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June 13, 2023
I began my journey with Avoya about 6 months ago. The training was excellent. It is online so you can move at your own pace. There is live support every step of the way. The trainers have a great deal of expertise and are very patient. About five months ago I began with my first client. The excellent support continued with Avoya's Early Success program. They offer outstanding workshops conducted by experts in the field. Upon completion of their Early Success program, the support continues. With every question I've had or challenge I've encountered, the Avoya team has been there with timely responses. Their platform for booking and managing travel is excellent. It's user friendly! Lastly, I credit my success, over $900,000 is sales in less than 5 months time, with the training and support I've received from the Avoya team.
May 29, 2015
Old Review

Most progressive company in the travel industry. Best Leads program. I sold $1,700,000 with just Live Leads my first year with Avoya Travel as my Host Agency. Great support!

May 29, 2015
Old Review

I have been in this business for over 25 years owned a few travel agencies over the past 25 years then a few years back I decided to retire. Well, I got bored and started looking for a host agency to work from home part time and found Avoya Travel. I thought they "live lead" program and some of my past clientele would be a good fit.

I can share with you that they have the Salary and the Hourly employees that post wonderful reviews. It would be wonderful I'm sure to work there if you actually got paid but that not the case if your an Independent Contractor of Avoya.

I signed on as a "Independent Contractor" Avoya promised all these Amazing Leads, After, paying my phone bill, monthly service charge and all the other fees that they nickel and dime you I am lucky to see $20.00 on a $900.00 escorted booking commission. 98% percent of the leads are bogus all the "good live" leads go to the employees that have been with them since they were America's Vacation Company. The leads you receive as a new independent travel agent (even someone with exceptional travel agent experience and proven performance) are terrible. Leads with fake names, emails, phone numbers and Avoya may only give you 7 a week to sell from. If you don't close these terrible leads they charge you and won't give you more. Again, I have been in the industry for over 25 years so when I did actually get a viable lead and closed it, the commissions on a cruise only booking averaged $75-100 and you would get 30% of that. You do they math it's less than $2.00 and hour for the time it takes to book, process payments, email clients, take care of documents, follow-up, etc. The contract they make you sign basically says "Avoya has all the rights and you have none". Even when you want to leave say good-bye to the lousy commissions you did make because even if you got your booking past final payment and you leave they take it. I have sold over $250,000 in sales and after all the fees I've seen maybe $5,000. That's no where near 30% they promise. Also, these "live leads" you better be available 20 hours a day 7 days a week because if you do get a lead and they decide to need further information or ready to book and your not available in one hour or less Avoya gives your lead that you previously had been working on away. Even if you spent days with this potential client. One hour! So there goes your life.

The management is very friendly upfront then watch out!! Steve in upper management truly does not care about his independent agents and will treat you as such.

Again, over 25 years in travel, I have been a top producing travel agent for Apple Vacations, Walt Disney Travel Company, Funjet Vacations, Starwood Hawaii and Sandals & Beaches Resorts. Avoya will say "mastermind program to succeed", I can assure you that if you have any kind of travel agent experience this program is NOT going to help you with there live lead program. This is NOT the place to sign on as an "independent agent" unless you want to pay them for travel agent discounts. I thought I lost my touch as a travel agent but after finding work with another legitimate travel agency that I can still work at home, I know that I will just chalk up a mistake to sign on with Avoya on my part. Please independent travel consulants beware .

May 21, 2015
Old Review

I absolutely love being a part of Avoya Travel! Joining this company is quickly becoming one of the best decisions I have ever made career wise. Not only do I work from home, making my own schedule and being my own boss, but I am actually making money doing so! My earnings increase monthly as I become more proficient with the Avoya system - especially with the Avoya Live Leads Program. I attribute my success with these Live Leads, to their incredible award-winning Mastermind Program. This program is amazing because it works. The training included with the Mastermind Program is free to Avoya agents. If one had to hire a sales mentor/trainer on their own, to get the kind of proven results one gets at Avoya, it would cost hundreds of dollars if not more. The instructors I have worked with are knowledgeable and supportive. There is always training available to Avoya Agents and you can participate in as much or as little of the daily trainings that are offered.

Many times people ask me if I feel "alone" working from home. That is never the case with Avoya Travel, as you never alone with the constant support from the Avoya Staff. If I have a question my emails are answered within minutes. The upbeat and positive atmosphere at Avoya coupled with their continuous support, will ensure your success. You will never regret joining Avoya Travel!

