Travel Expenses, 2020
What Travel Expenses You Can (and Can’t) Write Off
Travel expenses are complicated for travel agents. This covers which expenses you can (and can't) deduct and gives you the tools to document and track them.
Travel Agent Certification
Travel Agent Certification---What are your Options?
There are a lot of travel agent certification programs out there. Discover the most respected certifications, curriculum details, and costs associated.
Valentine's Day 2020
Travel Agent Valentines (Our Love Letter to Travel Agents)
To show our love for you this Valentine's Day, HAR created some travel agent Valentines Day card for agents to share with their clients.
Travel Planners International Sponsored Story
Here’s How We Can Make It Easy for People to Join Our Industry
Building the industry isn’t just about adding travel advisors, increasing sales or enticing new consumers to travel.
Free Site Inspection Checklist Download!
The Definitive Site Inspection Checklist
Want to save time and reduce stress during site inspections? HAR has you covered with our 10-step site inspection guide plus our free downloadable checklist.
National Plan For Vacation Day - Call your Travel Advisor
What's the Most Popular Vacation Destination for Americans? Their Cubicle.
National Plan for Your Vacation Day is Jan. 28! Use HAR’s social images to support your clients to plan a vacation and escape their cubicle in 2020!
Travel Planners International Sponsored Story
Now’s Your Moment to Move #FiercelyForward
Travel Planner's International encourages you to overcome fears and challenges to move #FiercelyFoward with your travel business in 2020.
Travel Quest Network
How To Make Your Website Your Number One Salesperson
Having an impressive website is crucial to generate leads, and it sets the tone of how your business operates. Your website is your best salesperson!
Best Host Travel Agency of 2020? Announcing HAR's Luminary Awards!
The Best Host Travel Agency of 2020!
What are the best host travel agencies in 2020? HAR created a metric to award companies with highest star rating, engagement level, & number of new reviews.
Uniglobe Travel Center article
Learn to be a Professional Travel Advisor in 4 Days!
Uniglobe Travel Center(UTC) is hosting the MentorU Summit, a rigorous coaching event that condenses a portion of their traditional MentorU Program into 4 days!
HAR's Q&A Giveaway
HAR's Q&A Giveaway Is Live!
Ask a question on any HAR profile and you'll be entered to win $25 in cold hard cash!
Guide to Host Agency and Consortia Education
A Guide to Host Agency and Consortia Education [+Comparison Chart]
Here's a rundown of host and consortia education options, for new and experienced travel agents alike!