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December 12, 2014
Finding a host was very difficult. This comprehensive review site helped me a lot while doing research. I have never been a travel agent so lacking experience in this field, it was confusing to find the right agency. I finally chose Montrose because of the booking engine with really competitive prices located on the Website. I've only been here a month, but the training (free) is good, and the marketing program (free) seems to be superior. I like the fact that there are no additional fees for Website or marketing. Whenever I call in, the support team is great and helpful. I've only scratched the surface but I feel I made the right decision.
July 5, 2019
Old Review

I have been with MTravel for six years. I recently had an issue with a tour operator that did not provide the service my client paid for. I went around and around with these people and was getting no where. I called in to our client value managers - Daena and Debbie to seek guidance on what to do next. They got the details of what happened and took over from there. I am happy to report they not only got back the partial refund I requested, they got my client a full refund, making me look like a rockstar!! I am so thankful for the opportunity to work through MTravel and the support I have received over the years.

Host Agency Response
July 9, 2019

Thank you for your kind feedback on the support you receive from the MTravel team. We are honored to have had you in the MTravel family for so many years! I am equally proud of Daena and Debbie for their ongoing support of the MTravel family and your valued customers. We are committed to supporting your business needs, including proactive and responsive partner supplier support. Thank you for your continued choice of MTravel and for sharing your feedback with your peers! If I can ever be of service to you, you may reach out directly to either myself or our Senior Vice President, Salv Silvera, at 800-870-5799, or via email at or, to share your experiences, ideas, and kudos.

June 25, 2019
Old Review

I'm an Independent Contractor with MTravel Hosting and I am very happy with the decision I made approximately 10 years ago to join. What I like best is that they have a listening ear. They really care about us and our goals for our businesses. They hear us when we ask! Recently, we have had a major upgrade to our technology that was very much needed. With all things new, we've encountered some challenges. However, I am happy to say that the new technology is working well for my business and all the glitches are being handled in a timely manner. This new technology and all of the supportive services, and the training offered has motivated me and allowed me to grow my business. I really appreciate the support that I receive from the IC support team and my Client Value Manager.

I recently did the numbers and my business has grown 57% since last year this time. That is incredible growth! I must say that the growth is a direct result of the ideas, training, support that I receive from MTravel hosting services. It's my business and I am allowed to run it my way, but I never feel alone, I never feel that I don't have resources to assist me to get where I want to go. MTravel hosting is a wonderful partner and I my business has flourished with their care, assistance, and support.

I highly recommend them as a host agency who listens and understand the needs of independent travel advisor who want to be successful!

Host Agency Response
June 27, 2019

Hi Gwiin,

Thank you for your kind and candid feedback about your experience with MTravel. It is a joy to hear of your positive experiences with our service teams and new technology platform. Congratulations on your phenomenal business growth this year! I am proud you feel well-supported by our staff and are equally pleased with your choice of our evolving technology and service solutions. All of us at MTravel look forward to helping you grow your brand and increase your business long into the future. We know you have many options to support your business, and we appreciate your continued choice of MTravel. I look forward to working with you for many years to come! If I can ever be of service to you, you may reach out directly to either myself or our Senior Vice President, Salv Silvera, at 800-870-5799, or via email at or, to share your experiences, ideas, and kudos.

May 16, 2019
Old Review

Its been just a few months for us in this business. We chose MTravel based on the glowing reviews here and after spending hours looking at various host options and what each had to offer in the way of support , training, technology, resources and access. The exposure so far to suppliers and training are what we had hoped for. The new technology roll out shows lots of promise and a solid vision for future development and was a much needed update.
Some of that roll out felt a bit rushed- taking sites down during business hours was a bit rough, occasional hiccups in data results/presentation and the way information has or has not been sorted in the new agent portal. I know it will get fixed- so I'm being patient.
Perhaps it is growing pains/challenges with the CTM merger, but I would say as well, the inconsistencies in responding to support requests/ emails is probably my one issue to date. Often more than a couple days to hear back from someone. It is acknowledged, when joining MTravel that they take a bigger commission split for new agents because they anticipate doing more hand holding. However when you can't get responses in a timely manner or help is only available M-F business hours, I'm not sure what extra hand holding I am getting for the higher split.
We believe MTravel has a solid foundation. Hoping they are able to resolve the technology and communication challenges going forward. Staying hopeful and patient.