May 15, 2015
Old Review

I can truly say that joining Avoya Travel was the best decision that I could have made. They are like a big family here and their goal is to see their Independent Agents become "Best of the Best" in the industry. I am constantly impressed with how many IA's with Avoya are people who have been in the travel industry for years.

I have been provided with many tools to help my business succeed. Avoya's educational opportunities, marketing, support teams, live lead program and Mastermind program are in place to help my business grow and be profitable. If I am successful, they are successful.

Avoya has been very supportive of me, as a newcomer to the business, and I know that if my agency is not growing and making money I only have my self to blame.

May 15, 2015
Old Review

I have over 25 years in the travel industry. I became an Independent Affiliate with Avoya Travel less than one year ago.

It was not easy starting a new business and I felt quite alone in the first week or so. I rapidly realized that booking cruises was not for me. I expressed this to Avoya Travel and was quickly urged to switch my specialty to something that I would enjoy. I have found my niche and am very happy. My monthly income continues to increase, I work at my own pace and love what I do. What more could I ask for? A company that is supportive and encouraging...I have found that with Avoya Travel.

Avoya Travel offers me leads, training, webinars, meetings. It is up to me to utilize what is offered to ensure my success. I am delighted to be affiliated with Avoya Travel.

April 4, 2015
Old Review

I have just gone through the same experience with Avoya as David (February 3, 2015 review). I only wish I had seen his review first. From the first day, the information from Avoya was mixed. First I found out they are not in Florida, so if I needed help I have to call the west coast on their time and they call me back on their time.

Then I found out after their EDoc system lost my credit card information and when I brought it up they didn’t care they just kept making me re-send it on line.

Training came around, but I was not told I could do it any other way then by their time schedule and our computers had broken down, so I borrowed a laptop without sound. I paid additional $200 for long distance calls.

It then popped up that my credit card was hacked and Avoya accepted no explanation just kept billing me or trying to get me to give them a new credit card. This was for leads I did not generate for them. How could I when I had not completed their training?

No website or leads were given to me, only a Shut Out from Avoya.


March 25, 2015
Old Review

I have been with Avoya for 4 years and it has been an amazing experience. I have tripled my income since joining Avoya. Don't let the commission split for Avoya leads scare you away. The money is there and It is a great way to grow your business. Another Avoya benefit is the Mastermind mentoring program. I have learned so much from my mentor and fellow independent affiliates, their support is tremendous. Our relationships with vendors has helped me grow my personal business as well.

February 3, 2015
Old Review

I made the mistake of joining Avoya Travel in February 2014. Many promises made, but not kept, and they suddenly get very smug and constantly tell you to refer to the 'contract', which is laborious. I would not under ANY circumstances re-sign with this operation. Just a horrible experience- a year wasted.

Plus, all the bookings you made during that year that are from their leads go back to them, and you do not get paid, even if final payment was made. A total rip-off!

Host Agency Response
February 6, 2015


As was explained to you any future bookings made for Avoya clients have to be transferred to a new agency to complete once your agency is no longer an Independent Agency of Avoya Travel. The commissions need to be paid to an agency with a current agreement and the agency that completes the booking.

We are a network of professional sellers of travel, with professional defined as those making a living selling travel. We are known by all the suppliers we work with as a host agency that does high volume, not because we have thousands of agencies signed up (we don’t), but because the agencies we have are serious about their business and sell at an extremely high sales volume per location.
It is important for the collective reputation of all of our agencies that we only maintain those who have higher than the industry average sales.

As the owner of your own business before you elected to become an Independent Agency we recommended you review your agreement, with a lawyer if necessary.

We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Skip Fortier
Director, Join Avoya

January 25, 2015
Old Review

When I left my last host agency I was told since Avoya charges me an affiliation fee to be careful. This was a host agency that didn't have the marketing and resources Avoya has. I have made more with Avoya in the first 6 months than I did in 3 years with my last host. The marketing, the tools, the education, the support and the live leads have made it a very great move on my part.

September 9, 2014
Old Review

I am coming up on my two year anniversary with Avoya Travel/American Express. I can say without any doubt, that anyone looking to expand their horizons in the travel industry this is the place to do that. Avoya Travel with their Live lead program,and the constant support we receive is the place to be.

We receive the ability to run our own agency with a support staff that is second to none. The one thing that distinguishes this agency over many others is the live lead program. This not only gives you an opportunity to grow but the tools to do it with. We have a network of fellow agents you can always reach out to, and the training to accomplish your goals.

If you are willing to work professionally and with integrity you would and could be successful. Don't be left out of the growing travel industry market. You CAN succeed if you wish to!

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