Opened Agency – Now what? Finding a Good HA? FAM Trips!

(151) Opened agency – now what? Finding a good HA? FAM Trips! 

In episode 151 Steph tackles some great questions with co-host Henley Vazquez from Fora! 

1. I have my agency set up after going through your 7 Day Set Up program but now I’m lost on how to find clients and start advertising. I know there is no one way to do things, but what would you recommend for next steps once my agency has opened? I sent an email to my friends and family about my new agency and also set up social profiles. –Anonymous

2. I am looking for a host agency and I have never had one before. I have compared a ton on your site and I am feeling overwhelmed. What are the main things I should be looking for in a good host agency? Or should I start my own? —Judi N.

3. I was just invited on my first fam trip! Do you have any advice on how to make the most of it or tips for a new travel agent going on their first fam? Thanks! —Anonymous

TODAY’S RESOURCES: (HAR’s 7 Day Setup LITE is a free online course that helps you start your agency. It does not have support and takes you through resources to help you make things happen) (HAR’s 7 Day Setup Accelerator course with 70+ easily digestible videos, 48 exclusive resources, monthly live meetups with HAR team and others for support and accountability, priority email support) (List of host agencies.) (Advice on how to find the best host agency.) (Travel Agent FAM Trips: What They Are + How to Find Them) (How Travel Advisors Can Make the Most of a Cruise Ship Inspection) (The Definitive Site Inspection Checklist) (5 Ways to Make Your Travel Conference Count)

April 12, 2024
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