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December 13, 2014
Finding a host was very difficult. This comprehensive review site helped me a lot while doing research. I have never been a travel agent so lacking experience in this field, it was confusing to find the right agency. I finally chose Montrose because of the booking engine with really competitive prices located on the Website. I've only been here a month, but the training (free) is good, and the marketing program (free) seems to be superior. I like the fact that there are no additional fees for Website or marketing. Whenever I call in, the support team is great and helpful. I've only scratched the surface but I feel I made the right decision.
July 9, 2013

I have been with Montrose Travel for 5 years now and I love every moment of being a Home-Based Agent. When I first came onboard, I was welcomed with open arms and have always felt the love that Montrose gives. Montrose truly takes care of their employees, their very family oriented and are just great people to work with. They are very patient and understanding to meeting your needs and getting you familiarized with the procedures and training. If you are looking a winning team, Montrose Travel is the team you want to be on. You all are truly the best and I mean that from bottom of my heart.

July 6, 2013

For over five years I had enjoyed researching and assisting friends and family with booking their travel needs. At that time I had no direct affiliation with the travel industry. In February 2006 it was recommended by a friend that I become a travel agent. Excited to do that I joined the company she was with, which was a network marketing company. I stayed with them for two years and then I switched to another network marketing company that was leading the pack within the multi level marketing travel companies. When that company suffered some harsh legal problems I began to search for host companies that were truly travel agencies. I loved what I learned in the travel industry for the few years I was with the network marketing companies. Although the mlm travel industry is highly frowned upon, I was a member who actually did book travel for clients. I was having fun in the travel industry so I wanted to stick with it. In my search for a new company, Montrose Travel stood out for me. Over the course of six months I researched host agencies and Montrose Travel offered what I was looking for with a home based program for travel agents through their MTravel division. I liked the MTravel tiered commission structure, their extensive training modules, their high recognition in the travel industry, their support to their field agents and their sense of belonging to a family as one of their agents. I became a home based travel agent with Montrose Travel in mid 2011. I have not regretted my decision to affiliate with Montrose Travel for one second. Each time I have needed some assistance they have been available and willing to support me. Just recently I was on vacation and I was contacted by one of my top travel clients, who was in a crisis with travel arrangements I had booked for her. There was a problem with her flights due to the airlines having major delays stemmed from bad weather the night before. I was on the road and not near my files. I placed a called to the support staff, of their MTravel division, and I was immediately assisted. Over the course of a few hours the support staff stuck it out and did all they could to get my client booked with a new flight itinerary while I remotely worked on her other travel arrangements. The support the staff was able to give myself and my client cannot be measured in words. In the end I maintained a happy client and I am forever grateful to Montrose Travel. Although I continue to work my travel business part time, I absolutely love being affiliated with Montrose Travel. I am so very happy that I made the switch for Montrose Travel to be my host company.

July 5, 2013

I joined Montose Travel in 9/2012, when joining you become part of a family, not only is MT here to help but also the independent agents that are apart of this family. I have been in the Travel business 90 & in 93 had a store front, in 96 to cut cost took my business into my home & ran a home office. Now since 2012 & joining MT I have been running my business as a full time RV'er on the road traveling to different states for my husbands work. I have become a true traveling agent, my laptop, IPad & iPhone go everywhere. It is a new world for travel & you can run your business from anywhere & MT is with you at all times.

May 6, 2013

I have been with Montrose Travel for over five years. I give it my full 5 star approval! I have over 29 years experience in the travel industry, working for a major cruise line, then selling travel through different agencies throughout the years. In 2000 I started my own agency, Kensington Cruises, and tried to do everything myself. When Mtravel started, I became one of their first agents to sign with them and I haven't regretted it for a minute. Mtravel is there for you every step of the way! Whether you are a beginning travel agent, or experienced travel professional, they have something to offer you. Their training is superb, and support is unmatched. Montrose Travel is one of the most respected travel agencies in the country, and they have exceptional relationships with all of their preferred suppliers, including all of the major cruise lines. Their commissions are top tier, and you have the opportunity to earn the highest commissions in the industry through them. It was more profitable for me to take a commission split with Montrose Travel than it was for me to try and earn the entire commission by myself.

