful for your trust in us and for recognizing our commitment to serving our members at every stage of their journey. Your dedication as a member means everything to us, and we're excited to continue supporting you in achieving your business aspirations.

Thank you for being part of the GTN family, Shannon. We're honored to have you as a disciple, and we look forward to many more years of collaboration and growth together!

February 22, 2024

I made the switch to GTN this past fall from another host agency and it has been an absolute night and day difference. After a successful year with my prior host, I was looking to uplevel my business and service offerings and this seemed like the perfect place to be. GTN prioritizes their small, intimate group of advisors and it most certainly shows. From the moment you join GTN, you can feel it's going to be a different experience. The training is extremely hands-on and in-depth and the community is beyond knowledgable and SO supportive (from the newest advisors all the way up to our million dollar+ producers). Additionally, our access to the best suppliers in the industry is unmatched. I have been with GTN for 5 months now and I've had 4 individual invitations to meet one-on-one with the top luxury brands in the world to learn more about their products and how can I match my clients' specific needs to make their travels that much more memorable. I was with my previous host agency for a little over a year and never once did I receive such an invite. Joining GTN has been the best business investment I could have made and every day I am shocked and grateful for our luxury travel community and the benefits it offers. I would highly recommend GTN to anyone looking to build and grow a SERIOUS travel business for life.

Host Agency Response
March 20, 2024

Wow, Jenny, your journey with GTN sounds absolutely incredible! we are so pleased you decided to join our community.

It's always inspiring to hear how a switch in host agencies can make such a significant impact on one's business. It's clear that you feel GTN goes above and beyond in prioritizing our advisors, that we foster a supportive community, and provide all of our advisors with top-notch training and resources. We really work hard to meet our advisors where they are at and help them to scale their businesses to their business goals and models!

And those invitations to meet one-on-one with luxury brands? That's the kind of exclusive access that can truly elevate your client offerings to new heights and grow your business effectively in the luxury space! It's all about creating those contacts that you can call and make you a rockstar in your client's eyes.

Thank you for sharing your experience and recommendation with us – it's testimonials like yours that truly speak volumes about the value GTN brings to the table. Here's to your continued success and unforgettable travels ahead!

January 24, 2024

This summer marked a significant milestone in my career – the switch to Gifted Travel Network. This decision has been transformational, offering a sense of community and belonging that I've long sought. The leadership at Gifted is phenomenal, and their preferred suppliers are top-notch.

My business has seen an amazing start, buoyed by the constant support from the Gifted team. Their well-organized training, weekly webinars, one- on-one calls and streamlined portal with resources have been instrumental in this journey. For anyone considering a start in this career or looking for a change in their host agency, I wholeheartedly recommend Gifted Travel Network. I've truly found my home among host agencies with them.

Host Agency Response
February 9, 2024

Hi Kristi!

Wow, it's fantastic to hear about your incredible experience with Gifted Travel Network! Switching host agencies is a big move, and it's amazing that it has proven to be such a transformative decision for your career.

The emphasis on community and belonging is something we all strive for, and it's heartening to know that Gifted Travel Network has delivered on that front. We are proud of our top-notch preferred suppliers – it sounds like you're thiving!

It's especially great to hear that the constant support from the Gifted team has given your business such a strong start. From the well-organized training to the weekly webinars, one-on-one calls, and the streamlined portal with resources – we work hard to provide you the support to set you up for success.

Your recommendation speaks volumes, and it's clear that Gifted Travel Network has become more than just a host agency for you – it's become a home. Wishing you continued success-we are thrilled you are a part of Gifted Travel Network!

January 8, 2024
Updated Review

I am so incredibly grateful for all the community at Gifted Travel Network. Since starting my business in 2020, I have made some of the very best connections, met the most amazing mentors, and developed partnerships with preferred suppliers that have propelled my business in ways I could only dream of at the beginning. Being part of the Top Producer's Club has allowed me to hone in on developing best practices for my agency with advice from the best of the best in the industry, and has opened up opportunities for me to attend career-changing conferences like DUCO Italy and ILTM Cannes. Thanks to the support of the GTN community and my colleagues in the network, I continue to tweak my business and establish partnerships to further benefit my travelers and agency success. Thank you to GTN for being so supportive and encouraging your community to embrace community over competition, always.

Host Agency Response
January 22, 2024

Hi Angela!

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing experience with Gifted Travel Network! It's heartening to hear how the community has played a pivotal role in your journey, fostering connections, mentorships, and partnerships that have truly shaped your success. Being part of the Top Producer's Club sounds like a game-changer for you, by providing you invaluable insights and opening doors to incredible opportunities like DUCO Italy and ILTM Cannes.

Here's to embracing community over competition-the GTN way! Having a supportive community is everything.

Thank you for being a part of the GTN family- we can't wait to see where 2024 takes you!

December 16, 2020
Previous Review

I have been with GTN only a few short months and am already seeing such a complete shift in my travel business! I interviewed many host agencies before deciding on Gifted Travel Network, and the main differentiator for me that I kept seeing on repeat as I spoke with members of the community and took advantage of GTN's free resources was their commitment to helping to develop their agents' entrepreneurial and business mindset skills just as much as their travel and selling skills. I have learned so much from Vanessa, Meredith, and Jen already that I am implementing and is making a huge difference in how I operate and run my business. Not only that, but the community of advisors is the most supportive, innovative, positive, and inspirational group of advisors I've yet to be around. Everyone is so generous in the sharing of their advice, guidance, knowledge, strategies, and tactics to help each individual advisor reach success. And to top it off, the mood and focus is always one of support, honesty, and encouragement - there is no room for doom & gloom in the GTN community. What a breath of fresh air it has been!

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