Host Agency Response
May 17, 2019

Thank you for your choice of MTravel service and technology to help you best serve your travelers and grow your business. We appreciate your kind words regarding our approach, our assertive technology roadmap, and our training and supplier support. Hearing your support of our roadmap and goals for a bright future is greatly appreciated! We do wish your entire experience had been exceptional, as we aim for every customer, and will take your valuable feedback to incorporate into our service delivery standards. Thank you for the opportunity to continue serving your business. Your support is valued, and your continued feedback allows us to better serve you and your peers in the MTravel network! We’ve reached out to you directly, but you may always contact either myself or our Senior Vice President, Salv Silvera, at 800-870-5799 or via email at or at any time with additional comments, suggestions, or ideas to improve your MTravel experience.

May 15, 2019
Old Review

I am between 2 and 3 stars, judging as a newbie. I was excited to join MTravel, but wound up disappointed. The training was essentially just people droning over PowerPoints. (You also have an in-person option for these instead.) I had one call with the person that was supposed to be my mentor and thereafter I sent some emails. But, she was usually traveling and not available. She was very nice, but not really any help. Instead, I was directed to the support people who didn’t really seem thrilled to be answering my newbie questions. Support was not great - esp. since they would be getting 50% of my commissions. I expected more. As other reviewers have mentioned, their systems were quite old looking. I haven’t used the new system as I have stopped using them. But, Was able to log in to look around as of 2 weeks ago and it’s still very basic looking. After a short time with my new host agency I can say the difference is night and day. I would not recommend this agency for travel newbies.

Host Agency Response
May 16, 2019

We are sorry to hear that your initial experience joining MTravel was less than impeccable. We strive to provide strong support and learning opportunities for new industry entrants, including virtual and in-person training sessions, one-on-one mentoring, day-to-day support, and annual events that help you network among your travel peers. Your choice of MTravel as we launch major technology releases gives you a first look at our latest tools that support your needs as you grow your new business. As with most technology roll outs, our latest products are being introduced in phases so agents will experience rapid development of new features based on direct feedback loops. The anonymous nature of your feedback makes it difficult for us to respond in detail to your experience. Should you choose to engage us directly, we are always available and open to hear your input. We value your first-hand feedback that allows us to continually improve the experience of new travel professionals! You may contact either myself or our Senior Vice President, Salv Silvera, at 800-870-5799 or via email at or to share your MTravel experience.

April 23, 2019
Old Review

We have been with Montrose for a long time, and things have really gone downhill. A new system has been in the works for a year, so the old system was neglected. Unfortunately, the new system that was recently launched is a disaster and support has been minimal. I agree with the other reviewer who stated that the support staff often seems irritated by questions (if they get around to answering your question at all). As a result, our ability to provide exceptional service to our clients is suffering. There are lots of other option for host agencies out there ~ I'd go with somebody else.

Host Agency Response
April 24, 2019

We appreciate your continued participation in the MTravel network as we embark on a major new technology release to support your business needs today and in the future. As with most technology roll outs, we are releasing our latest products in phases so you will experience rapid development of new features based on direct user feedback. We continually refine our launch and communication processes and we appreciate your input as it allows us to improve! If you were unable to attend our town hall meeting and training session last week, we invite you to join the additional training sessions we are having to ensure you understand the latest features and benefits of the MTravel technology suite and can provide immediate feedback on the new tools we’ve made available to you. We answer all support requests in the order they are received, and if you need urgent assistance, you may always call us directly at our support desk. You may also contact either myself or our Senior Vice President, Salv Silvera, at 800-870-5799 or via email at or and we are happy to respond, in detail, to any issues or concerns you may have.