It feels great knowing you are in business for yourself but not BY yourself; one summer when I was on a cruise, a client had a big problem on a trip they were on. I was unable to be reached, so Montrose Travel handled the problem beautifully for me, rather than let the client suffer. You have a team of professionals behind you, supporting you, recognizing you, training you and inspiring you. As long as I'm in the travel industry, I will be partnering with Montrose Travel!

Questions? You can reach me through my website,, or

Montrose is the host agency of choice for me!

May 5, 2013

I have recently started a business and partnership with Montrose Travel. I have had a career in the business management, ownership, retail, and marketing fileds for the past 45 years.
Montrose Travel stands out as one of the best in the travel industry after researching the company during their past over 50 years of successful business operations and debit free status.
The company's concentration on customer service, training associates, and striving always to be the best in the travel industry is second to none.
i would advise anyone who want to make a career in the travel industry to definitely choose Montrose Travel.
Montrose Travel is "ABOVE AND BEYOND THE REST" without a doubt.
I look forward many years of successful business association ,since i know they have our best business interest at heart.

March 26, 2013

I started with MTravel a little over a year ago with no previous professional experience in the travel industry. After researching for a few months on what the host agencies have to offer, I settled on MTravel, and I have been quite happy with my decision.

Starting your own business and working from home is difficult, but the support staff at MTravel will help you with every step. They provide training on a wide range of topics to help you get started and to continue the growth of your business. I especially appreciate the Annual Education Conference not only for the learning opportunities and the chance to meet and speak with the suppliers, but also to network with other MTravel home-based agents.

The relationship they have with many suppliers makes me feel confident in my decision to be an affiliate with MTravel. Knowing I was choosing a host agency with a good reputation and stable business made my decision much easier.
I think anyone looking for a host agency would find MTravel a welcome place to call home.

January 28, 2013

I have been with Montrose Travel for only a few years and have had a wonderful experience working with this organization. They have always been there for me whenever I had a travel question. Great support team and Montrose provide valuable tools for the home-based travel agent to make use of. Their training program is also an important asset to have as well. If you are considering a host agency for your travel business, I highly recommend MTravel.

November 26, 2012

I have been with Montrose for just short of 4 years and am thoroughly impressed still with the way that Andi Mysza conducts herself, and thus the entire organization with a fantastic blend of professionalism and fun. This is an organization that not only is well respected and does a great job for their ICs, but also fosters a real sense of belonging – truly like a family.

Above all, they keep it real.

If you could use sound advice and help along the way from a host agency then I highly recommend Montrose & the MTravel family.

November 24, 2012

I just celebrated my first anniversary of my second career with Montrose; I spent 6 months researching my options and in the end it came down to two choices, on paper the other agency was a little more appealing plus they offered a free fam to explore the world every year. It was that undeniable warm and fuzzy "feeling" that has no place on a balance sheet that made choose Montrose Travel. A decision I am grateful for every day of the year. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable and more importantly never hesitate to share that knowledge, the support is fantastic, they answer even the stupidest of questions with grace. They are professional and perhaps most important they exhibit integrity in all business dealings. All the while being more than just a company they are a family without the obnoxious aunt.

November 22, 2012

I've been in the travel business for 18 months now, though I traveled for business for over 30 years. When I decided to become a travel professional, I did a considerable amount of research about Host Agencies, and Montrose kept coming up with high marks. I decide to join them and am glad I did. Their support is outstanding, and they treat everyone as part of their extended family. I've been to 2 of their conferences, and both have been outstanding. Their training is very good, and they have great relationships with all of the major travel industry suppliers, so the pricing and commission structure is very good. I am very happy to be part of the Montrose family as they are committed to my success.

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