The 7 Day Setup Accelerator Course

The online course by Host Agency Reviews that cuts your agency setup time in half, makes you more profitable faster, and helps you build your dream biz!

You're about to

Wrap your fingers around EVERYTHING you need to start your dream travel agency in the exact order you need it, from business plan workflows to supplier lists and more—including instant access to industry experts and exclusive resources NOT included in the free 7 Day Setup LITE.

Smoothly and quickly launch a stellar agency that fits your goals like your favorite pair of jeans—and “wows” your clients, friends, and family.

Earn a certificate of completion recognized by top-shelf host agencies (and makes it SO much easier to get adopted by the one you want)

Make more income FASTER by getting your biz up and running sooner WHILE getting the support of industry experts so you can make the best decisions.

SAVE a lot of time and money by AVOIDING the expensive mistakes so many newbies make (like paying for LegalZoom or NOLO).

Get DIRECT ACCESS to friendly coaches and experts who can answer your unique questions and help you solve problems wayyy faster than you can by yourself.

Start your career as a travel agent with the kind of confidence that makes clients relax and suppliers perk up. Start My Agency!
Hey there aspiring travel advisor!

We’re guessing you’re here because you’re spending hours and hours reviewing countless posts, articles, forums, and videos to learn about the industry and best practices on starting a travel business.

…Only to realize that when one of your questions gets answered, two more questions pop up.

…Or that you’ve completed one thing, only to realize you skipped something important that should have come first. Oh no!

…Or you’re feeling stumped and confused by all the contradictory info out there. (And how much of it is up-to-date, anyway?)

It’s SO overwhelming.

But you didn’t get into travel advising to play whack-a-mole- you just want to build the perfect travel agency business so you can live your dream life!

…Which is literally why we spent HUNDREDS of hours writing guides, assembling templates, gathering questions, and outlining how-tos to help you…

Discover our fail-proof, step-by-step guide to becoming a full-fledged travel agent!

And if the idea of taking a course gives you sweaty palms, heart jitters, and to-do list anxiety…

…Well, compared to the hours you’re spending trying to frankenstein a travel business together, this step-by-step guide is going to feel like a few easy laps at the skating rink.

Because it’s the comprehensive agency launch tool you didn’t know you needed. And it will cut your overwhelm and stress in half.

Pinky promise ;)

What’s Inside the


Bite-sized Instructional Videos
Indispensable Templates, Worksheets, Downloads
Supportive Community
Industry-Recognized Certificate
Priority Support
Flexible Pricing
Meet your instructors :D

“Hey, hey! I'm Steph and yes, I know Bridget and I look a lot alike. We not only look alike but we both grew up in the family travel agency AND love educating people about things we care about.

When I started HAR in 2012, it was really hard to find guidance on getting started. I've been helping advisors start their agencies since 2007 and love every bit of it!”

Hi! Bridget here and yes, we're sisters who both have a strong passion for education and love to travel.

I've spent 15 years helping advisors start their own agencies. I also bring an official teaching credential to the table, while Steph brings the (insane levels of) excitement. I'm so lucky that I can marry two things I love by creating educational content for you!

The step-by-step guide to launching your travel agency with less sweat and


The Travel Agency Ecosystem

Developing Your Niche

Choosing a Memorable Name

Registering Your Business

Setting Up Your Finances


Choosing Your Travel Agency Model

Choosing Your Host Agency

Creating Your Business Plan

After Your Launch

The biggest reason why the travel industry is SO overwhelming?

Because there are a gazillion suppliers, vendors, host agencies, and regulations to know about.

Which is why

we break down:

Exactly how the industry works, from bookings to billings.

The “big players” you need to know about so you can deliver unforgettable experiences for your clients and host agencies.

Essential industry terms so you never feel like an imposter. Includes a Travel Industry Glossary of terms like DMCs, comprehensive lists of preferred suppliers and host agencies, and tour operators, FITs, custom tours, and more.

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Launch Your Dream Agency Now!
You can do it!! You're getting SO close to opening the doors of your agency.

I’m serious.

I want to take the...


I want:

ALL the essential steps, resources, and benefits from the lessons listed above.

The industry-recognized course completion certificate after passing the course.

Access to the private course community.

