Travel Agent Startup Summit

Travel Agent Startup Summit

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Too many travel agents have jumped into the industry and assumed their passion for travel combined with lots of vendor and product education will lead to a profitable business. They soon find that’s not the case. We have seen too many travel advisors working long hours for very little money and many frustrated by a lack of clients. We want to help new travel advisors start the RIGHT way. 

Travel Agent Startup Summit is designed to serve two groups. First, those who are exploring the travel industry who probably have a lot of questions about how the industry works and if it is possible to actually make money doing it. The second group is those who have dabbled in travel but haven’t been able to achieve the results they want. These agents are struggling to find clients, make enough money to pay the bills, and aren’t sure this is a viable business.  

Over the past 7 years GTN’s team has worked with thousands of travel advisors and we know there is a way to build a travel business that leads to satisfaction and profitability and another way that leads to frustration. We are going to share the roadmap for building a successful, profitable, rewarding travel business with participants of Travel Agent Startup Summit.