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June 26, 2023
I started out my travel agent journey with another agency. I knew I needed more from my Host, but didn't know where to start. I looked at Host Agency Reviews and narrowed down my options to 3. After interviewing them all, I decided on Nexion and it was the best decision I have ever made. The first time I logged in to the Nexion agent site, I knew I was where I wanted to be. The tools they provide their agents are everything you could want to be successful in your business and more. The trainings--both online and in-person, are some of the best I've been to in any industry. I've made wonderful connections with many other agents also with Nexion, and can say without a doubt, the people who work with Nexion and FOR Nexion, are some of the best anywhere. I highly recommend Nexion to anyone looking for a Host.
July 26, 2016
Old Review

In the years since becoming Travel Agents we have had a few different hosts. Since joining Nexion in April 2016 we have been so VERY PLEASED. From the initial contact with Karlen Okamura to the most recent boot camp we have learned so much and received top notch support from every dept., Membership Services, Education, Sales, Information Tech, and Operations.

Last week we attended the Boot Camp in Irving Texas and in 3-days we learned more about who, when, why, and how to operate our business and service our clients. Meeting Amy, Lauren, Chris, Robby, 45 fellow Nexion Agents, and several of the preferred suppliers was OUTSTANDING! The hotel where it was held (Sheraton DFW Airport) was a great location, the accommodations, the event support, and food were fantastic.

The 45 agents who attend the boot camp have experience ranging from brand new to 53 years. We not only got the value of sharing experiences and learning from each other, but more importantly we form friendships. Using Nexion Town we form a community group to continue to learn, share, and help one another for many years to come.

The current capabilities with Nexion including Passport Online website, Mailpound eBrochures, Nexion Town (community groups), Web View (the members main page), invoicing, the preferred suppliers, and most of all the feeling of being a part of the team/family.

Jackie Friedman took time out of her busy schedule and fighting jet lag (returning from Europe the previous night) and answered questions, gave us some helpful tips and explained that Nexion is a TOP SHELF organization.

Even with the tools they have today, Nexion is not settling for status quo, but pursuing even better tools. I wish we could attend the CoNexion in San Diego this September but it's just not possible. That said if you can join Nexion and attend you will be amazed at the new and improved tools and see first hand what I've been trying to say about the sense of team and family that Nexion offers.

Joining Nexion was one of the best decisions I have made in operating our travel business. I hope this review is helpful and you take my recommendation to join Nexion and become a part of the team/family.

July 15, 2016
Old Review

I have been with Nexion for 17 years. They have always been professional, and on top of technology, and pro-active for agents. Commissions are paid promptly. Never had a problem, and am very happy with all they do.

June 16, 2016
Old Review

I have been affiliated with many different Host Agencies over the years and have never been happier than I am with Nexion. I always receive my commission payments on time (big deal to me after being ripped off by the likes of JoyStar), there are many useful tools provided in the back office including NexionTown which is a platform for all of the Agents to discuss/refer different suppliers, destinations, etc, and, for the most part, the individual departments are very responsive (accounting, commissions, etc), professional, and courteous!

The only negatives I could share would be trying to get a hold of Management with any specific issues and the policy on getting new suppliers approved (blanket emails with no follow through gets old). These two items almost dropped this to a 4 star but since everything else runs so smoothly, Nexion still warrants a 5 star when I compare to the other options out there.

June 13, 2016
Old Review

I started out in 1998 with a home-based agency with a host that is no longer in business. When I joined Nexion in 2013 a couple of my concerns were how well they handled accounting & commissions as well as support & response for such a large group of agents.

I have totally impressed in all aspects. They offer training & support from beginners to experienced agents. Their training and conferences are wonderful not to mention their recognition program called President's Circle.

They are a larger company with a small company personality of warmth & caring.

Being part of the Travel Leaders group of companies is a win-win for all. I'd do it all over again if I had too.

June 13, 2016
Old Review

I have been in the travel industry for 25 years, and moved to Nexion a few years ago, coming out of a bad situation with someone else.

commissions are paid twice a month, and always on time!

I've been very happy working with Nexion. They offer so many different options for the agent - training for all levels of experience. Their support system is very responsive, and I haven't had any problem they couldn't help with right away.

I can book any type of travel through the webview, or with the individual suppliers.

They have something for everyone - whether an agent is just starting out, or experienced.

Happy with Nexion!

June 13, 2016
Old Review

I made the move to Nexion 3 years ago from a previous host agency. The experience, education, profitability, and respect that comes with being of member of this team is unmatched!! Hands down, it is the most important business decision that I could have made. As others have mentioned, it is truly like being in a family that cares about the success and well-being of all members. The fact that is our consortia team is hugely beneficial. The level of training that I receive and their invaluable direct mail and email marketing saves me hundreds in business expenses!
I can't say enough about the administrative team----each is so impressively knowledgeable and helpful EVERY time that I have ever needed direct assistance. No doubt, the most NEXceptional host agency to join :)

June 12, 2016
Old Review

I have been with Nexion for over 4 years. They are continually adding new programs to help the agents. Their response time for questions is extremely quick. Commissions are paid on time. One of the reasons I joined them was their association with, which includes even more benefits. Nexion is a great host agency whether you're a veteran agent or just starting out.

June 10, 2016
Old Review

I have been in the travel business for over 30 years I have worked in storefronts I have worked in Internet agencies and I have owned my own business for many years I now have a agency that is strictly a preferred client base so Nexion has been a great choice for me.
I have been working with Nexion for many years under the 90/10 split which has worked great for me. My business has grown tremendously over the many years that I've worked with the support they give you. I would recommend Nexion to anyone starting out in the business that is looking for support.
They offer many classes in training and if you need anything they are only a phone call away.
With the start of the new nexion town meetings for local agents this is another's step forward to help new agents great move.
I look forward to working under Nexion for many more years Thank you Jackie and her whole team.

June 10, 2016
Old Review

I have 26 years in the travel agency industry, and for the last 8 plus they have been with Nexion. I had my own brick and mortar agency for five years, and then I was an Independent Contractor with the agency I sold. When I was ready to make the change to a Host Agency, I didn't have far to look. At the time Nexion was owned by Sabre, so it was a no brainer for me. Nexion has gone through some very positive changes the last few years, and are now under the Travel Leaders Group. I can't say enough about the increased commission amounts, the preferred supplier support and just knowing that the home office is there for me. So, if you're looking for a GREAT Host Agency, look no further....Nexion is the one!

June 10, 2016
Old Review

I am very impressed with Nexion in many ways. Being an 18 year veteran, I joined Nexion over two years ago. What I like the best was their affiliation with The amount of "free" mailings and social media benefits they offer me is outstanding. I attended my first Co-Nexion in 2014 in Orlando and could not believe the huge attendance of other independent contractors like myself. Jackie Friedman gave me a warm hug as though we knew each other for twenty years. The other benefits that assist me in my business is the on going training by their staff and the vendors. If you looking for a company to Nexcite you, then Nexion is the one!

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