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July 27, 2018
It’s been almost a year since I decided to make one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life and that was joining GTN Travel MBA Program. After speaking with the staff and attending my first Conference I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. Although I came into the industry with many years of business travel experience. The training, support and insight I received this year has been invaluable. I’m so grateful and blessed to have this opportunity to do something I love and learn from the BEST. GTN teaches us to think outside the box and to celebrate our uniqueness. You will receive the BEST mentoring, life and business coaching, providing you with all the tools you need in every aspect to start your Travel Business. Even if your ready to start the program and not sure of your business name or what your niche will be. GTN can assist you with this, through their coaching process seamlessly. The Travel MBA Program was so worth it!! I’m overwhelmed with joy from my experience and the amount of wisdom I’ve received. I can’t wait for everything I’ve learned to manifest into a new level of greatness in my New Business. Being apart of GTN you have no choice but to thrive. The tools are there. It’s just up to you to implement them!!
March 26, 2020

It may seem counter-intuitive to write a review in the current environment as the travel industry deals with the current crisis, but they say you find out who your friends are in times of trouble.
As one of Gifted Travel Network's top producers, I have come to realize that despite collapsing sales and immense uncertainty regarding the future, they are our friends as much as our host agency. Their support, encouragement, balance between dealing with current reality and looking to the future is incredible. They have stepped up to deal with issues , they are answering emails, and they are producing webinars and Zoom calls on a daily basis. When the dust has settled, I'm convinced GTN will still be here, and anyone new to the industry or for those of you who feel you've been abandoned in any way by your current host, should take a very close look at the leadership GTN are showing during this time. I am so grateful to them, and know our business will emerge the other side of this stronger than ever.

March 18, 2020

Since joining Gifted Travel Network as an independent contractor 9-months ago, I have never been disappointed in the content or support that they have provided me as an entrepreneur, but rather my experience has been one of total satisfaction! Everyone within the GTN community has been nothing but eagerly supportive, and the knowledge base has been an invaluable resource to me and my young business.

February 11, 2020

Joining Gifted Travel Network is joining a community of advisors who are incredibly supportive, kind, and resourceful without an ounce of competitiveness or malice. GTN is run by proactive, innovative, compassionate, empathetic, intelligent, forward-thinking, transparent and all around terrific people who work tirelessly for the benefit of our entire network. Joining Virtuoso in January 2019 only propelled us further on our trajectory. This host agency is run by and filled with amazing people who care about the travel industry, professionalism, customer service, doing the right thing and achieving greatness for our businesses, our clients and also for ourselves. We're one huge extended family who all work AND play well together and strive to be the best in all we do. GTN's Travel MBA program helped prepare me to go from start-up to over $100,000 in sales in my first year as a solo-preneur. I could write tomes on how GTN and our community have changed my life for the better and helped me prosper as a business owner and as a travel professional. It probably comes down a lot to chemistry too, so if you're considering GTN - just give them a call to chat! They're one of the few host agencies offering up to 100% commission splits too. Take my 5 star review and add 1,000,000 stars to it.

October 8, 2019

What a great group of ladies to host with. They are committed to giving you the tool you need to make a successful travel business. I started with their Travel MBA which gave me all the building blocks to not just sell travel, also the tools to create, build, and run my own business. Their commitment and passion for seeing their advisors thrive and grow shines through in all their communications. They have also created a great FB forum where you don't feel alone and you can always find an answer to your questions. If you are new to the Travel Advising world or looking for a supportive fun group of advisors to work with this is your host agency.

September 30, 2019

I'm new to the travel industry but have professional experience in sales, consulting, HR and entrepreneurship. I evaluated numerous host agencies and felt that Gifted Travel Network and their Travel MBA program was the best fit for me. The key reasons were the business focused model, commitment and talent of the leadership team, highly supportive community and confidence that GTN would best position me for success and profitability. My experience over the past three months has been inspiring and so much fun! The Travel MBA program and our mentor's expertise and support have been key in guiding me through a quick ramp up. The recent award of the 'best new advisor training program' is very well deserved!!

August 6, 2019

I am so happy to make the move back to Gifted Travel Network. I have been in the travel industry since 2006. After working for a few agencies, I decided to branch out on my own. I joined GTN for a bit and decided to try my hand at getting my own credentials. Long story short, I am back! There is so much more power when you're with your tribe. There is nothing like the family feel and how everyone is there to help each other. I have been a member of Gifte(their sister company that focuses on mindset and coaching) since about 2013 so this is just a natural extension. I love knowing I am a part of something. I have made great friendships and look forward to growing my business with Gifted Travel Network.

August 6, 2019

The moment I first joined Gifted Travel Network I knew I had found my home! I have been in the industry for years and can say with certainty that GTN is one of a kind. Each member is truly respected and nurtured no matter where you are in your business. Time is spent on making you and your business the best it can be with amazing training opportunities not found elsewhere. It is amazing that they invest so much into their members personal well being and growth which in turn leads to professional growth. Thank you Gifted Travel Network for putting people first!

August 6, 2019

I am not new to the travel industry so I have quite a bit of past experience to know what I was looking for in a host agency. I have been associated with Gifte (the sister company to GTN) for quite a few years now. I really liked the support in this community and how they teach independence of your agency and not an extension of the host agency. It made since that GTN would continue to support this thought so when I started looking for a new host it just seemed natural for me to look at GTN. When GTN joined with Virtuoso I knew that this was the host agency for me since I had been with a Virtuoso agency in the past and knew all of the wonderful things this can bring to your business. Also, the staff at GTN is very supportive. They are there to help and respond quickly to your questions. Bottom line you can't go wrong with GTN as your host agency.

August 5, 2019

Making the decision to change careers and become a full time Travel Adviser was the easiest decision I ever made in my life because I LOVE everything travel and when your job is doing something you LOVE it is no longer a job :) However, finding a Host Agency that knows how to support someone that is not familiar with the travel industry AND not familiar with being an entrepreneur. Well, that is another story...... In less than a year, I have interviewed many and even tried a couple of different agencies before Gifted but was still totally lost. I was actually ready to give up and feeling discouraged but saw a posting about the Gifted Travel MBA program on Host Agency Reviews and decided to join it as a last resort. Wow, this decision has been a great business investment for me. The program delivers individual customized support, all types of on demand learning content (live webex Q&A for travel related questions; marketing, CRM, etc... all week long), video tutorials on EVERYTHING which are super easy to find when there are not live calls in process and you need to figure something out quickly after hours, vendor training that is actually helpful, Facebook forum to interact with the team, etc... All formatted in a really easy to understand format for the beginner. I am finally on my feet, booking travel and feeling very confident about my future :) As an IT professional in my prior profession, the technology is solid. On a personal level, the entire group is wonderfully supportive. Oh, and did I mention Gifted is Virtuoso? I wish I had more than 5 stars to give!!! Thank you Gifted...

August 5, 2019

If you're reading these reviews, I'm going to assume you're looking for a host agency. Here's my advice. Please stop and just sign up with Gifted Travel Network (GTN). You simply will not find a better host no matter how long you search, so you might as well save the time and call GTN now. But maybe you need a little more information before you go with GTN, so let me help you out. First, the management team is phenomenal - they truly have your back and are always ready with advice and/or support to help you make your business successful. Next, their Travel MBA program is fantastic, and it got me trained up and headed in the right direction very quickly. Finally, GTN's professional, caring, helpful, "can do" attitude extends to their entire community of travel advisors, of which you'll become a part of when you join. If only I could give them 6 stars!

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