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October 31, 2023
It has been a year since I signed up with OA. Now is a great time to share my experience with you if you looking for a new host ( like I was) or are a new agent looking to join the tourism trade. OA is a GREAT host. No doubt. Before joining them, I simply picked up the phone and called them to speak with the owner. I had zero expectation of this actually happening but was pleasantly surprised when Chad Burt came on the line and spent a good half an hour speaking with me and answering all my questions. I signed up the same day. It didn't take me much time to understand their systems and if I had a question, the OA staff was very quick with their email replies. Best way to communicate with them. They have brilliant internal systems set up for just this purpose. Agency staff and higher-ups are almost always available for insight and help as and when needed. They are highly professional ( yet super funny on socials). I had a chance to meet most of the staff at one of their TA conferences and the vibe is that of one big family. For new agents, they have mentors for initial support. Though I have industry experience, I still set up a call with a mentor just to test the new waters. It was a lovely call. They have great contracts with vendors, resorts, and consolidators across the world. Their payment system is top-notch with very little room for confusion. Payments have been on time on expected dates. The split is also one of the best ( that I know of) ( Ex host had a terrible split and I wish I had known of OA before). All in all, I highly recommend Outside Agents. It has been a great year with them. Happy Travel!
May 16, 2012
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I have been associated with the Cruises & Tours Unlimited family since 2005. They are very helpful and give plenty of training to make our travel businesses successful. There are online tools that are easy to use, thanks to Chad. I look forward to maintining this friendly and helpful relationship for years to come.

May 16, 2012
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Excellent company. Great support. My first choice as ahost agency. I have been with them for 6 years.

May 16, 2012
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May 16, 2012
Old Review

If you are looking for a host agency look no further! Outside Agents owners are always available when you need them and are so helpful with any questions you may have. They are there to help you grow your business every step of the way. They have available all the vendor resources at your fingertips. You always get paid on time and the commission you can earn with them is like none other. The more you produce, the more your commission is. Another great perk is no fee to sign up. Chad, Steve and everyone at OA are amazing and very professional!

May 16, 2012
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I researched host agencies before I made my monumental decision to join, and have not regretted my decision for one moment. I interviewed by phone several host agencies when I decided to become a travel agent. won hands down. The family has owned the business for the past twenty years and treats everyone like family. You can always pick up the phone to get answer or opinion about a problem. They are always there to help you in an situation.
Training is with every cruiseline, tour operator, insurance company or airline consolidator. They maintain a library of on-demand webinars in case you might have missed a webinar the day it was presented, or just want to go over it again.
If you are looking for the greatest host agency, I urge you to call and ask for Steve or Chad. You will not be sorry.

May 16, 2012
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This is my second host agency, and my success would not be near where it is without Outside Agents. With Outside Agents you're a part of a family, and your "parents" are always there to help you.

I won't mention the other host agency I dealt with before Outside Agents, but I got absolutely no help from them and I didn't make a single sale while with them. I never knew the names of anyone there.

There are plenty of host agencies that tell you that you have access to those at the top, but with Outside Agents that is the absolute truth.

I've had a pipeline to Steve, Chad & Marty from the very beginning ... and on my first cruise booking Steve bailed me out and saved my butt.

I had booked a cruise on the brand new Oasis of the Seas for a pastor, but being new I did not know the additional paperwork I had to do, the cruise was cancelled and I didn't find out about it few weeks before sailing. I frantically called Steve, and in minutes he located the lone remaining cabin in that category and got it taken care of.

The pastor never knew how close he came to not sailing and he and his wife loved the cruise so much that he allowed me to book a group cruise for his church that included 110 members. Had Steve intervened immediately I would never have gotten the repeat business - and my reputation would have been tarnished throughout this denomination.

In our agent forum there are always similar stories from folks just like me. And whether we're experienced or new to the business, we all take comfort in knowing that we have people at the top and throughout the Outside Agents office who are always there to listen, teach and help us grow our business.

I can't imagine going somewhere else. That would be like leaving my family.

May 16, 2012
Old Review

Outside has been my host agency for nearly four years now, and I wouldn't consider making a change...I already have the best. I have to admit that when I was originally looking for a host agency and I found them, I was a little skeptical; that old adage that when something seems too good to be true, it usually is, kept playing in my head. So I made a terrible mistake that cost me a lot of time and money and delayed my progress on building my business...I signed up with another well known host.

I was brand new to the business and this agency wanted a huge share of my commission for any help they would provide. Most of the time this help just wasn't existent anyway. It took me a year to get free from this host, but since I had already signed up with Outside Agents I just started booking everything through them, but I still had to pay the other host until my contact was up.

All the help I needed was available at Outside Steve and Chad and all the staff are wonderful. I had so many questions and so much to learn, and I found that I had an answer to everything I needed to know in just a few minutes with a phone call or an email or on-line training sessions. One of the most valuable resources at is their membership at
Through the programs offered at, I have been able to grow my small home based agency. The valuable relationships that have long been established with Outside provides members with top tier commissions and lots of opportunities.

I could talk about the merits of for a long time, but I want to remind everyone that there are no sign up fees and no monthly fees. The commission payout begins at 80% to the agent and can increase to 90% as the agents business grows. Commissions are paid monthly and you don't have to worry about whether you are going to get paid.

Does it sound too good to be true? This time it really is true!

May 16, 2012
Old Review

Joanna and I have know Steve Muraca since he started working at

the agency for his dad. He was our cruise consultant and we never

had any problems with any of our bookings.

If you are considering joining Outside Agents you will not be

dissapointed. The agency is run with respect, courtsey and

professionaly for their agents.

They try to keep abreast with all the latest technoligis that

are available. This area is handled by Chad Burt and he does a

a wonderful.

Ample training is provided for their agents and they are

readly available to assist their agents if they seek help.

Outside agents is a great place to be associated with. You will

be given all the tools to succeed. How and when you conduct your

business is up to you. The only reason you will not make a

Outside Agents successful endeavor will be because of you.

Kind regards,

Oscar and Joanna Burk

May 16, 2012
Old Review

We signed up 18 months ago. We were with 2 other host agencies prior to Outside Agents.
Greatest people to work with. Always ready to assist with problems. Owners give out their personal cell phone numbers! Top flight back office support, commission tracking, customer support.
Easy to use Web tools. Direct link to suppliers. Very fair commission split.
Best of all…..No start-up fees, No Monthly fees, No nickel and dime charges.
Dave & Renee
1Happy Cruise

May 16, 2012
Old Review

Outside agents is awesome host agency.More opportunities and chances to grow in the travel consultant bussiness.

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