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May 22, 2014
My husband and I attended the Travel Conference in Las Vegas last year. We looked at a couple of "Host Agencies" and Anita and Team, blew our socks off. I feel so comfortable reaching out to the Ticket 2 Travel team and have learned SO much in the past 10 months. Currently in the middle of a move and am very excited to get settled and really dive into this amazing adventure. I love the fact that you have this amazing team of professionals who support you and help you in any way they can. I love this company. Thank you all!
July 20, 2012
Old Review

I am excited to be associated with such a powerful and well respected lady in the travel industry. Anita’s focus is on her agents and she continues to show that through her constant search to provide the best suppliers and tools for us to work with. Her articles and books are timeless documents that you can continue to build on and grow. Anita’s professionalism spills over and is so appreciated, such a giving person. I love being a part of Ticket 2 Travel.

July 19, 2012
Old Review

Anita as an individual is one of the most genuine and generous person I know. As a business woman and leader in the travel industry she is phenominal! I could not have made a better choice then to align myself with Ticket to Travel. Anita has her agents best interst at heart and has great relationships with our suppliers in order to get us the best rates for our customers. I am always excited to read her books, articles, or hear her speak at a function...her knowledge is priceless!

July 19, 2012
Old Review

I started with Ticket to Travel over 10 years ago and it has been the best agency I have ever worked for. Anita Pagliasso is my hero. She has time for every single one of her agents no matter what she is doing. She gives us all the support , tools and advice we need to become successful agents. I believe her tenacity,kindness and work ethic is what makes Ticket to Travel a successful and Unique Travel Company that stands above any other.

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