Dugan's University 2024 - CELEBRATION

Dugan's University 2024 - CELEBRATION

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This event promises a blend of reflective nostalgia and forward-thinking ambition, showcasing our commitment to academic and community excellence.

Event Highlights:

  1. Supplier Presentations: Discover the latest trends and innovations as leading suppliers present their newest offerings and insights. This is a unique opportunity to gain industry knowledge and stay ahead of the curve.
  2. Trade Show Extravaganza: Explore our expansive trade show, featuring booths and displays from a diverse array of suppliers. Network, learn about new products, and find potential collaborators for future ventures.
  3. Cocktail Receptions: Unwind and socialize at our elegant cocktail receptions. These relaxed gatherings provide the perfect backdrop for informal networking and reconnecting with peers.
  4. Special Dinners: Celebrate in style at our special anniversary dinners. These gala events will not only honor our past but also toast to our future, with fine dining and entertainment.
  5. Networking Hub: A dedicated space for agents to meet and connect with each other as well as with suppliers. Forge new relationships and strengthen existing ones in a collaborative atmosphere.
  6. Anniversary Commemoration: Reflect on 25 years of achievements and milestones with a special commemorative program. Join us in honoring the visionaries who have shaped our university.