Make Your Travel Agency LGBTQ Friendly
5 Tips to Make Your Travel Agency LGBTQ+ Friendly (or Friendlier)
Keep PRIDE alive by taking a few (easy peasy) steps to ensure that your travel agency is LGBTQ friendly (or friendlier!) It's good for everyone.
5th Annual Travel Entrepreneurship Week
Gifted Travel Network’s sister company, Global Institute For Travel Entrepreneurs (GIFTE), will host Travel Entrepreneurship Week from June 15-19, 2020.
Cruises Inc logo
Cruises Inc. Agent of the Year Shares the Secrets to Her Success
Prior to opening her Cruises Inc. travel agency, Naomi Kuhns was an avid traveler who loved the research that went into planning vacations. Her friends and fami
2020 Demographic Travel Agent Report
Who's Charging Travel Agent Fees? A 2020 Demographic Report.
Get to know your fellow travel agents! Everything from age to seat preference on a plane. Make sure to weigh in on next years fee report!
Uniglobe Travel Center article
Uniglobe Travel Center Hosts The Industry’s First Virtual Conference
Uniglobe Travel Center was set to throw their Annual Conference/Family Reunion May of 2020 at Walt Disney World. Then a pandemic hit.
A GDS Primer: What is the GDS and Which Travel Agents Need It?
A GDS Primer: What is the GDS and Which Travel Agents Need It?
HAR breaks down the ins and outs of the global distribution system (GDS): What it is, who needs it, and how can travel agents book without it?
National Travel Agent Day
Happy National Travel Advisor Day!
It's national travel agent day and we are celebrating all you travel advisors! Thank you for all that you do.
Travel Planners International Sponsored Story
Four Important Yet Easy Tips for Creating a Business Succession Plan
As a business owner, not having a “plan” can lead you to some serious pitfalls. What happens when you can’t run your business anymore? Do you have a succession plan in place? Do you know how to create one? If the last three questions sent you into a panic, find some relief that you’re not alone. ...
Travel Agent Career Outlook | What You Need to Know
Travel Agent Career Outlook | What You Need to Know
I work with travel agents. Inevitably when I tell people, they ask "Is a travel agent career viable?" The answer is a definite yes. Here's why.
Do Travel Agents Need E&O Insurance?
Learn more about E&O insurance, where to get it, and how to make sure you have realistic expectations on what it can (and can’t) do for you.
Independent Agent 2020 Fee Report Header
The 2020 Independent Travel Agent Fee Report [+Infographic]
Get the latest on fee charging trends among independent travel agents. Some findings may surprise you!
Cutting Cost During Coronavirus: Travel Agent Discounts
Cutting Costs During Coronavirus: Top Travel Agent Discounts [Updated 5/11]
The Coronavirus might have affected your business but do not let it affect your productivity. See the travel agent discounts that can help you trim costs.