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June 30, 2022
It was February, 2022, and I was frustrated with my then Host Agency (HA). I joined that particular HA as a brand-new, hot-off-the-showroom-floor, certified Independent Travel Agent (IA). I was old to the travel business, but a new IA with my LLC. I didn’t have much money, so the $19/mo. (now$21) fee was attractive, but even MORE attractive was the 80-20 commission split, unheard of at other HA’s. This was, by far, the best draw of all! I did want a user-friendly Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and I especially wanted customers! I didn’t realize it then, but what I really needed was a reliable support system. My experience in choosing my first HA was in learning that specifics matter. I was general in my wants, and got exactly that. Every review in HAR has a “Program Details” section, and one of those details is ‘Lead Program’, indicating if that HA provides Leads or not. I casually dismissed the fact that my HA choice did not offer Leads, because I intended on building my business by recruiting my family and friends. It also wouldn’t hurt to post on FB that I was now a IA, then maybe pass out a few business cards. I did not need Leads because every one I knew was now miraculously ready to travel, and would immediately become my customer! There were three. Three people. What I didn’t count on is that no one had immediate plans to travel. An 80% commission on nothing, is nothing. Avoya Leads do not pay 80% commission because they are Avoya customers, but these are actual Leads, not names off some outdated mailing list. They are vetted and real, and allow a new Avoya IA to earn income they would not have earned on their own. An IA is able to generate some income as they are building their own customer base at 80-20! I learned that ‘advanced’ CRM, but that does NOT necessarily mean user-friendly. That system was not intuitive. There were multiple pages to navigate for simple information, and entering info was quite time-consuming. On the other hand, Avoya’s CRM is quite intuitive. It is almost as if IA’s had a hand it it’s design. One of my favorite features is the tie-in with Outlook Office 365. Every e-mail between you and PAX is auto-saved in the record. There is also a ‘Conversation’ feature that allows you to chat with your PAX. Those chats are then a matter of record. Everything is documented. When I chose Avoya, I had no idea what an ‘available’ support system looked like. I did learn that ‘reliable’ support does not mean expeditious, nor does it necessarily mean availability when you need it. Support is needed after 5pm, and on Saturday! There were those times, during 9-5, that I would receive an answer in a reasonable amount of time, but there were way too many times I would have to wait hours, or even a couple days to receive a reply for a problem in which I needed immediate help. Enter Avoya. In this industry, you are only as good as your access to correct information. Every IA is 100% dependent on access to the right suppliers, but we also depend heavily on a strong support system. Avoya has a very extensive, and easy to access Knowledge Base, but when additional support is needed, no support staff comes close to those at Avoya. They are always available, and they always respond. I have submitted a slew of Support Requests, and by far, the vast majority are answered within 10 minutes. This level of support is a crucial underpinning of every IA. You can be confident that Avoya support will not leave you floundering, or left in the cold. I did not know this level of support existed. If you are searching for your first HA, or are switching to a new one, please take time to review what Avoya has to offer. A user-friendly CRM and a solid support staff are crucial ingredients for an IA at any level, and when you add in Avoya’s access to all the top travel suppliers, you have the best recipe for the success!
May 20, 2020
Old Review

I have been with Avoya Travel since 2007. I have never looked back as it was one of the best decisions I have made for my travel business. I have always felt that the support that Avoya has provided for us in all aspects of our agencies. This is a family and I have always felt that both my challenges over the last 10 years and my strengths have both been supported.

May 13, 2020
Old Review

Avoya Travel has been nothing but the best! The Education and support you receive when you become an IA with them is amazing! My recommendation as the best host agency in my book. I can't thank them enough.

May 12, 2020
Old Review

I previously worked in a brick and mortar store. Avoya has it all over one of those. It is family owned company where the family is very involved. The Anderson's are very passionate about their company and those of us who represent them. They are very much hands on in all areas. They are not controlling but leading and helpful. I would definitely tell my best friends to look no further if they want to become a home based travel agent. The training you receive when you join is easy and clear. Not to mention if you have or need any assistance someone is always there to help. In all the years I have been with Avoya I have always felt this company is one big family and I am very blessed to be a part of it,

May 10, 2020
Old Review

Avoya Travel is providing us with outstanding leadership, support staff and technology that is the best in the world to use to help us run our business quickly and efficient. They have kept all of their staff on during the Pandemic and they are going above and beyond to help us so that we can do what we do best - assisting our clients through an unprecedented and difficult world events that impact their travel plans. They have provided experts during our weekly online meetings who are there to answer any questions we may have. Avoya is concerned about us, our business, and our customers and going above and beyond to make sure we all get through this. I am grateful that I am an independent agent affiliated with the best in the business - Avoya Travel.

May 7, 2020
Old Review

Avoya is so generous in their support of our Independent Agencies. Professional and personal.

May 5, 2020
Old Review

First and foremost is the support. I made the decision to come on board a couple of weeks before COVID-19 hit. And while I did consider postponing, I bit the bullet and marched on, little did I know that my part time retail job would become full time plus and essential in a matter of days. EVERYONE at Avoya and AU has been very understanding and helpful in the confusing and stressful times.

Secondly, the simplicity of finding answers (my own and potential clients) has been great. And that's coming from one with a dominate Mac background! Again, support ties in here too.

I've yet to 'meet' someone that doesn't treat me like an old acquaintance or newfound friend. The energy of the Company is a positive, friendly one that obviously wants everyone to do well to create a successful company. That's one I definitely want to be part of.

So, while my perspective is fresh, my ears and eyes tell me that this is the right place to be, especially in the unique, volatile, uncertain days we are facing. Avoya is in place to be a forerunner in our new normal.

Avoya, you and your staff, every one in this company is appreciated! keep doing what you're doing!

May 4, 2020
Old Review

I started as a new to the industry IA in mid March 2020, yes what an unfortunate time, right! Well I look at it is it is giving me the time to learn, prepare, collaborate, and explore prior to jumping in head first. All of Avoya's processes have over the top, hands on, and I feel focused they care about me and my success. I know that when the flood gates open I will be more than prepared. THANK YOU

April 20, 2020
Old Review

Your the best. Will make 10 years soon, and you have never failed me and always try to stay ahead of what is going on in the travel industry. Great support system too.

April 14, 2020
Old Review

The Avoya Team support in all areas of our business; the SR system available 24/7; the connection between Avoya Travel and Vendors, which assures the IA the best offers to clients and automatically gives the IA advantages to connect directly with Vendors; and of course, the weekly direct deposits and much more!

April 10, 2020
Old Review

I'm given valuable tools and the support I need. Friendly, thoughtful online events are always useful, even when I repeat them. All of these are preparing me for "The Second Wave!"

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