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May 22, 2014
My husband and I attended the Travel Conference in Las Vegas last year. We looked at a couple of "Host Agencies" and Anita and Team, blew our socks off. I feel so comfortable reaching out to the Ticket 2 Travel team and have learned SO much in the past 10 months. Currently in the middle of a move and am very excited to get settled and really dive into this amazing adventure. I love the fact that you have this amazing team of professionals who support you and help you in any way they can. I love this company. Thank you all!
May 22, 2014
Old Review

I am a wedding/event planner and I wanted to be able to offer my clients destination weddings/honeymoons as another service.

I had decided that I would learn about being a travel agent. So I decided to take several courses to become an agent. The more I got into it the more intense it became I noticed this was not going to be an easy task. In my research I came across a site that offer all these host agencies.

There were a lot of them some looked alright, some of them had a lot of fees, and some just looked confusing. I came across A Ticket 2 Travel I read the reviews and felt pretty good about the agency. Now I must say I had responded to some of the other agencies but when I had reached out to A Ticket 2 Travel I had expected to get an email but what really got to me was the fact I received a phone call from Ms. Marylyn Klein, Business Development Manager & Director of New Agent Training that really impressed me to the fullest. We talked for about 15-20 minutes Marylyn was amazing. I knew this was where I belong.

The next day or maybe a day later I received another called it was from Anita Pagliasso, the owner of A Ticket 2 Travel I said what I was floored there was no way this busy woman was on the phone talking to me.

I had finally put the voice to the picture because I had read several of her articles in the travel magazines I was SHOCKED how does this busy lady take the time out of her schedule to call me and welcome me to her world it was truly amazing. There was no question of which host agency I wanted to be affiliated with NO QUESTION. This was a family that I wanted to be a part of.

I can tell you the warmth the friendliness that Marylyn and Anita showed to me was absolutely breath taking. Not only did they welcome me as if they had known me for years but also the other travel consultants that I have had the pleasure of talking to via our emails and our "Saturday monthly chats" have extended the same warmth.

Everyone has been so helpful with advice and hand holding. You want to be with a host agency that makes it all about your business and not theirs. I have been here for three months and it feels like I have been with A Ticket 2 Travel for years.

I am still learning about travel but I know no matter what I come across if I can't handled it I can always count on A Ticket 2 Travel to help me over the rough spots.

May 21, 2014
Old Review

I took the Kelly Monaghan's course. I researched different host agents. My results ended with Anita with Ticket to Travel. I've been very happy with Anita and he team. You can't find a more compassionate agency.
Thank you Ticket to Travel

May 21, 2014
Old Review

Since joining Ticket2Travel I have grown in knowledge and experience in the travel industry. I really like the family feel and support from my colleagues I never feel alone and there is always someone available for any issues that may surface

May 21, 2014
Old Review

We work for them and they work for us. That's just how it is; teamwork at it's finest. If your host agency is A Ticket to Travel, you're part of a family. A family that works together towards a common goal. From the very first inquiry and application/interview process it is apparent that this is a class act organization. I have worked with other host agencies, and what sets this one apart is the total dedication of each staff member and every agent. Everyone is in it because it's their passion, and everyone is willing to help each other including agents helping agents. Anita is a strong leader, experienced and well known in the travel industry, yet never condescending to new or seasoned agents. She is only a phone call or an email away. The workload of a travel consultant is sometimes overwhelming, and her calendar is certainly full, yet she takes the time to address each agents needs, concerns, questions or comments. The entire staff is awesome and if you're in the market for a host agency, then look no further than A Ticket to Travel.

May 20, 2014
Old Review

T2T is my 4th host agency in seven years. I joined them nearly three years ago. I have found my home! This agency is high touch...using area meetings, area mentors, a monthly call-in and a Yahoo group which activates all agents for help and suggestions. Anita Pagliasso is quick to acknowledge our successes and supports us 24/7. This, in spite of her affiliation with many world wide travel groups. Not a good agency, but a GREAT agency.

December 23, 2013
Old Review

Anita and her team are very approachable, helpful and willing to work with you to meet your needs. The email list is also a great resource to get questions answered by the group. They are always working on ways to improve and expand the tools offered to their reps. A Ticket to Travel is a great and supportive host agency!

December 18, 2013
Old Review

I have been with Anita and Ticket to Travel for over ten years.

I was an outside agent with a brick and mortar travel agency who treated their outside agents like employees and step children.

I was at a CLIA 340 convention in Florida and went to hear Anita speak. I was really impressed with what she had to say. Afterwards, I made my husband hunt her down so I could speak to her about becoming an outside agent with her host agency.

At that time, all of her agents were based on the West Coast. I persuaded her to take me on as a home based agent working with her and learning from her wealth of knowledge in the industry.

Today, Anita now has home based agents from one coast to another and it is amazing.

Anita really values her agents and rewards their loyalty with special incentives and bonuses.

I feel that the 100 plus agents and I are part of an extended family, getting to know each other through our monthly Saturday chats with Anita, our wonderful seminars , and our Yahoo group. It is so nice to see that our agents in Ticket to Travel help each other instead of being in competition with each other. We are there for each other and if we need help with a destination we are not familiar with, all we have to do is to post an email and within an hour we will have at least ten emails from other home based agents giving us suggestions and sharing their knowledge with each other.

As a travel agent who is completely blind, I have a couple of extra challenges in my daily work demands and Anita has always been there for me to help me with solutions to get around visual issues and to go to bat for me.

Today, ten plus years later, I feel honored and privileged to be part of the family of Anita and her host agency.

If anyone is looking to join a host agency, then Anita Pagliasso and Ticket to Travel is the place to go!

December 17, 2013
Old Review

I joined A Ticket 2 Travel about 1 ½ years ago as a brand new agent. I had previously worked under a host agency I signed up with, but never heard from them. I worked alone and felt like I was treading in mud…not sure if I was heading in the right direction. I was getting frustrated. One day I came across Anita’s Tool Box for Home Based Agents by Anita Pagliasso. The information was very valuable and feel it gave me a sense of hope. So I googled Anita Pagliasso and it lead me to A Ticket 2 Travel website. I phoned them, explained my situation, liked what I heard and joined their team.
At A Ticket 2 Travel you have a sense of community….You work alone, but not alone. I was set up with a mentor and with the use of Yahoo Groups there is always someone there to answer your questions. As a newer travel adviser, this is very important as it gives you the confidence to move ahead knowing that the help is there when you need it. Anita and her support team have always given me the sense that you are valued and they want you to be successful. They provide lots of training and innovative marketing ideas. I feel very blessed that I found A Ticket 2 Travel.

December 17, 2013
Old Review

I first met Anita in 2002 looking for a career change. Without having any previous travel agent experience, Anita took me in under her wing and equipped me with the tools to be a successful home-based agent. She is passionate about her agents and her goal is see them be successful. I am truly honored to be part of an agency that is committed to their agents and also one that is highly regarded and respected in the travel industry. I have appreciated the one on one mentorship that is available to all our agents and the fact that Anita is accessible to her agents for whatever help and support is needed.

September 18, 2012
Old Review

I started working as a travel agent 4 years ago and was hosted locally by a brick and mortar agency. I heard Anita speak at the OSSN conference, read her articles and bought her books. When the time was right I jumped into the Ticket to Travel family.

This is a great host agency for support, commissions, knowledge sharing with fellow agents, and when you need your host to go to bat for you, I would not want anyone but Anita on my side. Ticket to Travel is the best of the best…

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