Melissa Roberts
Business Development Manager

April 3, 2019
Old Review

I haven't been in the travel business for long but have many years of experience in business management and operations. I know inefficient when I see it. MTravel leaves much to be desired. The company's current website for agents and training on how to conduct business with the company are very outdated. They are doing no updates or maintenance because they are working on a new site they have promised to release for the past year. They are inconsistent in communicating with independent contractors. Sometimes they seem annoyed when you ask a question because of some inconsistency or outdated information on their website It is really disappointing right now. I am currently with them but if I were new I would refrain from considering them as a host agency until they up their game. The terms and conditions of affiliating with them are attractive but that needs to be weighed against the current state of their operations.

Host Agency Response
April 12, 2019

We are sorry to hear that your experience and impression of MTravel has left room for improvement, but we appreciate your continued participation in the MTravel network. We value and appreciate your candid feedback. Appreciating that each independent travel professional has choice in the market, we value your choice of MTravel service and technology support and grow your business. We strive to improve our agent and consumer experience and are thankful for the opportunity to continually advance our offering. The anonymous nature of your feedback makes it difficult for us to respond in detail to your experience; should you choose to engage us directly with specific concerns, we are always available and open to hear your input! You may contact either myself or our Senior Vice President, Salv Silvera, at 800-870-5799 or via email at or and we are happy to respond, in detail, to any issues or concerns you may have.

February 6, 2019
Old Review

Used to be a good relationship until CTM took it over. Lost $1000 in commission for one piece of paper

Host Agency Response
February 7, 2019

Dear Bob,
I am sorry to hear about negative experience with our host agency. I double checked with our team to get a little background on what happened to see if anything can be done. From my understanding, there was an issue with your groups being booked with non-preferred suppliers. When the booking was submitted, it was submitted as “Misc Tour” which defaults to non-preferred status in our system. According to our contract, all bookings made with a non-preferred supplier will be subject to a reduction in the regular commission split by 10% (example: 70/30 split will be paid at 60/40 split). We do offer a non-preferred supplier exemption request form that if filled out and approved at the time of booking, the agent will get paid at their regular commission split. Unfortunately, in your case, the form was not filled out for any of the groups that you have had with us over the years. This policy at has been in place since 2015 and we were not able to make an exception. Our team did offer to make sure to assist you on future groups so this does not happen again, but you decided to decline the offer and leave our agency. We do wish you all the best in your future endeavors. The door is always open if things change in the future. If you do have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me at 800-870-5799 or via email. I am happy to assist in any way I can.
Melissa Roberts
Business Development Manager for MTravel Hosting Services

December 9, 2016
Old Review

I have been with MTravel for almost 5 years. I chose them as a hosting agency because of their reputation in the industry. Montrose Travel is a solvent, family owned company that is deeply invested in their hosting program. Their support agents are awesome and very helpful. They offer unlimited training on our preferred suppliers. I have been in the travel industry over 20 years doing both leisure and corporate travel. When I signed on with MTravel I focused on the leisure side and have since added corporate travel management to my business. I have full support from MTravel and their help has been amazing! They offer the most current technology so we run our businesses smoothly. We have amazing consortium parthers with Ensemble Travel and Radius Travel. MTravel has yearly conferences and the training is phenomenal! We go to different destinations every year so we can see for ourselves what there is to offer. I cannot say enough good things about MTravel. I look forward to many more years of working with them.

August 5, 2016
Old Review

I decided to join Montrose Travel as an agent based on what I had read about the company however, I was not completely sure of what I was getting myself into. After three months as an agent hosted by Montrose Travel, I feel they have exceeded my expectations of quality support, training and service. The staff is friendly and eager to help me succeed. I highly recommend Montrose Travel to anyone interested in becoming a travel professional.

June 3, 2016
Old Review

Support..........SUPPORT! This is a major reason to consider Montrose Travel as your host agency. I recently suffered through a one year plan and execute group departure to Europe. Jinxed from the start, I have never had to depend on a support team as I did this time. Even on the trip there were issues in which I had to have help. Thank you from the heart Montrose Travel Support Team you were there for me. As a 35-year full-time agent, I must say KUDOS to all of you.......GOOD JOB!

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