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to my biz. I want to take the...


I want everything included in the 7 Day Setup Accelerator: CORE, plus: 

✓ Exclusive invitations to the twice a month Buzz Sessions , the hour-long, hands-on small business consulting sessions with the Host Agency Reviews team and “Ask an Expert” guest speakers, for 12 months.

Priority support with a VIP email address to the HAR team.

Complimentary access to the current year’s travel advisor reports to help you make the right data-driven decisions for your agency (a $267 value).

*Save $40 on the all access pass if you've taken the ASTA Roadmap to Becoming a Travel Advisor course.

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Still have questions?

No worries, we’ve got answers!

Who is this course for?

For anyone ready to start their agency. You've done your homework and know what to expect, now you need some help with the logistics of making the dream come into fruition. We help you through the part of your entrepreneurial journey when you know you want to start your agency, but aren't sure how to make that happen.

What if I'm not sure a travel advisor career is for me?

If you're still exploring whether becoming a travel advisor is a good fit for you, you're a little too early for this course. To help you figure that out, we recommend taking the ASTA Roadmap to Becoming a Travel Advisor course written by one of our instructors, Steph Lee.

Is there someone to help when I'm stuck?

Heck yeah! Your course includes access to not only trainings and resources, but also priority support from the HAR team for questions you might have. Along with that, you can tap into our community of entrepreneurs going through the course with you. Fellow entrepreneurs are always a great source of information for help, feedback, or to throw ideas around. The HAR team is active in the private course community for all students so reach out anytime or use the VIP email exclusive to All Access Pass students.

You will have access to the course, the community, Buzz Sessions (All Access Pass students only) and updates for 12 months after the purchase.

Most people focused solely on their agency can complete all the course lessons in 7-14 days. But keep in mind that starting your agency is a continual process and we’re here to support you for your entire journey. And if you’re not able to focus 100% on starting your agency, it’s self-paced so totally okay if it takes you longer. :)

You betcha! During your 12-month subscription, you will always see the latest lesson content, resources, and downloads.

Yes! Who doesn’t love a good ol’ certificate? For those that finish the course and pass the quizzes, there is a gorgeous certificate of completion waiting for you at the end to show prospective hosts and consortia! 

The course is not a requirement to become a travel agent—there aren’t any requirements to become a travel advisor—but HAR’s content is highly respected in the industry and your host/consortium will know your agency is set up properly, you’ve thoroughly thought through your business, and that you have a realistic and strong overview of the industry.

Think of the HAR website as someone giving you the ingredients to a recipe, but no exact recipe. Whereas this course gives you the detailed recipe step-by-step AND has you working alongside an experienced chef. The course saves time, gives you access to the HAR support team for questions, and cuts down on information overload. You also have access to exclusive resources that you will only find in the course.

Yup! If you find it's not what you expected within the first 30 days, we're happy to offer a full refund. Please note: If you've finished the entire course, we are not able to offer a refund.

Nothing. :) This course is based on the assumption that you are brand new to the travel industry and new to being an entrepreneur!

Absolutely. It is very important to us that money not get in the way of someone being able to take this course. We award quarterly scholarships to those with financial need. In order to qualify for the scholarship, you must meet the financial need requirements and you must have completed ASTA's Roadmap to Becoming a Travel Advisor course. If that's you, you can find more details on the financial requirements and apply here. We also offer our free 7 Day Setup LITE program for those on a very tight budget.

We offer $40 off for students that have purchased and finished ASTA's Roadmap to Becoming a Travel Advisor course.. If that is you, send your course completion certificate to to get a discount code!

There are two options for purchasing the course:


1) One-time $199

2) 2 monthly installments of $125 each


1) One-time $399

2) 3 monthly installments of $150 each

We're thrilled you love the course and want to help spread the word! And it just so happens we have an affiliate program. :) We pay 20% commission and send out earnings every 3 months via PayPal. You can find the affiliate contract here. Once we receive it, we'll get back to you with your affiliate link within 5 business days.

Our main expertise is in helping US advisors start their agencies, and to a lesser extent Canada. While there is helpful information about starting a travel agency no matter where you're located, the more specific legal and operational details may be different based on your location. HAR's expertise is really focused on US agencies and regulations.

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